Tom appears to be on his way out on Thursday

March 19, 2013

A Look Back at Day 27 in the Big Brother Canada House

Quattro Decides that Tom Must Go

The soon to be three remaining members of Quattro met up in the hot tub this afternoon. Still not ready to let go of Tom, Emmett made one final attempt to see if Alec and Peter were at all considering keeping Tom. Emmett began by explaining that he had to make Tom realize that the guys did not want to have to do this to him. He then said, I know you guys want Tom out, but is it worth losing this (Quattro)? Peter said that he thinks that they can do better damage control on Liza than on Tom. Alec added that, if Tom were to stay, they would lose a lot of trust with Gary and he wasn't willing to do that after having just solidified that trust by not using the veto.

Emmett pointed out that if Liza starts spreading rumours about Quattro, they can forget about the trust that they have built up. He said that all three of them are very strong players and can easily become targets of those that have their trust right now. He added that this is Big Brother and just because people trust them now, it doesn't mean that they will trust them a week from now. Peter said that Tom told him that he would nominate he would nominate Alec and Topaz. Emmett said that he doesn't think that Tom would. Alec said that it doesn't matter, Tom is going home. Emmett asked the guys if they would be fine with him giving Tom his vote. They said that it wouldn't be a problem.

The concern then shifted to the possibility of Tom being so angry that he exposes Quattro on his way out of the house. Emmett said that it could jeopardize their relationships with Gary if he were to find out about Quattro. Alec said that they may have to expose Quattro themselves before Tom can. He said that they can tell everyone that Tom made it up on Day 2 and called it Quattro, but it doesn't really exist. Alec said that another possibility is to tell Tom that Liza exposed Quattro at the last minute and that it was gained her favour in the house. He said that Tom may be less likely to expose them if he thinks that it is already out there. Emmett suggested that it may even be best to give Tom a heads up that he is going ahead of time. Emmett said that he would likely respect that, as opposed to being blindsided. Alec and Peter agreed that it is definitely an option that needs to be considered.

As for their plans for the week ahead, Alec told them that they all have to try their hardest to win the upcoming HoH. He said that Liza needs to go next week, after Tom goes this week. Alec even suggested that they should take every single person, except for Liza, up to the HoH next week and have a group discussion about how to get her out. Alec said that this would unite the house against her. He said that as long as Liza doesn't win HoH, they are fine. Worst case scenario, they will take out Talla if Liza wins the PoV.

Emmett later planned ahead for Tom's likely eviction, telling Jillian that she needs to talk to Liza. Emmett told Jillian to make it clear that he doesn't hate Liza and was never targeting her until he found out all of the things that she was saying about him, including her plans to come after him. He said that Jillian will have to be stealthy about it, but suggest that Liza make amends with him. Emmett told her to tell Liza that she was one that went after Emmett and that Emmett didn't have a problem with her. He added that Jillian can tell Liza that he is a strong player that can help her in this game and she is throwing that away. Emmett told Jillian not to give Liza much time to talk and to just get straight to the point or else she will lose her. He again cautioned her not to use anything that Liza can take and use against them.

Peter Informs Liza That She is Safe

Peter and Liza had a chat this afternoon, and Liza expressed her frustration that Tom is the only person in the house that cares about her and tells her everything. Peter replied by saying "umm, excuse me, and I don't?" Liza said no, but she doesn't care. She said that Peter relays info from her back to Alec. Peter denied it. Liza said that Peter is the one that makes the puppets dance. Liza was making it clear that she expects to go home on Thursday.

Peter told her that she is staying. Liza said that she highly doubts that. Peter told her to tell him that on Friday. He said asked her why she thought that he had been telling her to do the things that he had been telling her to do. He had been advising her to lay low and let him do the work. He explained that things were in motion long ago and it's going to be a 9-0 vote, or maybe an 8-1 vote, for her to stay. He told her that he was taking a leap of faith in telling her this and that she can't let it get out and she has to trust in him. He explained that it doesn't mean that he doesn't have her best interests just because he isn't with her all day and doesn't tell her everything. He said that's not how he plays.

Liza's mood instantly got better. She had a lot of praises for Peter. She told him that she knows that he is a genius She also said that she doesn't bow to the Big Brother Gods, she bows to Parker Jakobowhitz (Follow Peter on Twitter - @pjakobowhitz - and check out his YouTube channel here). Liza brought up that Topaz had said that she is leading Peter on. Peter said that he knows exactly what she is doing to him. He told Liza that he is ahead of the curve and not to worry about it. Liza then told him that she strongly considered having two showmances in the game, but she was concerned about how she would be portrayed on television. Peter got called to the DR while the two were talking. He told Liza "remember, you're leaving on Thursday", as a final reminder that she needs to keep quiet about having the votes.

Emmett and Jillian to Work with Gary

Ever since Gary became HoH, it has become clear that he trusts Emmett. Today the two had a talk to reassure each other that they were good with working together moving forward. Emmett told Gary that he will tell him everything. Emmett said that his mom wouldn't have said the things she did about him in his HoH letter if he couldn't trust him. Emmett cautioned Gary about telling everything to Topaz. Gary admitted that he has told her everything, but said that he will try to stop that in the future. Emmett expressed concern that Topaz will come after Jillian, adding that it's at that point that he and Gary may clash. Gary said that he could see the Final 4 being himself, Emmett, Jillian and Topaz. Gary added that he knows that Emmett trusts him, cause he can feel it. He said that he now needs to know that Jillian also trusts him. Emmett suggested that Gary have a serious talk with Jillian and doesn't joke around. Emmett said that he would talk to Jillian beforehand to let her know.

Emmett did end up speaking with Jillian. He told her that he talked to Gary today and I thinks that he trusts him, but not to the point where he will tell him everything. Emmett added that they will need someone now that Tom is gone and that person could be Gary. He told Jillian to talk with Gary later because Gary needs to know that she trusts him. Jillian told Gary that Emmett is someone that he can trust in this game 100%. Gary said he looked into Emmett's eyes and knew that there was something there. He said that he felt good energies from Emmett. Jillian said that because she and Emmett are close, she knows that she can trust Gary more. Gary told Jillian that he wants to build something with her too, he doesn't want it to just be through Emmett. He added that in the perfect world, it would be them in the Final 3. Jillian said that she is scared to make Final 3 deals. Gary agreed and said that it's more of an understanding that they will protect each other. Jillian said that if they hear that someone is coming for the other, they will give them a heads up and try to steer the person that is after them in another direction. The two agreed that they can trust each other.

Jillian and Gary also discussed a potential group of six. The members would be Emmett, Jillian, Gary, Topaz, Alec and Peter. While this may never end up being an actual alliance, they could very well end up working together for the time being. There is already an alliance between Gary, Topaz, Alec and Peter, and they have discussed on a number of occassions that they could try and pull Emmett and Jillian in to work with them. Similar to what Gary said to Jillian, they would have an understanding and would protect each other. Emmett is already close with all of them except for Topaz. Jillian is a little more of an outsider, but could be an asset if they can trust her. One potential issue is that Gary still does not feel that Jillian trusts him, even after their talk today. He relayed that feeling to Topaz. Emmett is viewed as more valuable by the group, and the four have discussed that Jillian would go first if they had to choose between the two.

The Nominees

It was a relatively quiet day for both Tom and Liza. Neither engaged in much game talk with anyone aside from each other. Even though Tom was advised by Emmett to distance himself with Liza, he decided to spend nearly the entire day with her. Tom told Liza that Emmett and Alec have their girls, giving him few options. He said that he could get close with Andrew and AJ, which he doesn't want to do, or he can get close with Talla. He said that Emmett and the guys will want Talla gone, so it will make things tough and he won't be able to use the PoV to save her at any point. Tom had spoken with Talla and urged her to lay low, telling her that it's super important not to target Emmett and Alec or Emmett and Jillian if she wins HoH.

Liza said that Tom is definitely in a tough spot if he stays. She said that she doesn't even know what's worse at this point, staying or leaving. Tom said that either one of them will be alone and will be super easy to pick off. Liza suggested that perhaps they will be able to sneak by if the couples get picked off first. Tom said that he wouldn't be able to go after Emmett and Jillian. Liza said that she understands and that Jillian will become her new best friend in the house if she stays this week. Liza did note that her (Jillian's) boyfriend can go though.

Tom told Liza that he is pretty sure that he has the votes, but that he hasn't campaigned. He said that he is just going to let it play out at this point, and if these people want Liza there, they want Liza there. Liza said that she is preparing to leave. Tom said that he wasn't that he isn't doing that as well, cause he doesn't trust anyone that he talks to. As of now, it looks as though Tom will be heading out the door on Thursday night. The vote still stands where it did in our Day 25 recap, with Tom leaving 6-3. The votes to evict Liza would be from Emmett, Talla and AJ. As explained in the Day 25 recap, this is likely to change as the week progresses. Everyone has agreed to keep AJ and Talla in the dark until at least Wednesday. Once those two find out that Tom is leaving, they may very well decide to vote with the house, leaving Emmett as the lone person to vote to evict Liza.