Frankie and Zach discuss the future of the Bomb Squad; Caleb focuses on Amber

June 28, 2014

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10:00-11:00 AM: After the houseguests were woken up by Big Brother, Caleb and Cody had a chat in the hammock. Caleb said that Donny winning the veto could work out alright for them in the long haul since he thinks that they have Donny’s vote. Caleb mentioned that Donny will have to be backdoored in order to get him out of the game. They then discussed that it is unlikely that anyone will come after anyone in the Bomb Squad at this point, as it would be stupid to do since nobody has the numbers.

Caleb pointed out that the only way that they would need to be concerned is if the Bomb Squad is not loyal. In that case, Caleb said that he would reveal everything before he leaves. Cody mentioned that they should be able to count on Hayden and Nicole as two non-Bomb Squad votes that they would have on their side. Caleb agreed that Hayden would definitely not vote him out. Given the twist and the current state of the house, both guys agreed that it would be way too early for anyone to take a stab at a big player anyway.

11:00-12:00 PM: Donny and Zach spent some one-on-one time together, first talking out on the backyard couches and then working out together. Zach mentioned how it must have felt really good to win the Power of Veto yesterday. He said that he was happy for Donny. Donny said that it felt good and that he appreciated that Zach was one of only two people, along with Caleb, that told him that he should not worry. The rest of their lengthy conversation focused on personal stories from back home and reliving the veto competition.

12:00-1:00 PM: Nicole and Victoria were sitting around the pool and discussing the guys in the house. Nicole has been linked to Hayden by a number of the houseguests. Victoria said that they are cute together, but Nicole told her that Hayden is the furthest thing from her type. Nicole said that she does not want to be seen as in a showmance or in a duo with Hayden. Nicole asked Victoria to tell people that she does not like Hayden in that way if people are talking about them. As for Victoria, she is interested in Cody but feels that Cody has been avoiding her lately because he too does not want to be seen as being in a showmance.

1:00-2:00 PM: The majority of the houseguests have been spending time in and around the pool or backyard area. Inside, Paola approached Donny to ask him if Caleb had tried to get some suggestions for the replacement nominee. Donny said that nobody has come up to him to ask him what he thinks. Donny advised Paola to be social and happy, as she has plenty of time before the eviction. He added that she cannot be sad or questioning people, otherwise people will think that she is playing too hard. He told her that it’s always possible that there could be a bigger target.

Brittany asked Derrick who she thinks that the replacement nominee will be. Derrick said that he hasn’t gotten his chance to talk with Caleb yet but the replacement will definitely not be her. Derrick mentioned that Caleb’s plan is to go with what the majority of the house wants, which is smart in order to keep the blood off of his hands. Brittany agreed. Derrick said that Brittany’s friend Paola may end up being safe because if the majority of the house wants the replacement nominee on the block, they could also be planning on voting them out. Brittany revealed that she is paranoid about Devin because she suggested putting him up as the replacement nominee. She feared that it would get back to Devin and that saying that would backfire on her. Derrick tried to calm her by saying that it would make no sense for Caleb to lose her trust by telling Devin. He also said that he will let Brittany know if anyone brings up her name because he wants to keep the parents in the house.

3:00-4:00 PM: Caleb approached Frankie to ask him for advice about whether or not he should continue to pursue things with Amber. He had heard Amber telling Hayden that she would like to live in LA, so he wondered if he should just give up all together. Caleb admitted that he would move to LA to be with her if it came down to it, so Frankie told him that there was no reason to give up on things then. Caleb said that he is just waiting for someone to pull Amber aside and say that they know that she and Caleb like each other, so just hurry up and be the first showmance already. Frankie said that he already told Caleb that he will do it and that he still will in a couple of days.

Zach told Frankie that he likes Joey and perhaps they should sent Paola home. Frankie said that he also likes her but it would cause too many ripples throughout the house. Zach agreed that it is probably a dumb game move to flip the vote. That being said, Frankie said that there is still plenty of time left and it is possible that things may change by eviction night. The two then discussed their status in the game and that of their Bomb Squad alliance. Zach said that he is focused on continuing to develop his relationships with his side alliance, Derrick and Cody. He said that he is getting closer to Cody but will have no problem slitting his throat when the time comes. Frankie said that Derrick has a good head. Zach agreed but said that he will also slit his throat when needed.

Zach was concerned that Amber may slip up and tell one of the girls about the Bomb Squad. Frankie said that they would still be in good shape since everyone assumes that it’s Caleb, Amber and Devin working together, and that they are playing a sloppy, hard, game. Zach said that they can just point fingers at those three if something happens. Frankie agreed and said that they would still have the numbers, as it would be 5 Bomb Squad members against 3. Zach said that he and Frankie are at the bottom of the pecking order, which is a good thing since they are the last targets. Frankie agreed and threw Christine’s name in with them as well. Frankie suggested that they continue to work towards keeping the Bomb Squad together until there is a huge opportunity that presents itself. They agreed that the ideal scenario would be two Bomb Squad members winning HoH next week. Zach said that someone from the Bomb Squad will eventually leave before the other eight are evicted. Frankie said that it will be either Caleb, Devin or Amber.

Zach questioned if they want the Amber and Caleb showmance to happen. Frankie said that he wants it to happen for a number of reasons, such as for life, for America and for the two of them. Zach said definitely for the two of them. Frankie said that the downside is that Caleb is blinded by love and that he is 95% sure that Amber will mess it up by not reacting exactly how Caleb expects her to. Frankie said that he will be trying to keep everyone’s heads cool once things go sour, as Caleb wants to be married tomorrow.

4:00-5:00 PM: Joey, expecting to be the replacement nominee, told Brittany that she is thinking about making a speech in front of the house. The subject quickly changed. Brittany then said that she feels bad for Devin being in the house for his daughter’s birthday. Even though Brittany has had her issues with Devin, she said that she wants to give him a hug. Brittany pointed out that Devin is constantly trying to stir things up and that it will make things hell for everyone eventually. Brittany said that she thinks that everyone is feeling the same way about Devin except for Caleb and Amber. Brittany said that there would be no reason for Caleb not to nominate Devin if he is indeed going by a house vote. She told Joey that Caleb is likely looking to keep Devin and thus is trying to use her, adding that it’s possible that he is asking for a male and female nominee for just that reason.

Caleb told Devin that he is starting to really like Amber. Devin was quick to tell Caleb that it would be a bad idea to even give off the appearance of having a showmance, let alone actually get into one. Devin said that people will use that against Caleb and Amber and will just start nominating them together. He advised Caleb to leave his emotions and heart at the door. He added that it is unlikely that anything would be able to blossom in the environment anyway, so it is best to pursue Amber once they get back into the outside world. Caleb agreed that a showmance would be bad news, saying that he and Amber have already agreed that they don’t want one.

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