Team America is revealed; Devin looks to target Zach

July 6, 2014

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8:00-9:00 PM: Frankie told Devin that he feels like Zach wants to go home. Devin said that he knows that Zach wants to go based on his conversation with him. Devin said that Zach can no longer handle being in the house. Devin said that Frankie should keep pushing it on people that Zach doesn’t want to be there, then they will question his decision less. Frankie told Devin that Zach was up all night talking to himself on the hammock, coming up with destruction plans to bring everyone down with him. While Devin claimed that he had yet to make up his mind, he said that the Bomb Squad is just too big of an alliance and they need to dwindle it down a bit.

The final two members of Team America were revealed. America voted Frankie and Derrick into the alliance, joining Donny. The three were talking in the backyard about how great of an opportunity America has given them.

Donny said that they cannot let America down. Frankie said that it shows them that they are liked both inside and outside of the house. Derrick felt that they would be the biggest idiots to break off from that alliance, saying that it’s the three of them together until they leave.

Frankie and Derrick met again shortly thereafter. They cleared the air about a comment that Frankie had heard. It was believed that Derrick called him a flip flopper. Derrick clarified that he said that Frankie was playing the middle, likening his game to that of Andy’s. Frankie said that’s fine, as he truly hasn’t picked a side yet.

Derrick admitted to playing the same way. Frankie pointed out that Derrick has half of the house and he has the other half. They agreed that Team America is their new main alliance. Derrick said that Frankie will not hear of him saying anything about him anymore, and if he does it’s not true.

9:00-10:00 PM: Devin spoke to Donny about Zach, saying that Zach appears to be having a rough time there. Donny agreed that Zach isn’t looking too good. Devin explained that it would be tough for him to send someone else home over Zach who doesn’t want to be there. That being said, Devin mentioned that he doesn’t know what he will do at this point.

Devin did say that it would be very difficult for him to send Brittany, a single mother, home to the situation that she would be faced with. Donny’s advice was to do whatever is best for Devin's own game. They agreed that Paola is still a valuable person to have in the house. After Donny left the room, Devin counted the votes to evict Zach and said that it was a done deal.

Devin spoke with Derrick, asking what Zach’s mental state was. Derrick said that Zach is definitely depressed and down. Devin said that Zach is upset because he told him that he doesn’t trust him last night, so now he has been freaking out. Devin said that he could justify nominating Zach by saying that there is someone that doesn’t want to be there and that talks to the women in a poor way. Derrick said that he can understand where Devin is coming from but he would suggest that Devin speaks to the other Bomb Squad members or else they will think that Devin did this behind their back. Derrick said that he would like to see the Bomb Squad live on. Devin said that the issue is that Caleb runs back to Amber with everything.

Devin decided that a possibility would be to tell Caleb and Cody moments before the lockdown for the veto ceremony. Devin mentioned that the alliance is just too big to control and needs to be cut down. Devin added that he wouldn’t do this to the others but Zach is a loose cannon and is out of control. Derrick said that he would not go after Devin either. Before the talk broke up, Devin requested that Derrick go around to people and say that saving Brittany shows how big of a heart Devin has.

11:00-12:00 AM: Derrick and Donny discussed their Team America alliance. Derrick said that they now know that they are the three most well like people in the house, and there is no better feeling. They guys agreed that they need to remain loyal to this until the end. Donny said that his game was won by being selected to Team America, as all that he wanted was to be chosen in an America’s vote. Derrick said that it must be a sign that they are playing the most honest games in the house. He said that no matter how much money they make, they are now America’s team.

It was then Frankie’s turn to speak to Donny. Frankie said that the three of them will be going to the end now. Donny agreed and said that he will never put anyone else ahead of Frankie or Derrick. Frankie asked how Donny is with Devin. Donny explained that Devin told him that it was the two of them together but then he went ahead and screwed him. Frankie believes that they will need to play a neutral game in order to have the best chance of using the other houseguests to help them complete their missions.

They wrapped up the talk by thanking America and reiterating that they will remain loyal to the alliance. Frankie said that there is no option but to remain loyal to the end. Donny said that going against it would be worse than going home in Week 1.

12:00-1:00 AM: Devin told Frankie and Christine that he is considering an option that would put into question how deep the loyalty is in the alliance. Devin clarified that he would never put them up but there is one person that may need to go due to unpredictability. Devin said that Plan A would be to use the veto on Paola and put Victoria on the block, while Plan B would be to use the veto on Brittany and nominate Zach. Devin said that the rationale for nominating Zach would be that he doesn’t want to be there and he is demeaning to women. Frankie suggested that Devin leave the demeaning to women part out because it will set Zach off. Devin said that it would put the nail in the coffin in terms of getting the girls’ votes. Christine pointed out that nominating Zach would squash the idea that there is a guys alliance.

1:00-2:00 AM: Devin told Frankie that he has a legitimate crush on Brittany. He said that he doesn’t think that he is her type though, thinking that Cody would fit that role. Frankie encouraged Devin to do something about. Devin said that he would never let it mess with his game but he already told her to come upstairs to talk more once everyone goes to bed. Frankie suggested that they cuddle. Devin told him that Brittany would not do that.

2:00-3:00 AM: Caleb told Frankie that all that they have to do is keep the Bomb Squad together for three weeks, and then they will be in jury. Caleb mentioned that Zach said that he would hold it together if he stays. Caleb felt that Zach would be fine tomorrow after he has a good sleep and get some food into him. Frankie said that it would all depend on what Zach is like tomorrow. Frankie said that he is down 100% to keep Zach if he wants to stay. Caleb said that he hopes that Devin does not make a mistake and put Zach up, because it will ruin everything. Caleb noted that they will need to make sure that the alliance is held together. Frankie said that Devin shouldn’t use the veto at all. Caleb agreed and said if anything he should pull Paola off and send Victoria home.

Frankie told Caleb that Zach has been pitching hard that Caleb is the one that threw him under the bus to Devin. He said that Zach is the one creating the discord in the alliance, so he would rather Zach blow up once and then go rather than stick around and continue to do it. Frankie said that he doesn’t want Zach gone but this is his hesitation with keeping him. Caleb said that what pissed him off is that Amber said that she thinks that she can trust him. Frankie began to imply that Zach got in Amber’s head. Frankie said that he would like for them to all make it to jury together but Zach pull him aside four times a day to say that they need to backdoor Devin. Frankie mentioned that Zach is the one that he is most concerned about. Frankie said that he trusts Caleb, Amber and Derrick fully.

3:00-4:00 AM: Frankie talked to Zach and asked him what he wants, saying that it’s up to him whether he wants to stay or go. Zach said that he definitely wants to go home but of course he wants to play the game. Frankie said that he will have to make up his mind because the alliance will support him in either staying or going. Zach mentioned that he should be safe regardless of whether or not he goes up. Frankie asked if Zach will blow up if he gets nominated. Zach said that he will not blow up the Bomb Squad but he will blow up Devin. Frankie said that makes sense.

Zach said that Devin is the one that everyone hates in the alliance. Devin is the one being shady and Devin is the one bringing people into the alliance without asking them, yet they are doing whatever he wants. Zach said that he does want to stay. Frankie said that the best thing to do is not to blow anything up and to stick to the plan until jury. Frankie pointed out that the house will vote Zach out if he blows up. Zach didn’t understand why people would bow down to Devin and care what was said to him. Zach also pointed out that Devin got upset that he wouldn’t talk to him, yet Devin wouldn’t talk to him the night before. Zach told Frankie to simply say that he doesn’t know what Zach’s deal is.

4:00-5:00 AM: Frankie told Devin that he had a good talk with Caleb, and explained to Caleb why in this scenario it would not necessarily bad to put up an alliance member. Frankie said that he has at least got Caleb thinking at this point. Frankie said that Caleb told him that Devin, Amber and Frankie have his back. Frankie then said that he talked to Zach and Zach told him that he doesn’t want to blow up the Bomb Squad but he is definitely going to go down swinging. Frankie said that Zach makes him really nervous. Devin pointed out that all that they need to do is deny deny deny.

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