The houseguests discuss the vote

July 8, 2014

Devin uses the veto; Zach reveals the Bomb Squad - Day 18 Recap Part 2

Zach and friends begin to campaign - Day 18 Recap Part 3

4:00-5:00 AM: Cody and Christine discussed that they are in a bad spot with this vote. Cody said that Christine and Derrick’s games are the most important to him. He was concerned about messing up their games by going against Devin and Caleb. Christine told Cody to be so careful with Frankie. Christine told him that Frankie wants Zach out. Cody said “really?”. Christine said that if she votes Zach out it would cause Devin, Caleb and Amber to come after her since she is really trusted by them. However, she said that she hates Devin, Caleb and Amber. Christine explained that Cody and Derrick are more important to her.

They discussed that they could be put up and go home just as easily as Zach did. Christine and Cody said that they both told Zach that they will keep him if he keeps his mouth shut and doesn’t blow up. Cody didn’t like that Zach put him on blast to Frankie, cause he feels that Frankie can influence anyone in the house. Christine said that the safe bet would be to vote Zach out but she is tired of doing what Devin and Caleb want. Cody agreed. He said that he is tired of their power trip. He figured that Frankie could go along with those two and Amber.

5:00-6:00 AM: Nicole went to Christine and asked if she wants Zach to stay. Christine said that she wants him to stay but the only problem is that Devin, Caleb, Amber and Frankie will be mad at her. Nicole didn’t understand why Frankie would want Zach out. Christine said that Devin offered them a five person alliance. Christine said that voting Zach out would piss off Derrick and Cody who she really likes.

10:00-11:00 AM: Frankie told Donny that he hasn’t figured out a way that Donny and Derrick can keep their vote hidden from Devin and Caleb, which puts a target on their backs. Frankie said that he feels that he has to vote Zach out. Frankie told Donny that he feels as though to the vote is 6-6 at the moment. Frankie explained that Devin and Caleb will be expecting to have all of the votes except for Cody’s and Hayden’s. He said that they would have to throw Christine, Nicole, Hayden, Cody, Jocasta and Victoria under the bus, which wouldn’t be believable.

Donny asked if Frankie is closer to Devin or Caleb. Frankie said Caleb. Donny asked if he would spare one. Frankie said that he would spare both, as he is going to the end with Derrick and Donny. Donny was concerned that they would not be able to get those two out. Frankie said that they would have to use Hayden and Cody. Donny explained that those two would become targets if they vote to keep Zach and Zach does not stay. Frankie said that it will not be a minority to keep Zach depending on what they do, as they are the swing votes, but they would have to blame their votes to keep Zach on two others. Both agreed that they wouldn’t mind doing that.

Donny said that they will need the help to get the big guys out. Frankie implied that Zach will not help them in that regard because he will not go about it smartly. Donny said that everything will happen so fast on Thursday night that if the power changes, they wont figure it out until it’s too late. Frankie again pointed out that he is banking on Caleb winning HoH. Donny said he is not scared of Caleb and neither should Frankie be.

12:00-1:00 PM: Christine told Victoria that she plans to vote for Zach to stay. Victoria was going back and forth on what to do. Her main concerns about keeping Zach are that Zach will continue to be disrespectful to her and also that Devin will come after her for breaking her word, as she promised to evict Zach. On the plus side, she noted that she would not Zach’s target. Christine confirmed that, saying that everyone is after Devin, Caleb and Amber. Christine pointed out that taking down Caleb first is the best option, seeing as Devin and Amber would never work together without him. Victoria said that amber is very fake and that they cannot talk game around her. She said that she trusts Brittany the most because they got close during the Battle of the Block. Victoria pointed out that Paola would throw anyone under the bus and that she has been talking crap about her.

Brittany then joined the girls in the bathroom. They discussed Devin’s newfound crush on Brittany, likening to the one that Caleb has on Amber. The girls agreed that it is creepy. Brittany said that it weirds her out. They wondered if it was all strategy on the part of the guys. As for the game talk, Brittany said that Paola shouldn’t be there. Brittany pointed out that Devin and Caleb want to keep her so they should throw them off their game by getting rid of her. Christine agreed and said she wanted to get rid of whoever Devin wanted to keep. Brittany said that she doesn’t trust Frankie. Christine said that no one does anymore because he and Amber follow everyone everywhere. Victoria was upset with Frankie for not having her back when the guys said personal things about her. They agreed that Amber is someone that they cannot talk game in front of, while Jacosta also cannot be trusted because she is focused solely on her own game.

3:00-4:00 PM: Christine told Frankie that she is going to convince Victoria to vote Zach out, seeing as everyone else is voting for Zach to stay. The goal was to make it a 7-5 vote to evict Paola, leaving Christine and Frankie with the ability to say that they voted Zach out to Devin, Caleb and Amber, even if they voted to keep him. Christine will be voting to evict Paola, while it appears that Frankie plans to evict Zach.

They would say that the five votes to evict Paola were Frankie, Christine, Amber, Caleb and Victoria. Frankie said that they can then do damage control afterwards. Christine said that he can always say that he got bullied into keeping Paola. He agreed that it is a good plan to make it a 7-5 vote. Christine told Frankie that Derrick will be voting to keep Zach, while Victoria feels pressured by Devin to evict Zach.

4:00-5:00 PM: Cody asked Christine if everyone is still leaning towards keeping Zach. She said that as far as she is aware. Christine noted that Victoria is the one that seems to be voting him out. That would make it a 7-5 vote, with Paola being evicted. Christine explained that Victoria was voting that way because of Devin’s threats. Cody said that maybe Derrick will be able to get to her. Elsewhere, Frankie was telling Jocasta that it is important that she doesn’t tell anyone how she is going to vote. Jocasta said that she will not tell. Later in the evening, Amber let Christine know that Jocasta is voting to evict Zach. Frankie let Jocasta know that it should be a 6-6 vote, with Devin sending Zach home.

Paola made a quick campaign to Donny and Jocasta, telling them that they have no idea what Zach will do if he wins HoH. On the other hand, she said that she will never win so she will do nothing. Donny asked Paola if she threw the competition. Paola said that she did not, so that’s why she and Devin got into an argument. Devin came outside and told Paola that he is still going to do everything in his power to keep her.

He promised that he would vote to evict Zach if it came down to a tiebreaker. Devin said that he went back on his word about using the veto on Paola because he did not want to send a single mom home after all that she had sacrificed.

5:00-6:00 PM: Christine told Nicole that she wants Zach to stay. She revealed that Jocasta is voting for Zach to go. Christine said that she would work on Victoria. She wanted to do this because she wants to make sure that Victoria votes Zach out to make it a 7-5 vote, as per her discussion with Frankie. Nicole said that she already convinced Victoria to evict Paola, at which point Christine revealed the plan to make it a 7-5 vote. Christine said that it would cause chaos and nobody would know who did what. Nicole said that she can work on getting Victoria to evict Zach then.

Brittany told Derrick that she is the only person that she will make a deal with to never put him up. They began talking some game, with Brittany revealing that she doesn’t trust Frankie anymore. Derrick said that Frankie is playing a neutral game. Brittany discussed that she and Victoria have bonded and that it would be good to keep her around, even though Victoria drives her nuts. Derrick let Brittany know that he was the reason that Victoria stayed off the block, seeing as he told them to put Nicole up. Derrick mentioned that Nicole is playing similar to Andy, telling everyone what they want to hear.

6:00-7:00 PM: Frankie told Devin that Hayden, Cody and Nicole are voting for Zach to stay. He said that if Zach ever did end up staying, they will have a target and the Bomb Squad will be no more. Devin revealed that he doesn’t trust Caleb at all. Devin was upset that Caleb had turned his back on him and said some things after he stuck up for him all along. Devin told Frankie that he is the person that he trusts most. That being said, Devin acknowledged that Caleb is needed and that he will remain focused on the task at hand.

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