Celebrity Big Brother Daily Recaps

Day 24

Brandi and James are evicted; Ross wins HoH

Day 23

Ari uses the PoV on herself; Marissa is nominated

Day 22

Ari wins the Power of Veto

Day 21

Mark nominates Ari and Brandi for eviction

Day 20

Ross wins the PoV; Metta is evicted; Mark wins HoH

Day 19

James and Mark discuss going back on the deal with Omarosa

Day 18

Omarosa nominates Brandi and Ross for eviction

Day 17

Shannon is evicted; Omarosa wins HoH

Day 16

James uses the PoV on himself; Mark is nominated

Day 15

James wins the Power of Veto

Day 14

Ari nominates James and Shannon for eviction

Day 13

Keshia is evicted; Ari wins HoH

Day 12

Backdooring Shannon continues to be discussed

Day 11

Omarosa returns from the hospital, gets nominated

Day 10

Chuck is evicted; Ross wins HoH

Day 9

Shannon attempts to flip the vote to save James

Day 8

Brandi stirs the pot after having a few drinks

Day 6

A live feed sneak peek reveals some information