Alec plots to stay in the game

April 7, 2013

A Look Back at Day 46 in the Big Brother Canada House

A day after nominations and the veto competition, there was plenty of game talk throughout the day. Topaz has been trying to ensure that Jillian keeps her word to her, while Alec has begun plotting to get himself out of this mess. This recap will focus on the big conversations that took place throughout the day.

Jillian and Topaz

Topaz and Jillian spoke this morning to discuss the deal that they had made to keep Topaz off the block this week. Topaz said that she stood up on that iceberg for over three hours and Jillian told her that when she looks someone in the eye and gives them her word, she keeps it. Jillian said that she could have put Alec and Topaz up from the start, which would have been the best scenario, but she didn't. Jillian also told Topaz that she had the opportunity to win the PoV. Topaz explained that she came down as soon as Jillian made the last promise because she wanted to show trust in her.

Topaz told Jillian that as long as she keeps the most important promise, keeping her off the block, she would be fine with that. Jillian said that Topaz will vote for Alec to stay, and she needs and wants Alec gone, so she has to go up. Topaz felt that Emmett and Andrew will vote to evict Alec so it wont matter if she votes to keep him. Jillian said that she doesn't know that 100% and also cant risk that there is a twist where Canada gets to vote to break a tie. She tried to get Topaz to understand that she is not going back on her word, because she didn't put her up originally. She said that there are so few people left in the house that there aren't many moves to be made.

Topaz said that she would even vote to evict Alec if needed, as long as she didn't have to go on the block. She said that she needs to start working on making new alliances and gaining people's trust. Jillian asked if Topaz would have used the PoV on Alec if she had won it. Topaz said that it would have been 50/50 and that she would have wanted to have had a chat with Jillian to see how she felt about things on a girl level. She wanted to know Jillian's opinion on how Alec feels about her and how much shit talking he has done about her. Topaz asked if Alec ever bad talks Peter or if Peter is always involved with his stuff. Jillian said that she has never heard Alec bad talk Peter and that Peter is always in the scenarios that Alec brings up. Jillian said that Topaz's only game move would have been to use the PoV on Alec.

Topaz told Jillian that she feels like Alec would drop her on a dime, while he would fight for Peter. Topaz went on to say that it sucks when your showmance is not on the same page as you and has an alliance that is more important than yours. She explained that she just doesn't want to go on the block, and even Alec kind of knows that he's on his way out the door. Topaz felt disheartened that Alec wasn't there for her when she was on the block. She felt that Alec turned his back on her during her HoH, thinking only about his own game and not hers. Topaz said that Alec heard all of her thoughts but still kept Andrew even though he knew that she felt that Andrew was a threat to her. Then once Andrew won HoH and put her on the block, Alec walked away from her and threw her under the bus.

Topaz again emphasized that she is going to be there next week and needs to make new alliances. She said that Jillian is one of the people that she had wanted to trust. While Topaz said that she understood why Jillian did not want to put up Andrew and Talla, and even why she nominated Alec, she was not okay with Jillian going back on her word and putting her up. Topaz said that things are rocky with Alec. Jillian called her out on that, saying that things aren't rocky any more. Topaz noted that it's because she is trying to be nice to him while he is on the block, unlike what he did for her. Jillian said that it seemed like they got in the same bed as soon as Gary left, not just once Alec went on the block. Topaz continued to push for not going on the block, saying that it would make no sense for her to go back on her word and vote to keep Alec only for Jillian to evict him anyway. She also feels that with Peter still in the game, she isn't of any value to Alec. While Topaz continue to plead her case, she did not make any ground with Jillian.

Alec and Topaz

Alec had what was very likely the most honest conversation that he has had with Topaz to date. They discussed everything that has gone on up to this point and what they can do this week and moving forward. Topaz informed Alec that Jillian doesn't trust him one bit because he had been making so many different Final 4s. Topaz was bringing up how Alec had thrown her under the bus. Alec said that anything that he did say was because he was hurt in the two days that they were broken up. He said that this week he has just been telling Jillian what she wanted to hear, including that he would put Topaz up as a pawn next week.

He told Topaz that if he cant even count on her support in this, it's pretty disheartening. Topaz said that he can count on her and he will have her vote if she is not also on the block, but these things hurt her too. Topaz even mentioned that her showmance doesn't give two shits about her, something that did not sit very well with Alec. Alec eventually told her that he didn't trust her early on but now he sees that she is spending time with him even when it is not in the best interests of her game.

The two eventually got into the game talk. Alec explained that he got saddled with some shitty allies early on and he tried to stay loyal to them, but got turned on. He admitted that he had an alliance with Emmett and with that came Jillian. He told Topaz that Jillian was ahead of her in that alliance, but he would have fought for Topaz to take someone's spot once they got down to the Final 5 (Alec, Topaz, Peter, Emmett and Jillian).

He said that he never had an alliance with Andrew and that keeping Andrew over AJ was an emotional decision. Alec also said that he kept Andrew because Emmett and Peter wanted to. While he did say that he felt that Andrew could help get them where they need to be, Alec also said that Andrew was trying so hard in the game and it was hard to get rid of someone that cared so much. Alec told Topaz that if he could do it all over, he would have evicted Andrew. Evicting AJ was the one regret that Alec said that he has in this house. Topaz feels that it was that night where they went wrong. She said that they could have dominated the house.

Alec said that he is telling Topaz why he did certain things and kept her at a distance. He again mentioned that he wanted to get them to the Final 5 and then he would make a move to get her in. He went on to say that he thinks that this game is for certain types of people and thought that he was one of them, but he doesn't know if he is emotionally cut out for this. He said that he tries to be an emotionless person, but he is too emotional when it comes to Topaz, Peter and even Andrew to some extent. Alec told Topaz that he was glad that Peter had won the PoV, because he felt that he had messed up Peter's game. Moving forward, if it was possible for both he and Topaz to stay, Alec said that Topaz and Peter would be all that he has in this game.

Alec and Topaz disagreed on what has put Alec in this tough spot. Alec felt that he was in this position due to keeping Jillian in the dark about their Final 4 alliance. Topaz disagreed, saying that what caught up to him was having too many alliances. Alec said that he was waiting for them to turn on him, which they have now done, and then he would turn on them. He said that Emmett and Jillian are making a lot of enemies this week and made a stupid HoH move. Again, Topaz disagreed. The only problem that Topaz has with the way that Jillian has run her HoH week is that she doesn't appear to be intending to stick to the promises that she had made to her during the HoH competition. Aside from being dishonest, Topaz said that Jillian is not making a bad move and that getting Alec out is best for her game. Alec later admitted that while Jillian should have trusted him because they really were in a Final 4, she had no reason to trust him because he had been keeping her in the dark.

Alec told Topaz that he is going to tell Jillian that the Final 4 will still be on and that it will be water under the bridge if Talla is nominated and evicted. Though he would say this, he plans to target Emmett and Jillian he stays in the game. Topaz isn't optimistic about the chances of getting Talla on the block. She is expecting that Jillian will go back on her word and nominate her. They both agreed that Emmett and Andrew are the two likeliest candidates to win the game at this point. Alec feels that Jillian will not win because of all the shit that she did. He said that she has only won two competitions and is riding coattails. Alec pointed out that Peter hasn't really won anything. Topaz said that she doesn't really want Peter to win. Alec agreed that the perception around the house is that Peter hasn't done much. On the topic of not doing much, Alec told Topaz that he was so annoyed with her napping bullshit. Topaz told him that it was her game plan. She planned to nap through the game.

Alec plans to pitch a Final 4 deal to Andrew, with Topaz and Peter being the others involved. He even said that he will tell Andrew that he will throw the Final 4 and Final 3 HoH competitions and plans to stick to his word. He knows that Andrew is focused on making big moves and being in a position to win in the end. Alec said that saving him this week would be a big move. Alec would let him know that he would go after Emmett and Jillian if he stays. If Andrew were to bring this info back to Emmett and Jillian, Alec realizes that it will be game over for him but he feels that he needs to try anyway. Alec said that he needs to put his trust in Andrew. He feels that this deal would be an easy sell if Andrew, Emmett and Jillian weren't all from the same place, but they are.

The Sheyld

Peter and Alec discussed the approach that Alec should take this week. Peter said that Alec has to make Jillian trust him and must keep working on Emmett. He said that Andrew is also very important. Peter advised Alec to stop pushing the Talla agenda, because it seems that Jillian is 95% set on naming Topaz as the replacement nominee. Peter did say that he believes that there is some room to work with in terms of shifting the target to Topaz. Alec said that he plans on being completely honest with Andrew and said that he has been truthful with him up to this point. He is going to tell Andrew that Emmett hung him out to dry, did nothing to try to save him and cannot be trusted. Alec will also tell Andrew that he is going to target Emmett and Jillian if he stays. He plans on taking the same approach with his campaigning to Talla.

As for Jillian, Alec plans to say that he knows that she doesn't believe that they had a Final 4 deal, but they did. He is going to apologize for making her feel threatened by him, but explain that he was being honest about his plans to take Peter off the block if he won veto. Alec said that one of his only plays is to tell Jillian that he will not win HoH this week if he stays. He told Peter that means it because he will be indebted to the people that save him and it's a better option than going home this week. He is willing to throw it and completely sit out of the HoH competition from the beginning. He also told Peter that he will say that he will even sit out of the veto competition if Jillian wants. Peter said that he would try to talk Alec out of actually going through with these promises of throwing competitions.

Alec noted that it was obviously a bad decision to trust Emmett up to this point. Peter told Alec that Emmett is only mad at him because Jillian is, so if he can win over Emmett, he will get Jillian on board with the plan to save him too. Peter suggested that he try to pitch to Jillian and Emmett that they will not be able to win back favour with Topaz, but that it is possible to regain favour with him. Peter added that they don't like Topaz either. He said that the dislike for Alec is circumstantial, while the dislike for Topaz is more authentic. Lastly, Alec discussed that if he is on his way out, he has the ability, as a fan, to get information out there. He said that he can help the people that he likes win the game and can help the people that he dislikes lose the game. Peter said that it's like what Dan said in BB14, you may not have power, but what you do have is information.

Beast Coast Alliance + Talla

Jillian informed Talla and Andrew that Topaz was pushing for Talla to go up since she knew that Andrew going up was not an option. Jillian let them know that Topaz even claimed that she dropped out of the veto competition because she felt that Jillian would not go back on her word. The three of them all agreed that it was meaningless seeing as Topaz's time wasn't good enough regardless. Jillian explained that the plan is still on track to nominate Topaz.

When Jillian got some time to speak with Talla alone, they went over a plan to try to talk to Topaz and get her on their side as a backup deal moving forward. Talla said that she will ask Topaz if she wants to continue to throw her under the bus or play with her. They agreed that if Peter were to go on the block against Emmett or Andrew, they would vote out Peter. Jillian later asked Andrew and Emmett if they were going to try to take Peter under their wing. Emmett said that he would talk to Peter. Emmett still has his doubts about Talla. He told Andrew and Jillian that if Topaz were to win HoH next week, Talla would be off with her. He doesn't feel that Talla is really a part of the alliance.

Topaz has caught on to this four person alliance. She informed Alec that the four have been hardcore game talking and that they are obviously together. While Topaz said that they will just cut Talla in the end, she felt that it was pointless to even push for Talla to go up at this point.

Alec and Jillian

Alec and Peter went up to the HoH room to briefly speak with Jillian. Jillian said that she couldn't trust him because of the whole Topaz thing and all of the Final 4 deals that he has been making. Alec wanted to clear the air and stated that he was legit pissed off at Topaz before. He said that the whole iPod thing compounded it all when she didn't seem to care. Alec said that Andrew put her on the block and then she ran straight to him and he kind of missed her in a way. He admitted that he and Topaz are now back on good terms.

Alec said that he needed Emmett to believe that he would cut Topaz in a second, otherwise their Final 4 would fall apart. He said that it would have been very tough for him to actually do so. He would likely have had to have thrown the veto when Topaz was on the block, so that he wasn't faced with the decision of whether or not he should save her.

Alec said that he totally understood why Jillian put him on the block. He admitted that he become overconfident in the Final 4 deal that they had and he had neglected to keep her in the loop. He thought that Emmett had been keeping Jillian up to date on things as well. Alec also mentioned that he did not mean to come off as threatening to her, but rather was simply saying that he would use the PoV on Peter if he were to win it. The three of them agreed to have a chat with Emmett at a later time, likely after tomorrow's veto ceremony. Alec and Peter are quite confused as to what Final 4 deals Jillian has been accusing Alec of having made.

Emmett, Jillian, Alec and Peter

Alec made a late night effort to get Emmett and Jillian to reconsider targeting him. He could not understand how six weeks worth of trust that was built up with Emmett could so quickly disappear. Emmett and Jillian told him that they found it sketchy that he was so worried about Jillian winning HoH. Alec said that he cant just cheer for Jillian when she wins. Emmett told Alec that he doesn't have to cheer for her, but he also doesn't have to look like his dog just got shot when Jillian wins either.

The main pitch made by Alec and Peter was that they were with Emmett this entire game. As Alec had discussed earlier, he offered to throw the HoH competition if that's what Emmett and Jillian would need from him in order to keep him around. He also offered to go up as a pawn next week if needed. The plan would be to evict Topaz this week and get someone out of the house that would clearly be coming after Emmett and Jillian if she were to stay. Alec said that Emmett and Jillian would not even have to give up the trust that they had built up with Andrew and Talla. He said to make up some kind of reason why Topaz has to be the target, but continue to work with Andrew and Talla as they move forward.

Emmett was not buying anything that Alec was saying. He felt that Alec was planning on coming after him or, at the very least, was fine with Topaz coming after him. Alec said that Topaz wasn't going to nominate him. Emmett told Alec that that was bullshit. Alec also claimed that he doesn't even know if he is safe with Topaz. Emmett responded by say "f*ck off, Alec" and asking if Alec thinks that he's an idiot. Alec and Peter continued to make a pitch for the four of them to stick to their Final 4. They said that they realized that they messed up by not getting Jillian in the loop much sooner. Peter told Jillian that he would be 100% honest with her moving forward and would talk game with her every day if she wanted. While Emmett was not very receptive to anything that was being said, Jillian was at least willing to listen.

Once they got back to the HoH room, Emmett noted that he hates how Alec thinks that they are stupid. Jillian told him to let them think that. She said that she lets Peter think that she is stupid all the time. Emmett said that the only positive in keeping Alec and getting rid of Topaz is that it would make it harder for Talla to jump around from side to side. He also said that if Alec stayed they would have no enemies. The two did not spend much time discussing the matter, instead choosing to focus on the potential return of Tom and the potential secret power that could be out there (See here for details).

The veto ceremony is tomorrow and Topaz is expected to be named the replacement nominee. Alec will still have a couple of days to plead his case and try to convince Emmett and Jillian to reconsider evicting him.