Ika nominates Paul and Heather for eviction; Ika wins the Power of Veto

March 15, 2014

11:00-12:00 PM: Ika went through with her plan, nominating Paul and Heather for eviction. Heather was well aware that she would be nominated. While she did not agree to be a pawn, she knew that it was coming. Catch up on how that went down in yesterday's recap here.

12:00-1:00 PM: Ika, Rachelle, Neda and Sabrina began discussing their plans shortly after the conclusion of the nomination ceremony. Neda brought up concerns about the possibility of Heather and Allison aligning since they are the outcasts of the group. The other girls agreed that they are concerned about those two. Even Sabrina admitted that Adel is no longer their problem, suggesting that he should not be the one to be targeted next week or if Paul wins the veto. Sabrina asked the girls if they thought that it would be wise to keep Paul for another week and evict Heather instead. Ika said that it would be smart but the guys swore on their dogs that they would keep her. Rachelle and Neda said that they did not swear anything and would do it. All four agreed that it would be best to keep Paul, and noted that they would still have the numbers to do so.

Ika and Paul had a chat about what is going down. While Ika refrained from straight up saying that she is targeting Heather, she gave Paul every indication that it would be happening. Ika explained that it would not be smart to take out people that want to take out people that she wants out. Ika also said that she would not use the veto if she won, as she does not want Adel to go up on the block. Paul said that he could read between the lines. Ika made it clear that there may be an opportunity to put a little bit of trust in him, but that can go away quickly if this all gets back to her.

Just as that conversation was wrapping up, Sabrina barged in and was concerned that Kenny had mentioned that Adel swore on the Quran that he (Kenny) had said something about Rachelle, but it was all a lie. Sabrina said that Adel swearing on the Quran to them means nothing. Ika quickly calmed her down, saying that Kenny may indeed have said those things and that Adel did not swear on the Quran to any of the girls and go back on it. Sabrina eventually said that she does not trust Adel but does not think that he will nominate her. Rachelle then entered the room and asked who Ika wants to go home this week. Ika again said that she wants Heather to go. She explained that keeping Adel and Paul around will buy them a couple of weeks since those two will remain the targets.

1:00-2:00 PM: Jon told Kenny to keep an eye on Allison, as something about her freaks him out. This has been a common theme, throughout the house, with many questioning why Allison was put into the house. There is concern that she may be a “Canada’s player”. Kenny informed Jon that Ika has an alliance with Adel. He said that Ika forgot that he was in the HoH bathroom, so he was able to overhear a conversation between the two of them. Kenny explained that Adel plans to target him, Andrew and Jon if and when he wins HoH. Jon the questioned Neda as to why Adel was not nominated. Neda explained that Ika did not want to piss of the boys by nominating two of them. Jon said that nominating Paul and Adel was what the boys wanted. Jon then asked if it’s possible that Ika and Adel could be working together. Neda said that she doesn’t think that Ika would be that stupid.

2:00-3:00 PM: Ika reiterated that Heather is the best bet to go home this week. Sabrina asked if Ika was planning on talking to the guys about the plan. She said that she won’t until after the veto competition. Ika said that it would be really good for them if Adel were to win the veto and use it on Paul, seeing as it would make it appear to the guys that she has no choice but to target Heather. That being said, Ika did not want it come off as though she was pushing Adel to use the veto.

Meanwhile, Adel and Paul were talking over their plans for the veto competition. Adel said that he would let Paul win the veto if it came down to them being the Final 2. Adel said that Ika had sworn on her kids that she would not backdoor him, so he trusts her. Paul asked if Adel would still use the veto on him if he won it. Adel said “of course”. Adel pledged his allegiance to Paul but remained very concerned that Paul would again betray his trust. Adel did not want one word of his deal with Ika getting around the house. He explained that Ika is his only chance in this game. Adel asked Paul to keep his name and Ika’s name out of his mouth, saying that he does not even want Paul to say “Adel is a good guy”. Paul swore on everything, including his marriage, that he would keep his word.

4:00-5:00 PM: Sabrina informed Sarah that Ika has now changed her mind and wants to send Heather home. Sabrina was concerned about who will be nominated if Heather wins the veto, cause Ika will not nominate Adel. Sabrina noted that everyone had promised Heather that they wouldn’t vote her out, to which Sarah replied “I don’t give a shit about that. The lies she has told in this house…couldn’t fucking care less that I told her I would keep her”. Sarah said that Paul is not dangerous, given that he can’t win anything and nobody trusts him. Sarah and Sabrina agreed that they need to get rid of Allison this week. It was discussed that getting rid of Heather could make that easier, seeing as they could tell the guys that they can afford to lose Allison since a girl left this week. Sarah pointed out that they should tell the guys that having Allison on their side makes the girls want to go after them even more. Sabrina laid out a plan for upcoming weeks, saying that Heather, Allison, Paul or Adel, and then Ika need to leave. Sarah agreed.

Jon, Kenny and Andrew discussed what they need to do in the event of a double eviction. They first discussed going after Paul and Adel, but then Kenny made mention of Ika being dangerous. Andrew and Jon agreed. Andrew said that no one will have the balls to take them out once Ika is gone. Kenny said that Ika made the guys go tell Heather that she was safe, yet is now debating going after Heather in order to make them look terrible. Kenny suggested that the next HoH needs to make a big move and go after Ika, but should consider not even giving her the opportunity to play for veto. After Andrew left, Kenny told Jon that he is weary about Allison. Jon agreed. Kenny said that they should make Allison feel comfortable and safe, while they wait for the girls to “attack” her.

5:00-6:00 PM: Sabrina asked Andrew how he would feel about Heather going home this week. Andrew said that he doesn’t think that it is Heather’s time to go yet. Sabrina then alluded to the fact that Ika now wants Heather to go. She said that he will have to explain that to Ika when she approaches him. Sabrina also asked how Andrew would feel about Allison leaving next week, in order to make things go back to the way they were. Andrew wasn’t sure that it would be to their advantage to do that, as she could work with them. Sabrina was not happy to hear this. She told Andrew that she is busting her ass working both sides, which ultimately is what kept him from being up on the block today. Andrew reassured her that nothing will change with regards to the First 5.

6:00-7:00 PM: Arlie advised Adel to lay low in order to try to slide through the cracks and get deep into the game. He said that it would be in Adel’s best interest not to talk any game. Adel said that he is concerned that someone like Sabrina will come up with some bullshit rumour, like he is going after Andrew and Kenny or her and Sarah, in order to put the target back on him.

Sarah asked Sabrina if she thought that they should inform the guys about the change of plans. Sabrina told Sarah that she had already tried to tell Andrew but was shot down in three seconds. Sabrina said that they will not be able to evict Heather unless Sarah is able to convince Kenny of it, as they need the guys on board. Ika and Rachelle were discussing when they should tell the boys about the change of plans. Ika decided that it was best to wait until after the veto competition. Ika said that the girls have the majority of the votes and will be voting Heather out whether the guys like it or not. Rachelle said that Paul and Adel will be useful for doing their dirty work. Ika agreed, saying that they would be doing the boys’ dirty work if they were to evict Paul. Ika revealed that Heather was actually considering not using the veto on herself if she were to win, as she thought that it may gain her more trust within the house.

7:00-8:00 PM: Kenny told Arlie about Ika’s new plan to target Heather. Kenny feels that it would do them no good to keep Paul around. The guys discussed that Ika needs to be the next to go. Arlie agreed and said that Adel is not that big of a threat to them. Next, Kenny spoke with Sarah. Sarah pointed out she and Sabrina will be exposed if they go against the girls by voting to evict Paul. Sarah shared her concerns about Sabrina and Andrew as well. When it comes to Sabrina, Sarah is getting annoyed that she is so sensitive about everything. Sarah cautioned Kenny about going any further with her than the quick kiss that they had the other night. Kenny said that it cannot go further.

As for Andrew, Sarah was worried about how much time he has been spending with Allison. Kenny said that he would have a talk with Andrew about things, as they cannot let her get in between the First 5 alliance. Sarah felt that they need Sabrina to be taking away Andrew’s attention, in order to keep it from Allison. Finally, Sarah asked Kenny for reassurance that the guys will not make a Newfoundland alliance with Allison. Kenny assured her that it will not be happening.

Sabrina expressed her doubts about the guys going for the plan to evict Heather. Ika and Rachelle disagreed that they would have an issue with it. Ika said that they simply need to frame the decision in a way that seems beneficial to the guys. In the event that Heather won the veto and took herself off the block, Ika said that she plans to nominate Adel. Paul is the one that Ika would want to go home in that scenario.

12:00-1:00 AM: Feeds returned following the veto competition. Ika won the Power of Veto. Heather was taken from the house to get medical attention due to a knee injury suffered in the competition. She returned around 4:00 AM ET. Kenny, Jon and Arlie discussed Ika’s plan to evict Heather. They all agreed that they are not on board with doing that, seeing as they swore to Heather that they would not vote to evict her. They decided that they would tell Ika that it would stir up too much trouble to flip the vote at this point.

The girls had a chat in the HoH room. Ika revealed that she still wants to target Heather. She said that she thinks that the guys will be fine with it, as Jon seemed receptive to the idea. Sabrina, Rachelle and Neda also agreed that Heather needs to go. Neda said that they are better off keeping Paul and Adel on their side in order to go after the powerful guys in the house before turning on those two. Sarah asked if Ika would be open to changing her mind if the guys were opposed to the idea. Ika said that the guys weren’t very receptive to listening to them when they had HoH, so they should respect her wishes as HoH. It was discussed that three targets will remain in the house after this week if Heather were to go, those being Allison, Paul and Adel.

1:00-2:00 AM: Everyone aside from Paul, Adel, Allison and Heather gathered in the HoH room to discuss this week’s eviction. By now, the guys had found out that Ika wants to target Heather. There was plenty of back and forth discussion as to why it would be beneficial to evict Heather and vice versa. Kenny and Andrew were the two people most against leaving Paul in the game. Kenny noted that Paul has a personal vendetta against the two of them. Ika explained that leaving Paul in the game is good because it leaves a target and buys them all another week. Kenny, Jon, Arlie and Andrew had some concerns about having sworn to Heather that they would keep her. Ika said that it was fine if they wanted to vote to evict Paul as long as they had the majority of the votes against Heather. Andrew spoke for the group and said that he wanted assurance that Paul will be the target next week. Everyone agreed.

2:00-3:00 AM: Following the end of the group meeting, Ika voiced her displeasure with the guys. She questioned who they think they are, singling out Kenny and Andrew to both Sabrina and Rachelle. Kenny, Andrew and Jon had gone out for a smoke to talk things over. They agreed that they wanted Heather to stay but that they should not push it any further until the veto ceremony had ended, otherwise Ika may choose to use the veto.

Sabrina approached Sarah to tell her that she has been feeling left out. Sabrina said that Sarah has been spending a lot of time with the guys. Sarah was extremely frustrated about hearing this. She broke down and said that she should just go home cause it’s not worth being away from her family to go through all of this. Sabrina also said that she considered leaving today. She has been noticeably irritated about the budding relationship between Andrew and Allison, who shared a few kisses throughout the day. Sabrina said that they should just write the check to Kenny and Andrew now, as they will never win against them. That being said, Sabrina said that she will remain loyal to the First 5 cause she has been backstabbing everyone else. Sabrina opened up to Sarah about wanting to go to the Final 2 with her.

Andrew, Sarah and Sabrina then had a chat about whether or not they actually wanted Heather to go this week. Sabrina said that Ika has made up her mind and they have no say in the matter. Andrew said that they would have the votes to evict Paul if they wanted to. Sabrina and Sarah explained that they had done all the work they could to prevent Kenny from being backdoored. They did not want to push it any further. They also did not want to expose the First 5 for no reason. All three agreed that both Heather and Paul are useless, so it’s not worth it. Andrew eventually gave in and said that he was fine with evicting Heather. As for his relationship with Allison, Andrew assured them that it would not affect his game or his allegiance to the First 5. Andrew said that it will be the First 5 until the end, even if he falls in love. He swore on his family that he will not go against the First 5.