Nicole becomes the target

August 10, 2014

Frankie revealed that Ariana Grande is his sister. Click here to find out the reaction

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10:00-11:00 AM: Christine, Frankie and Caleb won a trip out of the house. It was won during the Battle of the Block competition. The competition was centred around CBS getting Thursday Night Football this season. The exact details of the trip are unknown, but the three winners left the house this morning for their football related outing.

2:00-3:00 PM: Victoria and Nicole discussed that last night was intense. Nicole said that she is overwhelmed by the hurtful things that are being said in this house. Last night Nicole let Victoria know that Frankie had said that he will have Victoria in his back pocket now that he revealed that Ariana is his sister. Nicole said that it made her sick to see how hurt Victoria was by that. She said that it was horrible and she doesn’t care if she ends up going home because she called Frankie out on saying that. Nicole said that she is sick of Frankie getting away with things. Victoria said that she cannot look Frankie in the face anymore. They discussed that Frankie and Zach lie over and over again but people continue to trust them. Nicole said that she is so sick of her name being used. She said that she is glad that Derrick confronted them last night to clear things up. Victoria told her that Derrick still doesn’t understand where she is coming from, but the fact that she hurt him hurts her so much more.

Nicole filled Donny in on the events of last night. He asked her what the plan is for the replacement nominee. Nicole said that she isn’t sure and that it will be either her or Victoria. She explained that the guys have been joking that it will be her, but they may really mean it. She also noted that Caleb and Frankie are going to be spending the day getting in Christine’s ear, so there is no telling what will happen. Donny suggested that Nicole tell Frankie that Cody wanted to get him backdoored when Nicole was HoH, in hope of Cody going on the block. Nicole told him that she does not want to get involved in anything and that she will rely on Christine keeping her word to her. She believed that there isn’t anything that can be done to change their minds, as someone crazy would have to be said in order to get her on the block unless it was the plan all along. Donny said that he is concerned that not a single person has come to him to say that his isn’t going home, as they all told him that in the past when he was nominated. Nicole felt that it was just a case of people not knowing what they are doing.

3:00-4:00 PM: After sleeping all day, Derrick and Cody woke up to take a few pictures in the photo booth. Cody informed Derrick that Christine came to him and Nicole last night to tell them that she is putting up Victoria but Frankie really wants her to backdoor Nicole. Cody said that they cannot say anything in front of Christine since she goes back to Nicole with it.

4:00-5:00 PM: Cody said that he is worried about Caleb telling Christine that Nicole was planning to backdoor her. Derrick said that Caleb planned to tell Christine that, so she will go on the block if so. Cody said that it will be bad for their games if Nicole goes up and everyone wants her out, seeing as Donny is such a loose cannon. Derrick said that Donny is a manipulator but Nicole is a pathological liar. Derrick explained that Nicole continued to cut Victoria off last night when they were clearing the air, as she was lying about things. He said that Nicole truly feels that those two are on the outs and is trying to rally them together. Derrick said that he wants to vote Donny out even if Nicole is on the block next to him, but they may not have a choice if the rest of their group wants to send Nicole home. He did point out that the scary thing about Nicole is that she will not put up Victoria or Christine because she feels that they are on the outs and need to stick together. Cody said Nicole will not put the two of them up together, while Donny would not want to put up Zach and may come after them. Derrick felt that Christine will not nominate Nicole anyway, because she knows that Nicole is her one shot in this game.

Cody told Derrick that he genuinely does not believe that Zach went to Frankie and Christine to start their alliance. He felt that Frankie and Christine approached Zach. Derrick agreed. They discussed that Zach continually throws them under the bus. Cody said that Zach is not a stupid kid and knows what he is doing, so he has to go. Cody plans to nominate him next week. He told Derrick that he will explain it as he has to put Zach up in order to hide their three person alliance, even though Zach is really the one that will go home. Derrick agreed but said that the problem with putting Zach on the block is that he can easily win the veto. They discussed that both Christine and Nicole are lying. Derrick said that no matter who is HoH next week they need to send home Christine or Nicole so that the other one will work with Cody. Cody believed that Nicole would definitely work with the two of them if Christine were to go home. Derrick want to put Zach up next to Victoria, then he can make it seem like he isn’t working with Victoria. Derrick said that Victoria doesn’t deserve to win the game and will not. Cody said that he is not about to let her float to the end and then have her win a competition. Derrick agreed and said that he wont let her go to the end cause she talks with everyone and could vote him out over Nicole.

5:00-6:00 PM: Donny asked Derrick if he thinks that he will be safe this week. Derrick said that it all comes down to who the replacement nominee is. Derrick told him that he feels as though there may be a Final 3 deal out there that they are unaware of. Derrick told him that he feels as though he could get Victoria to vote to keep him, but it’s possible that she goes on the block next to him. Donny asked if he is pretty much done for if Victoria goes up next to him. Derrick said that it would indeed be tough to get the others to vote her out.

8:00-9:00 PM: Caleb, Frankie and Christine returned from their adventure out of the house. They went to a Dallas Cowboys practice and met Jerry Jones, Dez Bryant, Tony Romo and Jason Witten. Christine told Cody that Frankie was a huge diva and made the whole day about him. Christine later told Victoria that Caleb was awesome at the event but Frankie thinks he is a celebrity so he acted like one the entire day. She said that nothing was ever good enough for Frankie. Christine told Victoria and Derrick that Frankie was a lot to deal with and she has never met a diva like that in her entire life. Frankie asked Zach how the two of them are now. Zach said that they are good. He said that he doesn’t really have a choice but to work with him to be one of the last five there.

9:00-10:00 PM: Caleb, Zach and Frankie discussed that they need to talk to Christine in order to try to get her to nominate Nicole. Caleb said that he would tell Christine that everyone wants Nicole gone and that they would come after her if she doesn’t nominate Nicole. Caleb pointed out that Donny can win PoVs but he is not good in HoH competitions. Zach said that Nicole is the biggest threat in the game. Frankie said that she is saying awful things. Zach and Frankie spoke alone and Zach apologized for last night. He said that he was really hurt. Zach said that he loves Frankie and that they were working together all alone so why stop now. Zach told Frankie that he forgives him. He asked for forgiveness in return. Frankie thanked Zach and said that all that he needed to hear. They then discussed that Donny is not coming after them and that they should try to keep him in the house regardless of whether it is Victoria or Nicole nominated next to him. Zach said that they can even make a backup plan and bring Nicole and Donny in on a side deal.

10:00-11:00 PM: Derrick told Caleb and Frankie that the plan to try to get Nicole on the block could backfire on them and could lead to Nicole coming after them if she wins HoH. Caleb said that she is after them regardless. Frankie said that Nicole is the most dangerous person in the house. Frankie asked Derrick he would send Victoria home over Donny. Derrick said probably not and that they would not be likely to have the numbers to do so. Derrick said that Victoria is in good with Frankie and would never vote him out. That being said, he agreed to vote her out if the group as a whole decided on it. Frankie said that Donny would not come after them so it would be silly of them to send him home. Derrick agreed that he would not come after them. Derrick told Frankie that the whole issue with Nicole is not really that big of a deal and that he shouldn’t worry about it that much.

Derrick said, if anything, Nicole will be less willing to go after Frankie out of fear of how she would be perceived on the outside. While this talk was going on, Christine told Victoria that the plan is to put her up as the replacement nominee. Christine said that she wants Donny to go home so she would not nominate someone that she thought would leave. Derrick and Donny were discussing that Donny is in trouble if Victoria gets nominated. Derrick said that he definitely wants to keep Donny and will try to get Nicole nominated for him. Donny offered to let Derrick pick his nominees if he wins HoH. Derrick said that he doesn’t have to do that and that he is loyal to him anyway.

11:00-12:00 AM: Cody told Zach, Frankie and Derrick that it’s dangerous to keep Donny around because Hayden may come back into the game and he would definitely team up with Donny. Zach asked if Donny is going home if Victoria goes up. Derrick said yeah. Zach said that they do have to get him out but he would rather see Nicole go. Frankie agreed. Cody said that it doesn’t matter which one goes first, Donny or Nicole, because either one is a guaranteed duo partner in the event that Hayden returns. Frankie and Nicole were not seeing eye to eye after last night, because Nicole told Victoria that she heard that Frankie said that he would have her in his back pocket because his sister is Ariana Grande. Frankie tried to speak to Nicole about it to clear the air. The talk did not go so well on either end. Nicole immediately spoke to Nicole and was frustrated by it and felt that Frankie would try to use things against her.

Frankie then spoke to Christine and told her that Nicole is hurt and pissed off, so she is turning this in to a monstrous thing. Frankie informed Christine that Caleb has something to tell her that has to do with her relationship with Nicole. Frankie explained that Caleb and Nicole conspired against them and had planned to target her if he won the veto. Christine was surprised to hear that Nicole was in on the plan. Frankie confirmed it and said that she knew what was going on and planned to target her. Christine said that she wishes that Zach would talk to her. Frankie said that he will and that he will tell her everything that happened. Christine asked if Zach is coming after her. Frankie promised her that Zach is not coming after her. Frankie then got Zach for her.

Christine told Zach that she definitely wanted her out last week because she thought that he was coming after her. Zach said that he doesn’t want her out of the house. Christine said that she doesn’t want him out either and is happy that he won the veto. Zach then began explaining the plan. He said that Frankie and Caleb were supposed to lose, then Christine was going up and going home in the event that Frankie won the veto. He told her that a lot of people want Nicole gone and are speculating that she and Nicole are working together. He said that it would seem even more believable that they are together if Victoria goes on the block. Christine said that they would have to promise that Nicole would go home if she were to put her up. Zach said that she would without a doubt go home.

Caleb then joined Zach and Christine. He told Christine that people have been warning him not to tell her much because it would get back to Nicole. He then revealed that Nicole told him that she would backdoor Nicole if he throws the competition. Zach clarified that Frankie was the primary target. Caleb said that Zach, Derrick and Cody were all in the room when Nicole promised to backdoor Christine, so they can confirm the story. Caleb then told her that they all want Nicole gone and that she will likely win every other HoH if she stays. Christine asked the guys to stop pairing her with people. She explained that she is not with Nicole and has purposely been avoiding Frankie because she is not with him either. Zach said that every person in the house assumes that she is a duo with Nicole. He told her not to worry about the vote because Nicole would go home. Caleb seconded that thought. Zach said that he would feel as though she told Nicole everything if she doesn’t nominate her. Christine said that she just needs to talk to Derrick and Cody to make sure that they are on board.

12:00-1:00 AM: Christine asked Cody to come up to the HoH room to talk. She asked him if he will vote Nicole up if she nominates him. He said that he would if that is what she wants. Cody then asked her who she is playing this game with. Christine said that Cody and Derrick are her top two people. She swore on her wedding ring that Cody was never a target of hers. Christine said that she would like for the Bomb Squad to have a clean slate and make it to the Final 6 together. Christine said that as long as at least three people promise to vote Nicole out then they are good. Derrick then joined them in the HoH room. Christine said that she is putting Nicole up. She asked Derrick if he promises to vote her out. Derrick gave Christine his word. Christine told the guys that she had just made up with Zach. Derrick said that Zach is a good kid but just doesn’t shut up. Christine told Cody that she sincerely wants to be in the Final 3 with him and Derrick. Cody discussed that he will be pissed if Donny does not go home next week. Christine agreed. Derrick said that he will go. Cody pointed out that Donny is sliding by yet again. Derrick told Cody that Donny has nobody, especially if Nicole goes. Christine said that she had planned to stick to her word but Nicole clearly didn’t.

1:00-2:00 AM: Derrick went to Victoria and told her that she is not going on the block tomorrow. He informed her that Nicole is going up and is going home. Victoria wondered why Christine didn’t tell her that. Derrick said because the plan that he put in to place was not complete yet, but now it worked. He said that he had people say things to Christine in order to get it to work, then she asked him if he would vote out Nicole so he said yes. Derrick said that Victoria is good but to act surprised tomorrow. He told her to not say again that he is not working for her. Victoria said that she loves him so much. He told her to never doubt him again. Victoria said that she didn’t ever doubt him.

2:00-3:00 AM: Derrick and Cody discussed that Nicole is going home this week, followed by Donny next week. He said that they can then convince Caleb to send Zach home if he wins HoH the following week. After that he wanted to Frankie home. Derrick said that it would then be the two of them, Caleb, Victoria and Christine. Derrick said that Christine and Victoria need to stay since they are Team Derrick and Cody.

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