Caleb continues to crush on Amber

June 27, 2014

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10:00-11:00 PM: For the first time since the live feeds launched, the houseguests were allowed in the backyard. While most were quick to rush outside, Joey took the opportunity to have a quick word with Cody. Joey explained that she could tell from her conversation with Caleb that she is very likely to go on the block. She then asked Cody to give her the opportunity to prove that she wants to be there by keeping her around and allowing her to take part in a competition, something that Paola has had multiples chances to do. Cody agreed that he would vote to keep Joey in the house.

Caleb, Cody and Derrick were playing a game of pool when Caleb again brought up Amber. Derrick pointed out that Caleb’s mind is wrapped around that girl. Caleb then let it be known that he feels as though Amber has been avoiding him because she doesn’t want anyone to know that she likes him and doesn’t want anyone to think that they are in a showmance.

Caleb said that he will let Amber know how he feels about her, saying that he doesn’t want a showmance but they only live an hour away so it would be good if they could get to know each other on the inside before they leave the game. Derrick encouraged Caleb to tell Amber how he feels. Derrick had told Amber earlier this evening that Caleb is into her and values her opinion in the game.

11:00-12:00 AM: Joey went to Christine and said that she is positive that she will be going up on the block and she would appreciate it if Christine would help her out. Joey said that while Caleb mentioned that he will be doing whatever the majority wants, she has heard that he sees her as a threat. As she did earlier with Cody, Joey simply asked for Christine to keep her around long enough to prove herself in a competition. Christine went along with it.

12:00-1:00 AM: Zach was in the hammock by himself, speaking to the viewers. He said that the Bomb Squad is a joke. Zach asked what kind of alliance has eight people. He questioned whether or not that was even legal. He then said that he and Frankie are going to the Final 2 no matter what. Zach explained that his secret alliance with Derrick and Cody plus Frankie’s secret alliance with Christine and Caleb will ensure that they make it to the end together. Zach then mentioned that he told everyone coming into the house that he would have the best social game. Zach believes that he does have the best social game next to Frankie.

Frankie made his way over to the hammock to see what Zach was talking about. Zach told him that everything is going perfectly and that all he has to do is sleep, while Frankie just has to keep doing what he is doing. Zach told Frankie that he knew coming into the game that he wanted one person that he could trust with his life, and Frankie is clearly that person. Aside from the game talk, Zach also mentioned that Nicole is hot and that he is going to make a move on her at some point down the line. Frankie advised Zach to wait until he wins HoH.

Paola and Caleb discussed Caleb’s feelings for Amber. Paola, a friend of Amber’s, advised Caleb to hold off a bit before telling Amber how he feels about her. She suggested that he waits for two days. Paola said that he needs to get to know Amber on a friend level a little bit more beforehand. Paola suggested that Caleb and Amber read the bible together. Caleb went on to tell Paola that Amber is the type of girl that he would bring home to his parents. While Paola thought that it was best for Caleb to hold off, she said that she wants him to make a move before she leaves. Caleb told Paola that he doesn’t think that that she will be going anywhere this week. That being said, he declined to give details as to who he plans on nominating, opting instead to say that he will be doing what the group wants.

1:00-2:00 AM: Joey continued her one-on-one talks in preparation for her potential nomination. She spoke with Frankie and told him the same thing that she had told both Cody and Christine before him. Frankie explained to Joey that he does not want her to go anywhere. Next up was Victoria. As did everyone else before her, Victoria assured Joey that she would have her vote if she does indeed end up on the block next to Paola. Victoria said that she is pretty sure that Joey will have the votes to stay.

2:00-3:00 AM: Caleb spoke with Nicole to see who she thinks that he should nominate. Nicole was hesitant to answer and asked if she could have time to think about it. Caleb said yes. Nicole then went to Christine to tell her that Caleb had approached her. Christine told Nicole that she has been hearing rumours that Joey will go up, so the safe move would be to suggest Joey. Both girls agreed that they like Joey but she is not necessarily a big loss for their respective games. That being said, Christine said that she would rather vote Paola out over anyone right now.

Nicole said that she had wanted to say to nominate Devin, but she knew that Devin is aligned with Caleb. Christine said that Devin is a bully and has made everyone feel bad about themselves. She added that she is just waiting for Devin to snap and throw something so that he gets disqualified. Christine suggested that Devin may have been on steroids at one point because people that are on steroids act the way that he does. She also said that she doesn’t know how Devin passed the psych test. Christine said that she has never been so scared of a person.

Meanwhile, in the HoH room, Frankie and Amber discussed that it is best for Joey to go. Amber pointed out that she has no idea where she stands with Joey, while she feels that Paola could be convinced to do whatever they want. Amber noted that Derrick had made a good point in saying that it’s only fair to nominate Joey since she was the second to fall in the HoH competition.

4:00-5:00 AM: Once in bed, Caleb and Frankie began talking about Amber. Earlier, Caleb questioned where his “girlfriend”, Amber, is. He said that Amber told them that he would hang out in the HoH room, so he was wondering where she is. Frankie and Caleb discussed Caleb’s plans to read the bible with Amber in order to spend some time with her. Caleb suggested that Frankie could possibly go up to Amber tomorrow and mention that he is interested in starting to read the bible with her, as that would get her attention.

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