Team America continues their mission

July 13, 2014

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11:00-12:00 PM: Nicole asked Donny if she thinks that the rumour about Zach being Amanda’s cousin is true. Donny said that his gut tells him no but Zach had nothing to lose by telling Paola. Nicole said that she thinks that it might be true.

Donny asked what Christine thought. Nicole said that Christine said that it is a possibility. Nicole said that they look alike, pointing to their smiles and their eyes. She did say that she never would have thought it if not for hearing it from Donny.

1:00-2:00 PM: Donny told Derrick that his mission was a success. He told Nicole that Zach is Amanda’s cousin. Nicole then went to Christine with the information. Donny heard back from Nicole, who said that Christine thinks that they are indeed cousins. Derrick said that he told Victoria to tell Brittany, so they will have two of the three covered once he gets confirmation from Victoria that she did it. Derrick wondered if they should tell Caleb since he would tell Amber. Donny thought that Devin would run his mouth if he knew. Derrick said that Devin is scary cause he is trying to start stuff. Derrick thought that they should go to Zach in order to tell him about the rumour because they don’t want it to look like they are spreading rumours about him. He said that they could explain that Paola spread it and they wanted to give him the chance to squash it now.

Derrick and Nicole spoke, discussing the plan for the week ahead. Both agreed that Donny is likely to use the veto on Jocasta. Nicole said that it is the only move that makes sense for Donny’s game. She explained that he would become a huge target and would make it seem as though he is working with Devin. She said that Donny must be a saboteur or something if he doesn’t use the veto. Derrick gave Nicole his word that he will be nominating Devin in Jocasta's place if Donny uses the veto. They agreed that Devin needs to go since he will be after them given that they told him that he was their target.

2:00-3:00 PM: Derrick spoke to Victoria and asked her if she had a chance to talk to Brittany about Zach being Amanda’s cousin. Victoria said that they brought Amanda up last night and Zach said that she is a bully and didn’t defend her at all. Derrick pointed out that he could be doing that to throw people off. Victoria said that she thinks that Donny is America’s Player and that he is spreading so much stuff around. Derrick said that’s why they need to get to the bottom of this and figure out if Zach really is related to Amanda. Victoria said that she needs to get Brittany alone. Derrick told her that sometimes there are twists and they can get rewards by figuring things like this out.

Derrick next went to Caleb and told him that he is the person that he trusts with this information. He informed Caleb that Paola told Donny that Zach said that he is Amanda’s cousin. He then told Caleb to check in with Amber to see if Paola had told her the same thing. Derrick explained that he trusts Amber not to spread the rumour. Caleb said that he will definitely ask her.

Caleb said that Amanda and Zach look nothing alike. Derrick said that they have some similarities in the jaw area and she was very outspoken and out there like Zach is. Caleb said that he would like to go straight to Zach to ask about it. Derrick told him not to yet, as it could screw things up and they could be punished if they are wrong about it. Caleb said that he bets Paola did say something to Amber, as Amber told him that Paola had said some things to her about people in their alliance.

8:00-9:00 PM: Derrick let Frankie know that he has now told Victoria and Caleb about the Zach and Amanda rumour, so that would be their three once they pass along the rumour. Derrick said that they can then go to Zach and tell him what they are hearing in order to act like they are his friends and are squashing it for him. Frankie said that it’s a good thing that he didn’t do anything for this mission, seeing as it will be less suspicious when he does stuff next week. Frankie suggested that they rotate the missions. Victoria joined the guys and they discussed that Caleb is so blinded by Amber that he is playing the game for her.

10:00-11:00 PM: Christine, Frankie and Zach had a quick chat in the hammock. They discussed who they would nominate next week. All three agreed on Jocasta and Victoria, with a plan to backdoor Donny. Christine felt that Donny has been winning too many competitions so they would have to go the backdoor route. The question arose about who they would nominate if those two were already nominated. Zach said that he would nominate anyone other than the two of them, Cody, Derrick and Nicole. Both Christine and Frankie agreed.

12:00-1:00 AM: Brittany and Amber were discussing that they cannot see a way that Devin stays this week unless Derrick doesn’t nominate him. Brittany mentioned that Devin wouldn’t be in the spot that he is in if he had came into the house being the person that he is right now. Devin eventually told the girls that Donny might not use the PoV. They then went to Derrick to see what was going on.

All three discussed that it would make no sense for Donny not to use the veto, given that he immediately brought it to Jocasta and told her that she would be safe. Derrick assured them that Donny will use the veto on Jocasta and then Devin is going to be going home. Derrick added that it will be a unanimous vote and they will all look like heroes for sending Devin home.

1:00-2:00 AM: Frankie was discussing his concerns about Amber with Caleb. Frankie said that he has heard that Amber doesn’t trust him anymore and he is confused as to why. Caleb pointed out that Frankie talks a lot and talks to everyone, so it may make people hesitant to tell him things that they don’t want to get around. Caleb admitted that he feels that way with Frankie at times. Frankie then said that he doesn’t understand how Amber would let anyone persuade her that Caleb doesn’t have her best interests at heart. He mentioned that Paola filled her head with things before she left. Frankie also pointed out that Jocasta, Brittany and Donny are working to get Amber on their side, and it appears to be working.

4:00-5:00 AM: Team America got their second of three required people to spread the rumour when Caleb asked Amber if Paola told her that Zach is Amanda’s cousin. Amber said that she has no clue about that. Caleb mentioned that he knew that Paola told her something before she left. Amber explained that Paola told her that there are some people not to trust.

Caleb told Amber that if they figure it out that Zach is Amanda’s cousin, they could be rewarded. If they confront him and are wrong about it, he said that they could be penalized. Amber asked who Caleb heard it from. He said through the grapevine, but she immediately guessed Donny told Derrick and then Derrick told him.

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