The houseguests plot against Devin

July 4, 2014

Week 2 Nomination Recap - Day 14 Recap Part 2

Week 2 Battle of the Block Results - Day 15 Recap Part 1

1:00-2:00 PM: Donny was sitting outside when Zach joined him. Zach asked Donny who he would like to see go home this week if the nominations stay the same. Donny said that he would like for Paola to stay because they have grown close. However, he said that he would want Brittany to stay to show the bullies in the house that they can’t always get what they want. Zach said that he feels the exact same way. Both felt that Paola would not nominate them if she stayed and won HoH, yet Zach said that she may need to be the sacrificial lamb.

Donny said that someone needs to show “them” that they aren’t running the show. Donny did not like how a certain group of people got together and made the decisions last night prior to nominations. Donny and Zach agreed that they will have to wait until things play out at the veto competition and veto ceremony before making any move. Zach said that if the veto is not used, then there are moves to be made. Donny pointed out that the vote likely wont be unanimous like last time. Zach agreed and said that he doesn’t think that it will be at all.

2:00-3:00 PM: Caleb was having a rough day and was crying in the HoH room. He informed Frankie and Devin that it was because the 4th of July had got him thinking about his time in the military and his buddies from the war. Caleb said that he would not be capable of telling the houseguests about his background on his own. He asked Frankie if he could gather the houseguests and let them know, as some did not know about it. Frankie did so, letting them know that Caleb was in the military, as were his brothers and father, so he has having an emotional day.

Amber spoke with Donny and let him know that she was thinking about nominating Caleb and Hayden because her goal was to get two strong players up there so that they could save themselves. Amber’s theory was that she would not get any blood on her hands this way. The reason that she said that she did not nominate Caleb is because he is not good at mental competitions. Frankie, Donny and Christine then discussed that Paola is feeling like she is a weak player and is being used. Frankie pointed out that she is and that he told her as much, saying that she is the perfect loser. Donny said that it is something that can work in her favour, which Frankie agreed with.

3:00-4:00 PM: Amber had a quick word with Devin, letting him know that Brittany came up to her and said that she overhead Devin telling Hayden that he was going up. Amber added that Brittany thus felt that Devin controlled her nominations. Devin told her not to worry about something that is already done, but also clarified that Brittany did not hear anything important.

Amber then let Devin know that Donny said that he wont forget what the two of them did in keep him safe. Devin said that he made a huge mistake in nominating Donny and will never put him in that position again. Devin reiterated that Paola is someone that needs to stay around for a while. Amber agreed. While Devin has his mind set on keeping Paola, others do not. A short while later, Victoria asked Frankie if he thought that Brittany is going home. Frankie said yes. Victoria was upset and said that she does not want Brittany to leave.

5:00-6:00 PM: Cody briefly filled Derrick in on his chat with Donny this morning. Cody said that Donny had approached him and Hayden about making a four person alliance with Zach. He added that Donny planned to have each of the four bring in one side ally so that they could have the majority. Cody said that Donny’s reasoning behind making the alliance was to avoid getting picked off one by one by Caleb, Devin and Frankie.

6:00-7:00 PM: Devin let Donny know that Amber told him that he had thanked him for keeping him safe. Devin said that there is no need for that and that he meant everything that he said the night before. Devin said that he made a huge mistake and owes Donny a lot for the kindness that he showed him. Devin said that he will have Donny’s back throughout the game, not just this week. Devin then spoke with Frankie and Derrick in the HoH room, informing them that Paola threw the Battle of the Block competition.

He said that he told Paola that he would use the Power of Veto on her in order to get her to agree to do that. Devin explained that Victoria would be the replacement nominee but Brittany would go home.

7:00-8:00 PM: Paola talked to Devin and said that she doesn’t want to keep going up on the block. Devin pointed out that it may not be such a bad thing, as she can use that role to carry herself into jury. Paola again asked Devin if he can use the Power of Veto on her to put Victoria up in her place. Devin said yes, he already promised that, but they will not be sending Victoria home. Paola said that was fine with her. While they were chatting, Derrick was downstairs talking to Zach. Zach pointed out that Donny hates Devin, so he thinks that they can swing the votes this week in order to keep Brittany. Derrick told him that they may need to wait to see who wins the veto, as Devin sounds like he will be using the veto on Paola in order to put Victoria up. Zach was excited to hear that Victoria may be nominated.

Zach then went to the HoH room to hear about the plan to nominate Victoria from Devin himself. Devin said that Victoria is the next target anyway. Zach wasn’t so sure, saying that she has no friends and isn’t much of a threat in that regard. Devin told him that Brittany and Victoria are the two girls that have the balls to make a big move, which Zach then agreed with. Devin mentioned that a couple of non-Bomb Squad members will make it to jury if it is a nine person jury. He told Zach that Jocasta is loyal and he is going to do everything that he can to protect Donny, so those would be two people that he would like to see make it to the jury house.

Donny and Zach had another chat, with Donny telling Zach that they can have the majority and keep Brittany if each of the four guys (Donny/Zach/Hayden/Cody) all bring in one person. Donny asked Zach who he is close to. Zach said that he is great friends with Cody and is good friends with Frankie but Frankie is working with the whole house.

Donny pointed out that they need to create an opposition for those in power, otherwise that is when they become bullies. He said that the others will become more humble if there is an opposition that they have to work against.

8:00-9:00 PM: Paola went to Donny and told him that she cannot stand Devin. She asked Donny if it would be wise to nominate Devin if she wins HoH. Donny didn’t 100% commit to an answer. Paola said that it would be best for the whole house. Shen then began venting about being on the block all the time. Paola said that she would target the next person that puts her up, noting that she was okay with it this week since she knows that she is not the target. Donny advised her to chill for the week if the big guys have informed her that she is safe. Paola let Donny know that he and Jocasta are the only ones that she trusts.

9:00-10:00 PM: Zach let Frankie know that he has been talking with Donny a lot lately. Zach said that Donny wants to form an alliance against Devin cause he hates him. Zach then asked Frankie if he is thinking too fast or if it’s a good idea to reel in Brittany and Donny so that they can take Devin out next week. Frankie said that he is on board with that plan. Zach wants to keep Brittany whether she is up against Paola or Victoria.

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