Kenny Brain Exit Interview

April 11, 2014

What did it mean to you to be able to come out to the houseguests, and to get the type of reception that you did, prior to leaving the house?

Kenny: Honestly, it means absolutely everything to me. I went into that house and it was a part of my strategy but it didn’t make it easy to hide a factor of who I am for so long. So when it came a time when I knew it wasn’t going to harm me negatively and I could do it, and then to get such an amazing reaction from everyone, it was like the game got put aside for a second. Everybody was on the same page. They were just so open and loving, and they just wanted to know about how I felt and my life and what led me to this point and why I was coming out. To get such an amazing reaction is priceless.

Given that you knew that the backdoor was coming and you didn’t even get to play for veto, are you happy that it ended quickly and you left on a double eviction along side your best friend in the house? 

Kenny: It literally could not have happened any better. Me and Sarah came into this game together and the fact that we could leave it together, too, is a gift that I didn’t expect was going to happen earlier on. Obviously later on it became a bit more apparent, but it worked out perfectly. She is my girl. I love her to death and we were an amazing power couple in my view. We were the showmance without the “mance”, and I love the fact that we went out together.

Arlie always said that a big reason that he flipped was because the First Five didnt give him a voice in the alliance. Do you feel that that’s a fair assessment on his part?  

Kenny: No, I don’t feel like that is really a fair assessment. We were always open to ideas and spitballing what was going on in the house. Just because we never necessarily agreed with some of the things that he said sometimes, it doesn’t mean that he didn’t have a voice. We were always open to it. Arlie chose to hide a lot of things and not speak to us about a lot of things, and I know that was his strategy to stay the underdog and undetected. So it is sad to hear that he felt that way, because it seriously wasn’t that way in any way, shape or form.

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Was Adel’s power something that kept him from going up on the block, or was he just never a threat?

Kenny: Oh my, absolutely it is probably the one that has kept him in this game right now because he was 100% a target that everyone was wanting to go after. I was so pushing to put him up there so that we could flush out his power, but things happen and it got kind of put to the back burner and then with every lie that he spewed…it was this week and then it was three weeks and then it was four week, it kind of just became this elusive prize that nobody really knew about or even knew if it was still in play. It definitely helped to put him where he is right now.

When it comes to your strategy, is there anything that you regret in not getting a good solid alliance that lasted the whole way outside of the First Five?

Kenny: Absolutely. I feel that is probably one of my biggest downfalls. Other than being an emotional crybaby and not playing with my head instead of my heart, I feel like I put too much loyalty into the First Five and I know I created some of these connections with people like Jon but I never followed through with them and never kept them as open I should have in case of a faulty alliance, which is exactly what I was in. Mostly it was Canada’s fault for ripping us into pieces but, yeah, I should have definitely kept connections open.

If you were on the jury, what sort of thing would you have looked for as a juror?

Kenny: It is totally 100% who played the best game. You can’t go into a game and want to play as hard as you possibly can and then sit in the jury and say “I’m going to give you the money just because you were loyal to me”. I mean it is a factor in the decision but ultimately it is who came in there, who is willing to do what needs to be done to win a game is exactly what it is. Honestly, I think that is Arlie right now.

The following questions were asked by during our conference call:

You decided to “play straight”. Do think the viewers have the right to judge you for making this decision as a game move?

Kenny: No, not really. I am the one that is playing the game. It’s really hard to make a judgment against a situation that you are not involved in, and going into the game I felt that playing it straight would leave more doors and roads open for me to possibly continue on in the game. So, going in there, I felt that keep more options open was my best bet.

Of all of the people in the First Five alliance, are you surprised that Arlie was the one to flip sides?

Kenny: No, I’m not that surprised. I have had suspicions about Arlie for a very long time. Our conversations going back and forth, there was no give. There was only take. He was very diplomatic. He was “I agree. I agree”, without giving any two cents ever. So, the fact that he never really had any sort of input automatically gave me some red flags because everyone else was very outspoken and very opinionated.

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