Houseguests discuss the fallout from last night's events; Zach wins the PoV

August 9, 2014

Frankie revealed that Ariana Grande is his sister. Click here to find out the reaction

10:00-11:00 AM: Frankie and Christine discussed that they are so excited to get to leave the Big Brother house for the football trip that they won during the Battle of the Block. Caleb is going as well. Christine said that she is scared of what will happen while they are gone, joking that a new six person alliance may form between the rest of the houseguests. Frankie said that it would never work because Nicole hates everyone and would rather kill herself than work with Victoria. Frankie and Christine agreed that Caleb is the most important piece of the puzzle, as the rest of the boys will do whatever he wants now. Frankie said that Zach will go if Caleb wants him to go, even though he will still probably go if Caleb wants him to stay. Frankie said that Caleb will be pissed and coming after them then. Frankie told Christine that you just need to pull the Amber card on Caleb. He explained that Nicole lied to Caleb and said that Frankie threatened to put her on the block if she didn’t lie to Caleb about Amber, then they worked out a deal to have Caleb throw the competition.

Frankie said that Nicole is his number one target. Christine asked what Frankie would do if he won HoH with Nicole. He said that he would nominate Donny and Victoria. Christine pointed out that she sincerely put Zach up because they would have been screwed if Donny and Victoria won, but Zach doesn’t believe her and is a big fat baby. Frankie didn’t understand how Zach could not believe that he would target him when they are playing Big Brother. Frankie said that he didn’t get a chance to ask Zach if they are even now since he tried to get someone to throw a competition to send him home. Christine wondered if she looks like a crazy villain. Frankie said that he probably looked wonderful up until yesterday, but now he can only imagine the shit that was talked about him in the diary room.

Christine went to the bee hive room and began talking to herself. She wondered aloud "How the hell do I get Frankie to leave me alone without ruining my game?”, adding "I hate him right now”. Christine said that she cannot tell Frankie anything for real and that she has to make sure that everyone is pissed off that he lied about who he is, as long as it prevents her from being the biggest target. Christine said that she hopes that she can win the veto so that she can gain Cody’s trust back, because Cody is scared that she will backdoor him. Christine noted that Cody is playing her but she needs him to play her until the end.

11:00-12:00 PM: Nicole informed Christine that Zach is very pissed that Frankie said that he is donating his money to charity, because now everyone will look selfish if they do not vote for him. She said that everyone has it in their head that there is no way that Frankie won win now. She also told Christine that Zach is frustrated that Frankie already has $25,000 in his pocket because he will win America’s Favorite. She said that Zach is basically telling everyone to get Frankie out, and was going off to a point where Cody had to ask him to leave. Nicole pointed out that it’s good for their game if Zach wants Frankie out, though she doesn’t know if Christine wants Zach out this week cause there is still so much more left to happen. Christine agreed.

Christine told Nicole that she is Frankie’s number one target but she tried to explain to him that everyone wants him out, so there are bigger fish to fry. Christine mentioned that Frankie seriously thinks that just because his sister is Ariana that he will not be going anywhere. Nicole said that if she wins HoH next week she will hope that it is another Devin situation where four pawns can be nominated so that they can backdoor Frankie. Nicole cautioned Christine to watch how close she is to Frankie, cause she will be the next best person to get out if people cannot get rid of Frankie. Christine agreed and said that she wants to distance herself from him. Nicole told her that Frankie likely would take her far but she just can’t see Frankie making it too far. The girls discussed the need to solidify their spot in the game so that they don’t have to worry every week. Both agreed that Derrick and Cody are two people that they would like to work with. Christine and Nicole decided that they should talk to Cody later and let him know that the two of them trust each other, cause Cody is sketched out about them.

12:00-1:00 PM: Nicole went to Donny and said that she really misses Hayden. Donny said that he does too. Nicole told him that she didn’t realize how much Hayden strengthened her. She said that she feels as though she could cry all day every day now. Donny said that he doesn’t have many people left to hang out with and joked that he will have to make friends with Zach. Donny then began talking some game and pointed out that Frankie’s people would have had the numbers to save him even if he lost the Battle of the Block. Nicole thought that they wanted him out. Donny began discussing a group of four that has been together all along and that will remain loyal. Nicole asked him who he is talking about. Donny said that Christine, Frankie, Derrick and Cody have been together since Day 1 and will not turn on each other until they get to the Final 4.

He said that it is only a matter of time before the two of them get picked off. Donny expects that they will vote him out if he remains on the block. Donny told Nicole that he couldn’t say anything about the group earlier in the game or else he would have been gone by now. Donny said that Derrick has Victoria in his back pocket. He felt that Cody would be the first of the four to go once they get down to the end together. Donny discussed potentially sabotaging people’s games on his way out, though he said that he likely wont do it. He mentioned possibly telling Derrick that he has his jury vote in order to sabotage his game. He pointed out that Derrick worked for Jocasta’s jury vote by telling her beforehand that they didn’t have the numbers to keep her and that he was sorry. Donny let Nicole know that she will have his jury vote if she makes it to the end, and Cody would have it over anyone but her.

1:00-2:00 PM: Derrick was watching Nicole and Donny talk game. He went to Cody and warned him to be careful about those two. Derrick said that both of them have no one in the game and will stick together. Derrick told Cody that Donny being in the house will hinder his ability to get close to Nicole. Cody said that Donny is probably sketched out that they were all in a room with Frankie last night when Frankie was telling them everything. Cody said that Donny will say that the five of them are together and will try to get Christine to nominate one of them. Cody said that he will seal the deal when he wins the veto and tells Donny to his face that he does not have his vote seeing as he is scheming. Derrick told Cody and Victoria that they can keep Zach there since he is not after any of the three of them, while they have no idea where Donny’s head is at.

Derrick spoke to Frankie to make sure that they are still on the same page. Frankie said that they are still good and that it hurt him the most to see how upset and hurt Derrick was last night. Derrick explained that what hurt him was that he had to begin questioning if the plans that Frankie made with him for outside of the house, such as going to a Broadway show together, were fake. Frankie ensured him that it was all real. Derrick said that the fact that Frankie lied about who he is likely what made Frankie paranoid that others were lying. Derrick said that he is indeed who he says he is. They then talked about Donny. Frankie said that they will look like assholes if they vote Donny out. Derrick didn’t think so, saying that Frankie has so many followers that his image is already concrete.

Frankie asked if Zach would nominate him next week. Derrick said that he could but he likely wouldn’t have the numbers to get him out. Frankie said that he hopes that he can repair things with Zach. Derrick told him that he likely can but it will be a very slow process. Derrick asked Frankie why he wanted to be on the show, aside from the fact that he is a big fan. Frankie said that he needs the show because he wants to make a name for himself and not just be known as Ariana Grande’s brother. Derrick said that he really doesn’t believe that this group of houseguests that remain will take in to account his status and his sister if it came down to the Final 2. Derrick said that they are gamers and will vote for whoever played the best game, whether it is the person that is donating to charity or not.

2:00-3:00 PM: Players were picked for the veto competition. Christine, Zach, Donny, Nicole. Derrick and Caleb will be playing for veto.

4:00-5:00 PM: The have-not food for the week was revealed. The have-nots will get "peanut butter and jelly fish”. Christine selected Zach and Donny to be the have-nots for the week. Frankie was in the HoH room with Derrick and Cody, discussing Zach’s behaviour. Cody and Derrick mentioned that Zach still does not want to talk to Frankie. Derrick brought up that Zach is upset about his chances of winning America’s Favorite being gone due to Frankie’s reveal. Frankie said that Zach and Nicole were likely beating eaten up by thinking about how they were perceived for conspiring to get him out of the house, so that may be why Zach feels as though his chances went out the window.

Frankie also believed that Zach’s inner demons may be getting to him because of things that he has said about Frankie. Frankie told them that he doesn’t want Zach to lose but he will have to vote him out if he doesn’t change the way that he is acting. Derrick said that he cannot disagree with that. They felt that Zach will not attempt to talk to Frankie until he knows whether or not he is safe this week. Frankie said that he hopes that Zach isn’t lying about loving him as a person but hating him as a player, cause then they can still reconcile things.

5:00-6:00 PM: Zach and Donny spent time in the have-not room together. Zach said that he feels as though he is on his last leg now. Donny said that he has been alone the whole time, which led to Zach saying that he feels bad for Donny. Zach said that Frankie, Derrick, Cody and Christine are all just so much smarter than him when it comes to the game. They discussed how the other side tried to throw a competition yet they still lost to them. Nicole had joined them for a minute and said that it almost seemed staged that the Battle of the Block competition last night was the one competition where it was more beneficial to play alone. Zach and Donny continued to chat, with Zach saying that he isn’t talking to anyone. Donny questioned what the others would even want from them at this point, seeing as they have the numbers and there is nothing left to offer them. Zach told Donny that he was in an alliance and that is why he knows that he is screwed. He told Donny that he will tell him everything when they get some time alone. Zach mentioned that he was in three alliances and working both sides but the person that he trusted, Frankie, threw him under the bus and blew up his game and everything he had.

Nicole was alone in the bee hive room, crying, She said that she knows that she is being played and knows that she is going up. Victoria came to comfort Nicole. They began talking about Frankie. Victoria questioned how anyone can trust Frankie again. She said that you are an idiot in this game if you trust him again. Nicole said that she blew up Frankie’s game and now the joke is on her. Victoria said that Nicole did the right thing. Nicole pointed out that Hayden would be going after Frankie and Christine if he were still in the house. They discussed that Frankie scares them now because he has changed so much. Nicole let Victoria know that it was Frankie that came to her and Hayden to start an alliance, not the other way around, and then backstabbed them immediately. Elsewhere, Derrick was telling Cody that they will need to have a serious talk if Victoria ends up on the block next to Zach. He said that it may be more beneficial to keep Victoria. Cody agreed. Cody wants Donny to go home if he is on the block. Derrick said that if they catch wind of Zach throwing them under the bus again he is gone and that they will live and die by the consequences of making such a move.

8:00-9:00 PM: Zach won the Power of Veto. The veto competition was OTEV. Everyone was talking about how fun the competition was. Zach told Cody that he cannot believe that he won. He said that he was glad to live to see another week. Frankie came up to Zach and told him that it was so well deserved. Zach said thank you. Frankie told Zach that need to have a talk now that Zach won and can be happy. Zach said that they definitely need to talk. He told Frankie that he loves him as a person but hates him as a game player. Zach told Frankie that he has to reevaluate his whole game now because Frankie blew up everything that he had. Zach let Frankie know that he doesn’t want him gone and that he will vote for him over anyone else now that he knows the reason that Frankie is there. They discussed that they both targeted each other.

Zach said that he was hurt and felt like his wife just cheated on him. Frankie said that Zach screwed him over so royally yesterday, having Caleb throw the competition to try to get him out of the house. Zach said that Frankie cheated on him first. Frankie said that he thought that Zach cheated on him first but was wrong and apologizes for that. Zach apologized for cursing Frankie out last night. Zach told Frankie that he wishes that he could still trust him 100% but it’s only 90% now. Frankie said that he wasn’t the only one that tried to get Zach out, as Christine, Cody and Derrick all concocted the plan along with him. Zach asked what he even did to deserve it. Frankie said that Zach pitted them all against each other and was the middle man based on all of the information that he was sharing between the two.


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