Sarah Miller Exit Interview

April 11, 2014

How much did it mean to you that Kenny trusted you so much that he came out to you and also that you were there to see him come out to the group as a whole?

Sarah: Those were probably two of my favourite moments in the house. The first one, really it just confirmed to me what I believed. In my heart I felt a connection to Kenny, and I felt like I could trust him. But in that moment, the fact that he trusted me to share that with me was really probably my favourite moment of the whole show. I felt like we had just strengthened our bond. I knew that he had my back, he knew that I had his, and that was kind of what cemented that I would not turn on him in this game. Also, the coming out to the house, I mean we talked about different ways of him coming out, and when would the right time be. At one point he thought if he got evicted he would just yell it out as he was walking out the door. But since it was me on the block, and since the whole house had kind of congregated and we were all doing this… I don’t know what happened, we were all getting along so well [laughs] … and he just looked at me, and I actually couldn’t figure out what he was trying to tell me. Then he whispered in my ear, “should I tell them?” and I was just so so happy to be there and witness that moment, and the outpouring of love and support. Just everything that came with that moment was the perfect last day in the Big Brother house for me.

Before entering the house, you were quoted as saying, “To jump into anything right away could either be the best decision or the worst decision” – So given that mindset, what were you thinking when you walked into the house and were immediately presented with an alliance?

Sarah: So the concept of the alliance, I liked. The people at that point, there is no way to know so I figured you know what, I’m going to make this deal and if in the next couple of weeks it seems like it’s working out I will stick with it, and if it doesn’t I will go another way. But really for me jumping into that alliance I think is one of the reasons Kenny and I got to the place we got to in our friendship, so I don’t regret it from that standpoint. I probably should have jumped out of the first 5 earlier than I did. But you know we had our minds set that we’re going to do something no one else had done before [laughs]… and that really worked out for us. 

As you know, Canada was given the opportunity to be HoH for a week. How do you feel about Canada being given the power to play such a large role in the game, because it was their involvement that really impacted your game and assisted in bringing down the First 5.

Sarah: I love, as a viewer, the fact that Canada’s so involved this season, I think it’s cool. Every time Canada is involved in the house, I always loved it. As soon as I heard Canada was going to be HoH, my gut told me it was going to be Andrew and Sabrina on the block. I really was just hoping that it wasn’t that they didn’t just like the first 5 per say, or want to take us down, and more that they just didn’t like the personalities of the two people they picked. I don’t know if I’ll ever know which it was, but you know expect the unexpected and that’s what that was.

The following questions were asked by during our conference call:

How much energy would you say you had to put into Sabrina on a regular basis? I don’t know how she necessarily came across to you, but a lot of times on the show or the feeds she would come across as somewhat insecure and in need of assurance a lot for the time.

Sarah: Yep, she’s very insecure and a lot of the time in the house was spent on her. It was extremely draining, I do wish that I didn’t have to do that. And really to be honest…when Andrew and Sabrina were on the block I tried so hard to get the house to switch to Sabrina because I knew how much of the life she was sucking out of me every day. But the thing is, she does have a kind heart, but needs so much more hand holding than I was able to give.

What did you think of the way Jon and Neda were playing the game? Do you think that they’re kind of seen as a twosome the way that you and Kenny were? Do you think that’s going to make them almost an immediate target?

Sarah: I think so because the houseguests fully know that the two of them are not going to turn on each other. They’re trying to play this game as if Jon doesn’t know anything about Neda, and Neda doesn’t know anything about Jon. But we all know that that’s not true, we all know that they’re playing together. If it’s not Arlie that’s going to have his neck on the line, Neda is definitely up there as target number one.

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