Devin Calls a Bomb Squad Meeting

July 5, 2014

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10:00-11:00 AM: Christine told Nicole that Caleb confronted Devin last night, telling him that people want Paola to go home over Brittany. Nicole said that they will never send Paola home because they made they made so many deals with Paola. Christine questioned if Caleb was a part of it. Nicole said that Caleb was indeed up there the entire time. She said that Paola was promised safety for weeks. Nicole said that they have to win HoH next week. Christine agreed. She told Nicole that Devin knows that he is getting backdoored next week and that even Caleb said that he will send him home.

Nicole mentioned that Amber explained that she nominated her because she is the strongest girl that can compete and save herself. She added that Caleb mentioned that he told Amber to put him up with Hayden but Amber didn’t want to do it, which proves that Amber was fine with risking her safety. Nicole said that she was done with Amber at that point. Nicole said that Amber and Caleb are back in a Final 2 alliance. Christine agreed.

12:00-1:00 PM: Devin had a talk with Jocasta, filling her in on some of happening from a night ago. He mentioned that he has had Caleb’s back all along, but whatever happened on the hammock between Caleb and Amber rekindled their flame and caused Caleb to come at him hard. He said that Caleb accused him of making a personal move by targeting Brittany, but it is all about the fact that Brittany could make big moves.

Jocasta asked who people want to go home this week. Devin said that he wants Brittany to go but the majority want her to stay. Devin clarified that he and Caleb have never been in an alliance, as an alliance of two would do nothing in a house of 16 people. Devin admitted that he is likely going home next week if he doesn’t win the Battle of the Block or the Power of Veto.

Nicole and Christine were again discussing Amber. Nicole said that she is evil and that she and Hayden saw a side of her that you would not believe. Nicole told Christine that Amber has been acting weird towards her ever since she nominated her. Nicole pointed out that Hayden put on a great show, acting so sad when Amber was talking to them about nominations, while she remained calm and collected. Nicole said that Amber showed that her loyalty was crap when she said that her best friend was Paola and then she goes around telling people that Paola will do whatever she says. As for Victoria, Nicole said that she likes her but cannot tell her anything. Nicole called her a “flip flopper”.

1:00-2:00 PM: Devin told Frankie that it has never once crossed his mind that he would start throwing alliance members on the block. He said that he would not even reveal it if he were on the block and on his way out. Devin said that Caleb acts like a bag of rocks sometimes and is playing the game however Amber wants him to because he wants Amber to love him. Devin let Frankie know that all that Caleb has to do is man up and admit his mistakes so that they can fix things. Frankie said that he can let Caleb know that Devin is willing to talk. Frankie later did just that, saying that Devin is still 100% on board with everything and is willing to mend their relationship.

The feeds went down for the veto player selection. The randomly chosen players were Zach, Derrick and Amber. They will join Devin and his two nominees, Paola and Brittany, in the veto competition.

2:00-3:00 PM: Devin spoke to Derrick and assured him that he will not out the alliance even if he is on the block next week and is going home. However, Devin said that he does not want to talk any game, as he is mentally not part of any alliance right now until things get mended. He then clarified that targeting Brittany is for the entire alliance, just as much as it is a personal move. After talking to Devin, Derrick went to Frankie and questioned whether or not Devin would blow up the Bomb Squad. Frankie said that Devin’s game is so bad that they cannot be sure. Derrick then went to Victoria to fill her in on the argument between Caleb and Devin, telling her that Devin said that he will no longer be working with Caleb.

3:00-4:00 PM: The feeds were down for a while. When they returned, Devin was shown picking the have-nots. He selected Brittany, Victoria, Derrick and Zach. Derrick and Zach had previously told Devin that they were fine with being have-nots.

Devin checked in with them afterwards to make sure that things were good. The guys said yes. Zach said that all he cared about was making Victoria a have-not. He said that he will make sure that she gets the worst sleeps this week.

Zach spoke to Brittany and let her know that he cannot use the Power of Veto but she will still be safe and stay by a unanimous 12-0 vote. Derrick then joined them and said the same thing, that Brittany will be safe if nominations stay the same. Brittany’s concern is that Paola is working with Devin in order to secure her spot in the house. Brittany also spoke with Frankie, who told her that he thinks that she will be safe if the nominations stay the same. Brittany agreed.

4:00-5:00 PM: Cody and Christine discussed that Caleb will do anything to protect Amber. Christine pointed to last night when Amber bashed Devin while she kept her mouth shut, yet Caleb threw her under the bus in front of Devin and said that she is scared of Devin. Cody mentioned that him flirting with Amber helped contribute to the whole blowup. He explained that Caleb gave Amber more attention once he saw Cody giving her more attention, which then led to Devin getting pissed off. Meanwhile, Caleb and Zach were discussing who should go home. Zach said that Paola does absolutely nothing for them. Caleb said that she sucks at competitions so it’s easier for them to win. Caleb told Zach that he will have to give Paola his vote either way because he and Devin promised it to her.

5:00-6:00 PM: Caleb went to Devin and apologized to him for what happened last night. Caleb said that it was never his intent for things to escalate like they did. Devin said that he accepts Caleb’s apology. He pointed out that the thing that set him off had nothing to do with game, as it was Caleb commenting on the way that he treats women. Devin told Caleb that he treats them with respect, particularly cause he has a daughter of his own. As for the alliance, Devin said that he did not mean what he said about it being over.

Caleb informed Devin that Cody, Zach and Derrick want Brittany to stay, as does Amber and some of the girls. Devin found that odd, saying that they tell him the opposite. Caleb agreed with Devin that Brittany is the bigger threat and would be the smarter one to target this week. Devin mentioned that Paola brings value in that she can throw competitions for them, such as she did this week. Caleb eventually told Devin that basically everyone in the house said to nominate him, other than himself and Derrick. Devin then requested that Caleb go gather the Bomb Squad members for a meeting.

Caleb made his way around the house, telling the alliance members to go up to the HoH room. In order to try to minimize suspicion, he told the others that Devin wants to talk to them in two groups. Once everyone was there, Devin explained that this is not a one person dictatorship. He then told them his reasoning behind wanting Brittany to leave, saying that she is the more powerful player and is someone that could nominate them. He added that it is not about getting out the floaters, as people like Paola can be valuable to them. He told them all that Victoria will be nominated and will go home if Brittany wins the veto.

Devin reiterated that the deal is that they protect each other until they make it to jury, at which point they will battle it out. He then revealed that Caleb had told him that there are people in the alliance that want him voted out. He made it clear that that is not the deal. Devin proceeded to ask everyone who they want out. Zach spoke up first, saying that Paola is the weakest player that he has ever seen. He said that he likes Brittany and wants her to stay. Cody then mentioned that the alliance was formed with the goal of getting out floaters. He, too, wanted Brittany to stay. At this point, the non-Bomb Squad members decided to break up the meeting and went into the HoH room.

6:00-7:00 PM: Feeds went down for the veto competition.


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