Zach campaigns, gets more votes on his side

July 7, 2014

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Devin uses the veto; Zach reveals the Bomb Squad - Day 18 Recap Part 2

8:00-9:00 PM: Cody told Derrick that Caleb is getting so paranoid and has become an untrustworthy rat. Cody explained that Caleb tried to bait him into saying that he was considering voting to keep Zach, even after Devin told Caleb that he was voting Zach out. Cody was concerned that he could be thrown out of the Bomb Squad just as easily as Zach was. Derrick said that it’s not looking good for Zach. He mentioned that he has been campaigning for him but is not getting a good response. Cody said that voting Zach out would be doing something that is not good for them.

Derrick said that they would have to be in power every week if they keep Zach, otherwise they will get picked off. They went back and forth on what to do with the vote, noting that there is plenty of time left. While he wants to keep Zach, Derrick said that it may not be smart in the long run if Zach decides to blow up again. Derrick said that he trusts Zach completely but he has a big mouth. Cody revealed that Christine told Nicole about the Bomb Squad, something that Derrick was not happy about. He said that Nicole scares the shit out of him.

9:00-10:00 PM: Nicole asked Brittany if she trusts Devin at all. Brittany said no. She made it clear that someone needs to do something about all the power being in the hands of Devin, Caleb and Amber. Brittany believes that Devin is nothing without Caleb. She also said that she is no longer trusting Frankie. Nicole asked who Brittany is going to be voting out. Brittany said that she thinks that she will vote out Paola. Nicole said that she is undecided.

10:00-11:00 PM: Zach got out of bed and spoke to Cody, Hayden and Derrick. They gave him advice on how to go about campaigning. All three guys said that Zach has their vote. Hayden let Zach know that Christine and Nicole will vote with the house and will have no say, so he just needs to get the majority. All of the guys said that they are sick of getting strong armed. Frankie eventually crashed the conversation, sat there and listened to everything. It was suggested that Zach make the pitch that he will be a target ahead of the others if he stays.

When Frankie eventually left, Cody reiterated the importance of getting Frankie’s vote. Cody said that Frankie can sway people to do whatever he wants because everyone adores him. Zach was confident that he had Frankie’s vote. Frankie was inside talking to Jocasta, Amber, Victoria and Paola. He reported back what he had heard, saying that Zach is confident that he has him, Hayden, Derrick and Cody. Frankie told Jocasta to work on Donny, Amber to work on Brittany, Paola to work on Derrick and said that he will work on Christine. Frankie said that Cody’s vote is locked in, as is Hayden’s. He mentioned that Nicole is infatuated with Hayden so she will side with him as well.

Meanwhile, the guys were still plotting at the hammock. Donny joined them and Zach told him that he will be the biggest target for Devin and Caleb if he stays. Zach said that this is the week to flip the script against Devin, Caleb and Amber. Donny advised Zach to play with his brain, not his emotions, because some people may have been frightened when he said that he would blow up people’s games. Donny informed Zach that he will have his vote since he told him not to worry when he got nominated in Week 1.

11:00-12:00 AM: Zach told Frankie that he will for sure be staying if he can get Nicole and Christine’s votes. Frankie agreed. Frankie confirmed that Amber and Caleb will be voting Zach out. Zach asked if he is being pressured to keep Paola. Frankie said of course but that he is not going to. Hayden, Donny, Derrick and Cody were still outside talking. Hayden made it clear that they will have to win HoH if they keep Zach. Donny said that he is leaning that way because he feels that Paola could get bullied.

Zach had a one on one talk with Derrick. Derrick said that the last thing that Zach wants to do is blow up his or Cody’s game if he goes. Zach agreed and said that he will be rooting for those two if he goes home. Derrick advised Zach to go out with class, saying that once he is evicted the game is over and he is back to being regular Zach. Derrick told him that he should just say good game and good luck to everyone, then go talk to Julie. Zach said that he loves that and that Derrick really put everything into perspective. Zach told Derrick that he will either be there working with him and Cody or will be going out with class.

12:00-1:00 AM: Derrick told Amber that at no point did Zach say her name or Caleb’s name, so he thinks that they are good. Amber asked who Derrick is voting for. He said that he will go with the alliance because things will fall apart if anyone deviates. Outside, Donny and Frankie were talking things over. Frankie told Donny that Devin owes him his life and will keep him safe for the rest of the game. Derrick joined them for a Team America meeting, telling them that they have to be on the same page with their votes. Frankie said that he is concerned about his game with Zach in the house. He said that Devin and Caleb are stronger allies than Zach and Cody are. Frankie said that Zach blowing up made his trustworthiness questionable.

Donny told Frankie that Zach has a man crush on him. Derrick added that Zach is definitely Team Frankie and thinks that Frankie is 100% with him. Derrick said that Zach’s plan is to go after Devin. Frankie said that if what Derrick says is true, that Zach is on board with him, then that’s great. Frankie said that the ability to use Devin and Caleb for their missions is tremendous. Donny pointed out that what Devin did to him after making a deal with him. Derrick said that if they are the reason that Zach stays then Zach is definitely not putting them up. Frankie pointed out that if Paola feels that her allegiance is to Devin then they are safe with her too. Frankie said that the only way to make things really work is to have Zach mend things with Devin and Caleb. The three agreed that that was the best play, either getting everyone on board with evicting Paola or else they will have to evict Zach.

Donny told Frankie that he is wrong if he thinks that Devin and Caleb have his back more so than he and Derrick do. Once Donny went to bed, Derrick and Frankie discussed the Bomb Squad. There was concern that Hayden may have blown it up to everyone already and that they are no longer in the majority. Frankie said that Victoria, Amber and Jocasta definitely want Zach out. Derrick said that he could get Victoria to change her vote if needed. Derrick said that he is leaning towards playing it safe by evicting Zach but it’s possible that having Zach and Caleb mend things could work. If so, Derrick pointed out that they could bring Caleb in on the plan to save Zach and he may jump on board since they included him.

1:00-2:00 AM: Derrick told Caleb that Zach was talking a bit about him, in a good way. Caleb said that he has nothing to say to him. Frankie asked what happens if they don’t have the numbers to evict Zach. Caleb said that he doesn’t know but they should have them. Derrick pointed out that if everyone knows about the Bomb Squad they are in trouble. Caleb asked what Zach said. Derrick told him that Zach said that after having a chance to sleep, he realized that he said some things that she shouldn’t have, specifically the personal things to Devin and also everything about Caleb and Frankie. Derrick said that Devin is the only one that Zach is after. Frankie asked if Caleb would talk to Zach. Caleb didn’t know. Hayden joined them and said that Zach had no hard feelings towards Caleb. Caleb said thatch has done this one and he will blow up again. Caleb asked if they are looking to switch the vote. Derrick said no, he is just giving him the information.

Zach told Frankie that he realizes that playing the game for himself has affected him. Frankie said that voting for him will put a target on his back. He said that he cannot make an enemy of Devin and Caleb, so he would have to give Zach his vote but try to pin it on someone else.

Zach said that he was fine with that. Frankie added that he would have to act like he is after Zach then. Zach said that they need the vote to be 9-3 so it looks as though Frankie stayed true to Caleb and Amber, as it would be bad if he campaigns and gets so many votes that it’s 10-2. Zach apologized to Frankie for throwing him under the bus. Frankie apologized for scrambling like an idiot.

2:00-3:00 AM: Frankie asked Christine what her honest opinion is. She said that she can see pros to each one. Frankie said that everyone is backing Zach, except for Caleb, Amber, Jocasta, Victoria and Devin. Frankie said that he is trying to figure out a way to convince people that they didn’t vote the way that they voted. They discussed throwing Donny and Jocasta under the bus.

3:00-4:00 AM: Zach was working on getting Victoria’s vote. He apologized to her for the things that she said. He explained how she comes off demanding at times but there is no excuse for what he said. She told him that it was bullying when he was throwing the frisbees so hard and direct at her during the HoH competition.

Victoria said that it was super hurtful but she wants to move forward if Zach is willing to, as long as he wont put her up or make her a have-not for personal reasons. Victoria said that she wants to vote based on game, not personal reasons. Zach said that he is not going after her, as he going after Devin and solely Devin. Zach told Victoria that perhaps they can better their friendship if he stays.

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