The campaigning for Andrew to stay begins

April 2, 2014

NOTE: This is Part 1 of a two part Day 35 Recap. Part 2 can be found here.

9:00-10:00 AM: Arlie told Jon that they, along with Adel, need to ensure that Kenny and Sarah feel comfortable with them and do not think that they are after them. Arlie suggested that they make it clear that their targets are Rachelle, Sabrina and Allison. Arlie then went to Kenny and said between me and you, I feel a lot better now after our talk. Arlie then told Kenny that long term he is really worried about Sabrina, Rachelle and Allison. Kenny agreed and said that Sabrina is rallying up her troops but is trying to make Sarah feel bad for being close to him. Kenny said that it is something that will have to be addressed soon.

Adel spoke to Neda and Heather. Adel informed them that Arlie said that the other side is now dividing. He said that Allison, Rachelle and Sabrina are together, as are Kenny and Sarah. Adel mentioned that they are coming for him and Jon, but the girls may go up as pawns. Adel explained that Kenny needs to be nominated if there is an instant eviction. Adel said that they should even avoid backdooring Kenny if it’s a regular eviction, as they have the numbers anyway. Adel suggested nominating a gremlin (Rachelle or Sabrina) next to Kenny in order to ensure that the other votes Kenny out. Adel said that Arlie plans on targeting the girls if he wins HoH, but perhaps they can convince him to backdoor Kenny.

10:00-11:00 AM: Arlie and Adel talked over the plan for if they win HoH. Arlie suggested that they definitely need to backdoor Kenny, even though he had previously said to nominate Kenny and Allison. Arlie said that two of the girls should go up. Adel said that he is not going to take that risk and will be nominating Kenny. Adel said that Allison is just as strong as Kenny and has as good of a shot at winning veto. He added that none of them will save Kenny, nor will Sabrina or Rachelle if one of the girls are up. Arlie eventually gave in and said that’s fine. Once Adel left, Arlie said to himself that Adel’s logic is stupid if he wants to get Kenny out. Adel returned and asked Arlie if the two of them and Jon are still going to be solid after this. Arlie said that they will always be strong and need to run through this house.

Arlie went to Sarah and said that Sabrina, Rachelle and Allison appear to be the biggest threats now that he had a chance to talk with Kenny. Sarah said that she is glad that Arlie feels that way. Sarah pointed out that she feels bad bringing up not targeting Kenny, seeing as she wonders if Arlie will begin to question her. Sarah explained that Kenny is 100% not targeting Arlie and she is quite sure that Jon is not in his line of fire either. Sarah said that she does not trust Sabrina. Arlie said that he is too and that Sabrina is extremely worried about Sarah. Arlie mentioned that Sabrina has been trying to pull him in and has been mentioning that Sarah and Kenny need to be dealt with eventually. Arlie told Sarah that he will do what he can to convince the guys that Kenny is on his own, while the three girls are solid and need to be broken up.

Jon then went to Sarah and asked how she feels about Sabrina, Rachelle and Allison, as he sees them as a problem. Sarah said that she is glad that Jon brought it up, as those girls are extremely tight. As she did with Arlie, Sarah mentioned that she feels bad brining up that Kenny should stay but she knows 100% that Kenny is not coming after Jon. Sarah said that Kenny is also not after her or Arlie, so there is no point in targeting him when he is not after them. Jon suggested that he, Sarah and Arlie could perhaps make a side deal with Kenny to make a strong four person alliance. Sarah that she would love that and Kenny would then feel comfortable. Jon asked if they are still sending Andrew home 100%. Sarah said yes, even though she wants Sabrina gone on a personal level.

Jon said that they can then put up two of Allison, Sabrina, Rachelle, and then put the other one up if they win the veto. Sarah said that it makes sense but she will have to nominate Adel and Heather before backdooring one of the girls. Sarah mentioned that they cannot let a threesome like Sabrina, Allison and Rachelle stick around, so they could benefit by making a foursome with Kenny that can dominate. Jon feels that Allison and Rachelle are strong competitors. Sarah said that taking Sabrina out would be best since it would leave Rachelle and Allison wandering around like lost puppies. Before they wrapped up their talk, Jon clarified that he will 100% not be after Kenny if he knows that Kenny is not after him. He added that he is open to working with Kenny to take out the three girls.

Kenny told Andrew that he has four votes (Sarah, Kenny, Arlie, Allison) but he doesn’t know how he can get a 5th. Arlie then joined them, just as Andrew was explaining to Kenny that Jon had approached him about being willing to keep him around. Andrew told Arlie that he just wants it to be a 6-3 vote so that he can lessen the blow a little bit. He said that he did not want to campaign against a friend in Sabrina. Andrew reassured Arlie that he is not giving up. He told Arlie to ask himself the question of who he would rather have on his side the rest of the way. Arlie said that he is happy to hear Andrew talking like this, as he was bummed that Andrew was giving up. Andrew then told the guys about Jon approaching him and offering to vote for him if he had the numbers. Andrew eventually got to talk to Sarah, making the same pitch as he had to Arlie. Kenny and Arlie said that they felt like they could talk to Jon and convince him to vote Sabrina out. Andrew said that they can try if they want. He said it’s a question of who the others think is better for them and the First Five.

11:00-12:00 PM: After a brief interruption, Andrew and Sarah picked up where they left off. Andrew filled Sarah in on his talk with Jon the other night. Sarah says that based on the conversations that she has had with Jon, she was not led to believe that Jon was after them at all. She explained that they were working under the assumption that Andrew was leaving, yet Jon still didn’t say that he was after Kenny. Sarah told Andrew that she would have another conversation with Jon. Andrew said that the risk of keeping Jon around is greatly reduced if he stays in the house and can compete against him. Andrew informed Sarah that Sabrina is always talking about how Sarah keeps jumping down Andrew’s throat. Once Andrew left, Sarah told Kenny and Arlie that Sabrina is after her hard. Arlie confirmed that Sabrina is on Sarah but mentioned that Sabrina is still focused on targeting the other side first. Sarah said that Andrew has all of their backs. Arlie agreed and said that Sabrina has Rachelle’s back, and possibly Allison’s, before any of theirs. They agreed that Allison could take Sabrina’s place in the alliance if they get the 5th vote.

Kenny approached Jon and threw it out there that Sabrina needs to be the one to go. Kenny told Jon that Sabrina has been saying that Jon and Adel need to go up. He also pointed out that Sabrina is cut throat and has been campaigning against her best friend. Kenny explained that he can control Andrew, and it keeps a big target in the house. Jon then went to Rachelle and told her that she cannot change her vote at any cost. If she were to vote out Sabrina, Jon said that everything would be messed up. Jon said that Andrew is not even close to done, even though he has said that he is not campaigning. Jon said that he is putting a ton of trust in Rachelle by telling her this, and she cannot even tell Sabrina about their conversation. Jon reassured Rachelle that everything will be fine as long as she doesn’t change her vote. Jon explained that it will be a 5-4 vote. Jon said that Kenny, Allison, Arlie and Sarah will be voting to keep Andrew, but he, Neda, Heather and Adel want Andrew gone. Jon said that he cannot have Andrew stay in this house. Rachelle said that she is 100% not going to change her vote.

12:00-1:00 PM: Jon told Neda that Sarah came to him and said that they need to make sure that Andrew leaves. Neda said that Sarah wants to work with Kenny more so than anyone else. Jon said 100%, but she will want to work with him once Kenny leaves. Neda said that she thinks that Andrew is going to leave. Jon mentioned that Rachelle is the only question mark. Neda said that Rachelle knows that Sabrina wont be able to protect her once Andrew is gone. Jon said that he will make sure that Arlie doesn’t vote to keep Andrew. Jon mentioned that Kenny was telling him that Andrew would never come after him. Neda said that she wants Kenny and Rachelle gone more than anybody.

Jon and Arlie discussed that Kenny is campaigning hard to keep Andrew. Arlie said that obviously Sabrina is coming after Jon, but so are Kenny and Andrew. Jon told Arlie that he cannot vote to keep Andrew. Arlie said that there is a 0% chance that he is keeping Andrew, as Andrew is very very bad for his game. Arlie said that Andrew has three solid votes but he will be going home. Arlie disagreed with Jon’s train of thought in terms of Rachelle being someone that can potentially flip and keep Andrew. Jon and Arlie agreed that they want to play the game together. Arlie said that they have a couple of options for a third, including Neda and Adel. Jon said that Neda would never turn on them. Arlie said that so many people were after Jon, yet they have been able to divert it so it proves how much he wants Jon in this game.

Sarah campaigned to Neda, looking to keep Andrew in the game. Sarah told Neda that Sabrina keeps coming to her and saying that Jon is the one that they have to watch out for after Andrew goes. Sarah said that it’s hard to keep pretending that she likes Sabrina. She said that she only trusts Kenny, Jon and Neda. Sarah told Neda that Sabrina is talking about backdooring Jon. Once Jon joined in on the conversation, he said that being Sabrina’s number one target is nothing new to him. Sarah continued talking with Neda, revealing that she doesn’t think that she and Sabrina will even be fake friends for much longer.

Sarah was worried that Allison will now cling to Sabrina once Andrew is gone. Neda didn’t see them as much of a threat compared to Andrew. Sarah told Neda that she knows that Kenny doesn’t want her gone, so Kenny could convince Andrew not to come after her. Neda believed that Andrew was the one feeding things to Sabrina about her and Jon. Sarah argued that Andrew can go next week, but Neda said that this is the best chance to get rid of him. Neda said that they can also then form an alliance with Kenny and Jon. Neda said that Rachelle is the only one that believes Sabrina’s bullshit. Sarah said that’s true and they can get Sabrina out next. When Jon rejoined the conversation, Sarah again starting bringing up reasons to get rid of Sabrina. She said that they just need to make the right decision for their long term game.

Neda told Jon that Sarah is trying so hard to keep Andrew in the game. Jon said “do you think you can trust Sarah?”. Neda said no. Jon said “not a fucking chance!”. Neda said that she doesn’t trust Arlie either, but Jon reassured her that Arlie can be trusted. Rachelle then spoke to Neda and said that Sabrina has to stay. Neda said that she thinks that Andrew is making deals with people to stay. Neda said that she still doesn’t think that there is any chance of Andrew staying.

1:00-2:00 PM: Jon informed Adel about the conversations that people have been having with him about keeping Andrew. Adel asked what they are doing then. Jon said that Andrew is still for sure going, as it will be 5-4 at worst. Jon told Sabrina that he doesn’t think that Andrew is ready to go home. Sabrina then began questioning what that means and asked if she is getting voted out. Jon said that he is not voting her out and he knows that there are five of them that wont be. Jon advised Sabrina to continue to do what she is doing and not go run her mouth.

After Jon left, Sabrina and Rachelle began to compare notes on Jon. They said that they don’t believe a word that Jon is saying and that they feel as though Jon is trying to turn them all against each other. Adel interrupted the conversation and told the girls that there is a ton of campaigning going on. He said that he has a feeling that he will be the deciding vote based on what he is hearing. Adel assured Sabrina that she still has his vote. Sabrina told Rachelle that she feels as though Jon sent Adel to talk with her so that she would believe him and would turn on her alliance and start working with them.

Arlie eventually spoke to the girls and confirmed that Andrew is indeed campaigning against her. Arlie said that she cannot tell anyone that he told her. Arlie said that the others are trying to set Jon up to look like a liar, but Jon is telling the truth. Arlie said that he thinks that Sarah has now changed her mind and will be keeping Sabrina since Jon let things get out. Sabrina was freaking out and told Arlie to check in with Sarah. Sabrina told Rachelle that Arlie wouldn’t lie to him. Rachelle wanted to believe that Jon was the liar, as Kenny swore on his family that there was no campaigning being done. Sabrina said that she knows that Arlie is not lying. Sabrina talked to Rachelle and said that she didn’t know if she could believe him before, but now she does.

Sarah told Rachelle that everyone that she has talked to is not sending Sabrina home. She said that Kenny is voting Sabrina out but everyone knew that. Sarah confirmed that Kenny is not campaigning against Sabrina. Sarah swore to Sabrina that she is not going home. She denied that she and Kenny had been campaigning to keep Andrew. Kenny then joined the room. Sabrina revealed that she was told that they are campaigning against her. Sarah demanded that Sabrina reveal who said that. Sabrina eventually said that it was both Jon and Adel. Sabrina began crying and swore to God that she would never go against Kenny and Sarah.

Once Rachelle and Sabrina again confirmed that Jon said that Kenny and Sarah were campaigning to keep Andrew, Sarah said “Fuck him! Fuck that fucking piece of shit”. Sarah told Sabrina to stay calm because she is not going anywhere. Sabrina said that people are trying to make her hate Andrew. Sarah reassured her that Andrew is not campaigning. They all discussed that Jon is playing both sides. Sarah told Sabrina that there is not one person on the other side that hasn’t told her that Sabrina is running her mouth about her and Kenny. Sabrina said that she just feels left out. Sarah got pissed off and questioned why she can’t have someone when Sabrina has Rachelle. Sarah said that there is no doubt in her mind that Kenny is not after her, so she shouldn’t be so paranoid about their relationship. Sabrina explained, with Rachelle present, that she didn’t get close with Rachelle with the intention of going against Sarah. Sarah said that the same thing goes for her getting close to Kenny.

Andrew told Sarah that perhaps they could find the weakest one from the other side, like Heather, and scare her. Andrew said if they can make Heather think that for sure she is going home next week, it’s possible that she may change her vote and keep him. Andrew said that it’s their only hope, as he tried to talk to Adel but he is too far up Jon’s ass to see the logic behind making that move. Sarah went to Arlie and told him that she heard that Jon fucked her over with her own ears. She said that she heard Jon tell Sabrina that Kenny was after her and to watch out for her. Sarah said that she doesn’t know what to do. Arlie said that he is not glued to Jon by any means.

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