Zach wins the PoV then stirs the pot

August 9, 2014

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8:00-9:00 PM: Zach won the Power of Veto. The veto competition was OTEV. Everyone was talking about how fun the competition was. Zach told Cody that he cannot believe that he won. He said that he was glad to live to see another week. Frankie came up to Zach and told him that it was so well deserved. Zach said thank you. Frankie told Zach that need to have a talk now that Zach won and can be happy. Zach said that they definitely need to talk. He told Frankie that he loves him as a person but hates him as a game player. Zach told Frankie that he has to reevaluate his whole game now because Frankie blew up everything that he had. Zach let Frankie know that he doesn’t want him gone and that he will vote for him over anyone else now that he knows the reason that Frankie is there. They discussed that they both targeted each other.

Zach said that he was hurt and felt like his wife just cheated on him. Frankie said that Zach screwed him over so royally yesterday, having Caleb throw the competition to try to get him out of the house. Zach said that Frankie cheated on him first. Frankie said that he thought that Zach cheated on him first but was wrong and apologizes for that. Zach apologized for cursing Frankie out last night. Zach told Frankie that he wishes that he could still trust him 100% but it’s only 90% now. Frankie said that he wasn’t the only one that tried to get Zach out, as Christine, Cody and Derrick all concocted the plan along with him. Zach asked what he even did to deserve it. Frankie said that Zach pitted them all against each other and was the middle man based on all of the information that he was sharing between the two.

9:00-10:00 PM: Frankie and Zach had another chat. Frankie told Zach that they cannot listen to Cody and Derrick when they talk to each of them about the other. Zach told Frankie that he is his favourite person in the house. Frankie said that Zach is his and that he is sorry that it took him trying to get Zach out to realize it. Zach pointed out that Frankie is so good with words that he doesn’t know when he is telling the truth. He told Frankie that even after everything happened he still didn’t hate him, as he is so smart and funny that he can’t help but love him. Zach told Frankie that he will take him on the trip to Germany if Frankie directly helps him get to the Final 3 and chooses him if he wins HoH. Frankie said it’s a deal. Zach wondered why Frankie ever wanted him gone. Frankie said that he lost his mind. The two of them admitted to their plans to get each other out over the past week. They agreed to never nominate each other and left it at that.

Cody and Derrick spoke about what to do this week. They agreed that Donny is going home if Victoria is on the block next to him. They discussed that Zach’s antics are getting old and that if he keeps it up they will have reason to nominate him. Cody said that he already has reason and that the only two people that he has reason to nominate are Frankie and Zach. Derrick said that things will get ugly next week. Frankie spoke to Derrick and said that everything is all good and has been cleared up between all of them. He then said that he would like to keep Donny seeing as Donny would not nominate the two of them, especially if they saved him. Derrick agreed for the short term but did not think that that would be the case in the long run. Frankie said that he would like to get Nicole backdoored. Derrick said that he can try if he wants to. He advised Frankie not to talk about keeping Donny in front of Caleb and Cody because they want him out. Derrick pointed out that Caleb is Frankie’s closest ally and would be a target of Donny’s. They agreed that Donny would have to go if Victoria were to be nominated next to him. Derrick told Frankie that Victoria loves him and has never said a bad word about him. Caleb joined. Frankie said that he would love to get Nicole out. Caleb noted that she wins HoHs and Donny cannot.

10:00-11:00 PM: Donny told Nicole to work on Cody. He said to ask Cody where he sees himself at the end. Donny pointed out that Cody is with three smart people in Christine, Derrick and Frankie and will be the first to go. He said that Cody is the weakest link and is the one that needs to use people while he can in order to get those ones out. Nicole said that she would never vote for Cody after what he did to her. Donny said that Derrick is going to win and that he will probably vote for him. Donny explained that Derrick has made a pact with every single person. Nicole said that the jury is not setting up well for Frankie and Christine. Donny said that he would vote for Christine over Frankie because she needs the money. Nicole wants Zach to win over both of them. Donny said that he would vote for Zach as well. Donny told her that he would not vote for Caleb to win, while Nicole said that she definitely would. Nicole said that Christine is the devil and her word is crap if she nominates her. Donny told her that there is no alternative because Derrick will not allow Victoria to be nominated.

Zach told Victoria that Frankie is so good that he has him believing him again. Victoria could not believe that Zach would trust him again. Zach then proceeded to tell Victoria all about his game. He told her about the Detonators and about his Final 3s with Christine/Frankie and Cody/Derrick, as well as his Final 2 with Frankie. Zach told Victoria that he has her back more than everyone’s besides Cody and Derrick. Victoria told Zach that she has his back and that she trusts Derrick as well. Victoria told Zach that whatever he does he cannot trust Frankie. Zach said that he is glad that they had this talk because he would have trusted Frankie otherwise. He said that Frankie and Christine are the snakes and that he wants them out of the house.

Victoria then went to the bedroom and began crying. She told Nicole that she got straight up lied to. Nicole asked if she meant with Derrick. Victoria said yes. Nicole said that she knew that but didn’t want to be the one to tell her. Victoria said that she cannot trust Derrick and doesn’t care if he likes her as a person. Victoria said that Derrick disgusts her and that she wants to punch him in the face. Victoria found it ironic that Zach of all people is the person that helped her out by telling her things. She felt betrayed that Derrick kept so much from her. Nicole said that she too trusts Zach more than most people, as weird as it sounds. The girls agreed that they both need to win HoH next week. Nicole told Victoria that she cannot be pouring her guts out to Derrick anymore. Victoria said that she cannot even look at him and is done with him. Meanwhile, Christine was talking to Derrick and is leaning towards nominating Victoria in Zach’s place.

11:00-12:00 AM: Victoria told Zach that she feels as though she was cheated on in this game by Derrick. She said that she wants to call him out because she feels so betrayed. She explained that she questioned him about being in an alliance with Christine a couple of weeks ago and he said no, so it hurt to find out that he was aligned with her. Zach said that Derrick has had Victoria’s back the entire time so it should not change anything. He told her that there is no upside to calling him out. Victoria said that making a five person alliance without her is not having her back and he could have told her the truth about it. Zach advised her not to let this break her and not to let it show, otherwise they will both be screwed. Victoria said that she has no one to trust anymore. Zach told her that he just got cheated on by Frankie too, and that he is not buying what Frankie says anymore. Zach said that he will get Frankie out the first chance that he gets. Victoria let Zach know that Nicole is on his side. Zach told her that Donny will have to go then. Meanwhile, Nicole was telling Cody that Zach told Victoria about the five Detonators working together, so Victoria now knows that Derrick has been lying to her the entire time.

12:00-1:00 AM: Frankie spoke to Christine and said that he doesn’t know what Nicole’s deal is. He was trying to get her considered for the replacement nominee. Christine said that she swore that she would not backdoor Nicole. She also made it clear that she is more scared of Donny than she is of Nicole. Christine said that she doesn’t think that Nicole would go home either. Frankie disagreed but Christine said that she does not trust anything that anyone else is saying. Frankie pointed out that Nicole knows too much now, seeing as Zach told her everything. After Frankie left the room, Christine said to herself that “he has got to go”. Christine went and told Cody and Nicole about what Frankie was trying to do. She said that Victoria is her replacement nominee.

1:00-2:00 AM: Before heading to the diary room, Zach pulled Derrick aside and told him that Nicole told Victoria about the Detonators, so now Victoria is pissed off at Derrick. Derrick said that it is what it is. Zach then went to Cody and said the same thing. Cody questioned if Nicole actually said that, at which point Zach admitted that it was him. Derrick told Cody and Caleb that Zach blew up his entire thing with Victoria. He said that he would like to call Zach out on it all. He believed that they were in big trouble if Zach revealed who all is working together, as Nicole will then want to come after them and could possibly get Christine to nominate one of them. Caleb found it odd that his name was not thrown out there by Zach, not knowing that he is not a part of the Detonators alliance that actually does exist. Cody said that Zach has been ruining their games all season long. Derrick told them that he will be nominating Zach and Nicole if he wins HoH. Upstairs, Christine and Nicole were watching the guys talk on the spy screen. They felt that they would get picked off by the guys and that they would choose Caleb over them, though they acknowledged that they have no idea which moves to make to fix it.

2:00-3:00 AM: Cody went to Nicole and gave her a heads up that Zach threw her under the bus and told Derrick that she revealed the Detonators to Victoria. Derrick then pulled Nicole up to the HoH room and said that he has heard that she is talking shit about him to Victoria. Nicole said that it is not true at all and explained the whole situation, saying that Victoria came crying to her because Zach revealed everything. Victoria was then brought in to the HoH room. Derrick said that Zach’s exact words were that Nicole is telling a bunch of lies about Derrick. He questioned who Victoria heard this stuff from. She said that it was from Zach. Derrick then told her that he is hurt that she went and talked to Nicole and Frankie but not him. Victoria explained that it was because Nicole was told the same things as her. She told Derrick that the Frankie conversation had nothing to do with him. Derrick let Victoria know that his only alliance is with her. Victoria pointed out that she had asked him if he is working with Christine and he said no. Derrick again said that he is not working with her.

Zach got out of the diary room and was brought up to the HoH room by Derrick. It was a packed house for the talk, as Derrick, Zach, Victoria, Nicole, Cody, Caleb and Frankie were all there. Zach saw that Victoria was crying and immediately began calling her out, as Caleb had already accused him of telling Victoria that Derrick has played her this entire game. Zach immediately admitted to lying to Derrick about Nicole having said the things to Victoria. He said that he told Victoria that Derrick has had her back the whole time. He pointed out that Victoria came to him and said that Derrick cheated on her. She explained that it was all because of what Zach told her. Zach said that he wanted to clear the air. He told everyone that Victoria felt betrayed because Derrick didn’t tell her that he was in an alliance. Zach then called Frankie out for trying to get him out, adding that he does not trust Frankie at all. Zach then told Derrick that he wants him to win more than anyone else in there. When everyone was questioning Zach he told them that he will throw the next HoH and that they can all just send him home since nobody trusts him.

3:00-4:00 AM: Derrick told Zach that it is not bash on Zach day. Zach told them to bash all they want because his best friend in the house wanted him out so it doesn’t even matter anymore. Eventually all but Zach, Derrick, Frankie and Caleb cleared the room. Derrick told Zach that when he comes clean about his game to people he is ruining other people’s games. Derrick said that Zach is going to get him sent home and is taking food out of his daughter’s mouth. Zach told Derrick to send him home next week cause that makes him feel like shit. Derrick told Zach to just stop screwing them over and do the opposite of what he has been doing. Derrick explained that they are playing an incredible game and will make it to the Final 5, along with Cody, as long as everyone stays loyal and does not give the other side too much information. Derrick reiterated that Victoria is a huge vote for their side and that he cannot lose that trust with her.

Throughout the duration of the conversation, Zach continued to point out that Frankie targeted him. Frankie eventually questioned if Zach has any idea what he put him through yesterday by turning the entire house against him. Zach pointed out that it was after Frankie had tried to get him out. Frankie said that it was horrible to do to a human being, making them isolated like he was. Frankie noted that nobody was even cheering him on and that his best friend Caleb would not even play with him. Zach made it clear that Frankie tried to get Caleb on the block. Zach would not back down, so Frankie eventually said that if he wants to be a villain all season then keep it up and see what happens. Zach apologized to Derrick for screwing him over. Derrick asked that Zach downplay the whole alliance thing if the girls ask him again.

They discussed that Donny will go home this week if Victoria is nominated. They then mentioned that he plan is for Frankie and Caleb to work on Christine in order to get her to backdoor Nicole. After Zach left the room, Frankie, Derrick and Caleb discussed that Zach likely learned that he needs to keep his mouth shut for the next little while. They felt that it would by them enough time to do what they need to do. Frankie was even more heated with Nicole after Caleb revealed that Nicole told Victoria that Frankie planned to get Victoria in his back pocket by revealing that Ariana is his sister. He wanted her out even more at that point, feeling that Nicole was slandering his sister. Derrick told Frankie that nothing bad was said about his sister. Frankie said that there will be an army of people to do the damage to Nicole, so he doesn’t have to do a thing.

4:00-5:00 PM: Frankie spoke to Victoria about Nicole telling Victoria that Frankie said that he will have Victoria in his back pocket because of Ariana. Frankie said that it is probably the lowest most horrific thing that he has ever heard in his life. Frankie said that it is really upsetting. Frankie mentioned that he knew that Victoria was a big fan of Ariana so he knew that it would bring them closer but he did not care if she voted with him because of it. Frankie said that what Nicole said is revolting, disgusting, spiteful and hurtful. Victoria said that it was horrible to hear that stuff because it was using her insecurities against her. Frankie said that he didn’t want to even mention Ariana because he knew that people would turn something beautiful into something bad. Victoria told Frankie that she hopes that he would not twist things when he talks about her insecurities with him, then tell people that they were actually talking game. Frankie said that he would never ever do that to her.

Derrick and Victoria talked things over. Victoria said that this was something so small and that it got blown up over paranoia. Victoria was breaking down crying, saying that she can’t handle Derrick being mad and upset at her. Derrick sat there in silence and wouldn’t even look at her. She said that it’s hurts her that he is hurt. Derrick said that there is not much to say and that she might think that this is a small thing but it isn’t. He said that she took the word of the biggest liar in the house and then went to a person that he doesn’t trust in Nicole. Victoria explained that he was in the diary room and Nicole knew the same information that she did, so she went to her. Derrick told her that the only way that he can keep her safe is by working with people and making deals, and that is how the game is played. Derrick said that he doesn’t even know about the Final 3 that Zach said that he is in with him and Cody. They continued to go back and forth for a long while. Victoria eventually apologized. Derrick said that her apology is accepted, though Victoria felt that his tone was different than usual and that he still did not understand.

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