Devin uses the veto on Brittany, nominates Zach in her place

July 7, 2014

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10:00-11:00 AM: Devin went to Paola and said that she needs to not say a word when the veto meeting ends, and head straight upstairs without showing any emotion. Paola was visibly upset, knowing that Devin wasn’t planning on using the veto on her. Devin said that she will not be getting screwed over and that she will be safe. He told her not to get emotional or else she will end up going home. Paola told him that she doesn’t give a shit. Paola then said “if you dont use that veto on me” before Devin cut her off and said that she is being so ridiculous.

Paola said that she doesn’t care if she goes home. Devin told her that she needs to. He said that what happens may not be what they promised but he will keep her safe. She again said “if you don’t use the veto” before Devin cut her off and said “don’t threaten me right now”. Paola told Devin that she has been loyal to him. Paola wouldn’t back down, which led to Devin storming off.

Devin pulled Victoria aside and asked if they are still good on what they had talked about. Victoria said yes. Devin said that on Thursday she knows who to vote for, implying that Zach will be on the block. Devin then brought Hayden up to the HoH room and said that he wants to make sure that she votes to keep Paola. He explained that he has to remain vague for now but it will make sense later. Hayden understood.

Paola went to Brittany and told her about how Devin had been talking to her this morning. Paola said that she is pissed and cannot stand him. Paola let Brittany know that if she explodes it is because of Devin. She then vented to Donny, Amber, Victoria and Jocasta in the bathroom, saying that Devin almost talks down to women so she was saying not to talk to her like that and he got pissed. Paola said that Devin needs to change the way that she talks to him. She mentioned that she is not scared of him just because he is 280 pounds.

11:00-12:00 PM: Devin was alone in the HoH room, practicing his speech for the veto ceremony. He was going over that he would say that he nominated Brittany for both personal and game reasons, seeing as she is a strong competitor. He then went on to say that while she is a great competitor, she is an even greater person, woman and mother. He added that he was raised by a single mother so he refuses to leave a single mother on the block to scratch and claw to stay in the game. As for the replacement nominee, Devin plans to say that there are 14 people that want to be there and he does not feel right sending someone home that wants to be there when there is someone that has said that they want to go home. He would then nominate Zach in Brittany’s place.

Devin used the Power of Veto on Brittany, nominating Zach in her place.

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