Caleb and Devin no longer seeing eye to eye

July 4, 2014

Week 2 Nomination Recap - Day 14 Recap Part 2

Week 2 Battle of the Block Results - Day 15 Recap Part 1

1:00-2:00 AM: Devin told Christine that he had a pre-planned deal with Paola to throw the Battle of the Block competition. Christine was surprised to hear that and said that Paola came to her and said that she didn’t know if she should throw it. Devin said that he told her not tell anyone but him and Caleb, so he now feels that she is a loose cannon. Devin said that Brittany had been telling Paola that she better not be throwing it all throughout the competition. Devin said that Zach doesn’t need to know about the deal with Paola because he gets too excited and Cody doesn’t need to know because he is just a number.

Devin then told Christine that he is concerned about Amber because she was too emotional when making her nominations, not wanting to put people up. Devin then filled Christine in on the whole Caleb and Amber situation, about Amber’s deal to take him to the end and about Amber talking bad about Caleb. Devin let Christine know that he was afraid of losing her to an all girls alliance, so he knew that he had to bring her in. He mentioned that Caleb questioned if they could just bring the girls in as allies but he told Caleb no way, they are in the alliance.

2:00-3:00 AM: Caleb and Derrick were playing a game of pool, talking about how Devin has the biggest target on his back. Caleb said that he feels like going up to Devin and saying that he is causing too much drama. Derrick said that the other dilemma that Caleb has is what to do when Amber is coming to him and saying that Devin is talking down to her.

Caleb said that Derrick knows him well enough to know that he will say something to Devin. They discussed that Devin is the only one that wants Brittany out, with Caleb suggesting that Brittany is Devin’s target due to personal reasons.

Caleb, Derrick, Christine and Amber had a talk. Caleb asked who they are going to send home if Brittany does not win the veto. Amber said that she feels that Brittany is a strong player and Devin is only sending her home for personal reasons. Amber said that Devin will be furious if Brittany doesn’t go home. Christine mentioned that the downside to having Paola stay is that people could put Paola up with them in order to take them out. Caleb said that he would like to see Paola stay because Brittany is someone that will nominate two from their alliance.

Derrick brought up that Caleb is in a sticky spot, as he is close with Devin but also wants Amber to have a chance to say what she wants without being in fear. Amber said that she feels as though Devin is trying to play her game for her and she doesn’t appreciate it. Caleb said that Devin will “throw a cow” if they go against him and keep Brittany. He also said that he and Devin will soon butt heads anyway, because he doesn’t like the way that Devin talks to Amber. Amber pointed out that Devin is trying to control the whole alliance and that he is hurting her game and her ability to protect the rest of them. Amber said that she cant even talk to Devin because he controls her. Derrick said that's not right and not how life should work. Caleb said that he protects Devin because they are friends and allies, but he protects his queen (Amber) more.

3:00-4:00 AM: Caleb said to Devin that quite a few people in the house feel that he put up Brittany for a personal reason. Devin said that it was a personal reason, but she is more of a threat than Paola. Caleb said that, to him, more people seem to want Paola gone than Brittany. Devin said that he doesn’t care but Caleb is getting that mindset by sitting over in the hammock and talking to Amber all night. Devin then said to poll the alliance to see who they think is a bigger threat to the alliance. Both Derrick and Frankie said that they feel that Brittany is the bigger threat. Devin told Caleb that he is getting love struck and is listening to Amber, cause she is the only one that feels that way. Caleb told Devin that he just brought something to his attention and he blows it out of proportion as always.

Caleb said that Christine also wants Brittany to stay. Devin said that he just talked to her and she didn’t mention that at all. Caleb then told Devin that it’s because Christine was scared to talk to him the whole time. Frankie said that she is willing to do whatever the alliance wants but may have a personal preference.

Devin then got Christine to come outside and asked her if she was afraid to talk to him. Christine said that she is always nervous when someone pulls her aside. Devin then questioned her about Brittany. Christine said that she didn’t care about Brittany at all. Devin said thank you and walked off. Derrick and Caleb then clarified to Christine that Caleb was just talking to Devin as a man and was not causing any trouble.

Devin and Frankie spoke in the HoH room. Devin said that he doesn’t know what Caleb’s deal is right now, calling him a love struck puppy. Frankie said that it will be fine and he will come back around. Devin then came back down and pulled Devin aside. He said that he doesn’t appreciate Caleb saying that he talks badly to the girls. Caleb said that half of the house feels that way.

Devin said then said “There is no more alliance.” Caleb said okay, cool. Devin then said “the whole thing is done”. Caleb told Devin he will be going home next week then. Frankie said that he feels that he should talk to Devin. Caleb and Derrick said that there is no talking to that guy, as he doesn’t listen. They pointed to the fact that Frankie told Devin multiple times not to call Christine outside. Caleb said that everyone in this house wants Devin gone except for him, but Devin is not going to talk to him like that.

Christine filled in Zach, Cody and Amber on what had just happened. Christine said that Devin is mad at Caleb. Amber said that she feels as though Devin is playing their game for them. Derrick and Caleb were alone outside, discussing what Devin had said about the alliance being done. Derrick said that Devin purposely said that the alliance is done with the door open, so others may have heard it. He hoped that Devin wouldn’t totally blow up the Bomb Squad. Caleb said that nobody would believe Devin even if he tried. Frankie later tried to cover things up with people like Jocasta, saying that Devin said that his alliance with Caleb is over. Upstairs, Devin was telling Frankie that the nomination was half personal, given that Brittany questioned his integrity with regards to his speech the other night. Devin said that Brittany and Victoria could make some huge moves and break them up. Frankie agreed and said that’s why they need to take her out. Frankie said that it’s fine that it wont be a unanimous vote.

Zach came outside and talked to Derrick and Caleb. He said that he doesn’t want to talk shit about Devin but he has been talking shit so he will keep doing it. Zach let them know that the whole time that Caleb and Amber were talking, Devin was watching from across the yard and saying that “this can’t be happening. Cant be mixing business with pleasure”. Caleb said “there you go, he likes Amber”. Caleb, Zach and Derrick discussed that next week they will have to backdoor Devin. Caleb said that he will cover for them and say that he had an alliance but Devin but he said that the others all have to deny it. Caleb said that will be how it has to go unless Devin comes and fixes things. Frankie came outside and said that all that Devin blew was his alliance with Caleb. They agreed and said that it was fine. Frankie said that Devin admitted that he will be going home next week unless he wins the veto. Frankie said that they should let it be and not have Devin blow up.

Caleb and Frankie talked things over in the hammock. Caleb said that Devin should not have brought Amber into it, as it had nothing to do with her. Caleb then told Frankie that, at the end of the day, he would rather have Amber than Devin.

He also said that he would rather be at the end with Frankie than Devin. They discussed that the majority does not want Brittany gone, even though she is the more dangerous player. Caleb said that it all comes down to Amber, as Devin is jealous and a hater.

4:00-5:00 AM: Amber went to Brittany and filled her in on what has been happening tonight. She said that Caleb brought up to Devin that a number of people want Brittany in the house. Brittany pointed out that Caleb’s game would be better off without Devin. She explained that Devin always talks about loyalty and integrity but then he went and threw Caleb under the bus during his house meeting. Derrick then joined them. He told Brittany that there is a very good possibility that she will be fine this week, so don’t do anything. Brittany said that she wont be doing anything, as she cannot even talk to Devin.

Christine told Frankie that she is so frustrated because she was in such a good position with Devin after their talk, but Caleb threw her under the bus. Frankie said that he already talked to Devin for her and covered things up. Frankie said that Devin will put up Caleb if the veto is used. Frankie mentioned that Caleb may end up going home if he goes up. Christine said “that’s fine”. Frankie told Christine that Cody, Zach and Derrick are three tight and that they are not on the top with them. Frankie then said that if Caleb stays they will have a better chance at getting those three out.

Frankie informed Christine that Amber has said many times that she wants the two of them in the Final 4 with Caleb. Frankie suggested bringing Hayden in if Caleb were to leave early for some reason. They agreed that Derrick stirred the pot with Caleb and got this all started. Christine mentioned that she doesn’t trust Cody, Zach and Derrick much and that she doesn’t like how close Cody is getting with Brittany. Frankie said that Zach is an idiot and tells him everything. He also admitted that Zach keeps saying “Final 2!” to him.

5:00-6:00 AM: Frankie, Zach, Derrick and Cody discussed that Caleb said that he wont put Devin up but he will vote him out.

They agreed that it’s best not to put Devin up at all, opting to backdoor him instead. They discussed that it’s perfect now since they can take out Devin without having Caleb coming after them.

6:00-7:00 AM: Derrick told Cody and Zach that Caleb wanted Brittany to stay only because Amber wanted her to. Zach said that Devin messed up by bringing the girls into the alliance and has continued to do it ever since. Derrick pointed out that the whole Amber things was the end of Devin and Caleb as a pair. Cody said that he is losing trust with Frankie because he is bouncing around to everybody. Derrick said that that’s why the three of them have to keep things between them.

Zach said that he will watch what he says to Frankie. Cody suggested that Frankie is going to get super close with Amber and Caleb. Cody said that Christine told her that Frankie, Caleb and Amber tried to bring her in on a Final 4 deal. Cody pointed out that Christine admitting to that shows that she is with them. He said that Christine owns Nicole and they own Brittany, so they still have the numbers.


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