A brief feed leak tells it all

March 29, 2013

A Look Back at Day 37 in the Big Brother Canada House

The feeds came back for roughly 10 minutes. Here is what we heard:

The feed leak began with Peter and Emmett talking in the have-not room.

Peter- Even the fact that Andrew would suggest me over her makes me kind of...
Emmett- No, he didn't suggest that. We were talking, we were just throwing all case scenarios out. Andrew didn't say he was going to put you up. They were just talking about who, if we did throw up, who was able to go up..

Feeds then cut to the kitchen, where Alec and Jillian were discussing the Alec/Topaz relationship that seemingly no longer exists.

Jillian- You can still trust each other, but you're like "no she's not..." (inaudible)
Alec- Which sucks, cause it was like...
Jillian- Really good at the beginning
Alec- Yeah, but towards the end it was getting like..
Jillian- You're too active in real life to ever be able...
Alec- I know. Towards the end it was like "what am I doing?"
Jillian- I could tell that. If Gary goes home...God forbid he wins the veto...you should just, you know, keep cool, keep to yourself, talk to all of us, and she's going to eventually have to join the circle or she's going to be the next one out.
Alec- I know.
Jillian- And you, you're not a bad person because of that. It's her doing it, not you. You have to realize that. I can tell that.
Alec- It's hard cause she's 1/8 of the house now. It's like, when 1/8 of the house isn't talking to you, that's like six other people. So it just feels smaller for me. Feels like three people left.
Emmett- Does it feel awkward?
Alec- Yeah.
Jillian- Yeah, it's just weird. It's so weird.
Alec- No wonder nobody has ever... (inaudible)
Emmett- You're going to get it again this Thursday. "So, Alec, what's the status of you two now?"
Alec- Oh yeah, perfect

It sounded like Andrew then said (jokingly) to Emmett and Jillian that "she (Topaz) made some very valid points, so I'm putting you and you up"

Jillian to Emmett- He's telling them he's going to put us up and then he's going to put them (Gary/Topaz) up?

Emmett's response was inaudible. Feeds then cut to the have-not room where Gary was lying down and Alec went to talk to him.

Alec- I said who's the target, and he goes Topaz. What am I going to say? She (Topaz) hasn't looked at me in two days. She was like "oh, don't worry, you're not going to go on the block if I get HoH." What the f*ck does that mean?
Gary- You're just turning your back on her because you're having a rough patch?
Alec- She's not talking to me or looking at me. I have tried to talk to her like three times today.
Gary- So you're just giving up on her?
Alec- She gave up on me.
Gary- I can't even look at you right now.
Alec- What choice do I have, Gary? I pushed. There's nothing I can do.
Gary- So you've just given up?
Alec- What can I do?
Gary- She hasn't given up on you.
Alec- She said she f*cking has.
Gary- No she hasn't. She said she gave up on personal, she didn't say she gave up once on the alliance...an alliance that hasn't been keeping their word. All you had to do was vote for what Topaz said.

Alec- The best I can do is push for you to stay, because you didn't turn your back on me...and Topaz did. And you know what, Topaz ......I've asked her three times today, "can we talk? when can we talk". I said you're just not talking to me or you're not talking to anyone? She said I'm not talking to anyone. An hour later I saw her in the bathroom talking to Talla..
Gary- She's upset at you. She's not allowed to be upset at you? Alec, it was started from you! All you had to do was vote for Andrew. Did you forget that? Did you forget that? What are you forgetting? Alec, this didn't start from anything but you. Take some responsibility.
Alec- He looks you in the eyes and he tells you something
Gary- Yeah...I'm talking about go back, go back a little bit. Remember when Topaz was HoH and said she wanted Andrew gone and all you had to do was vote for him to leave?
Alec- Andrew told me he was going for Emmett and Jillian. He told you he was going for big dogs.
Gary- What is he doing now?
Alec- Now he's flipped it.
Gary- Just like Topaz thought he would do.
Alec- You know what that means? And you know what I even thought it when he was sitting there for the ceremony...Emmett did not look scared one bit. Emmett and Jillian must have something going on with him (Andrew).

Gary- Are you playing me, Alec?
Alec- I told you exactly what he told me.
Gary- Cause I signed up for something with you, Peter and Topaz, and it scares me that you are this easily ready to drop Topaz, cause that makes me think you could easily drop me.
Alec- What the f*ck can I do? What can I do?
Gary- You can do a lot of things, but I don't even want to talk to you about game, cause I don't know if I can trust you.
Alec- Gary, I tried to push for Emmett and Jillian. Emmett was in the
Gary- Andrew...all Andrew has to do is put up Topaz and Emmett. I can make sure that Emmett can't play in the veto.
Alec- No, you can't do that. It says player pick.
Gary- I'm going to go confirm right now.
Alec- It says player pick, I read it. So, you can tell me Topaz has not given up on me?
Gary- She hasn't. She has given up on you emotionally and that's something a boyfriend is going to have to figure out how to get back, but the alliance and fucking game that we're in...no she hasn't given up on you.


So, what can we take from this? Topaz had been planning on nominating Andrew and AJ if she were to win HoH, with Andrew being her target. It appears that she went through with this plan, but the guys (including Alec and Peter) voted to evict AJ. The most likely scenario was a vote of 4-2, with Alec, Peter, Emmett and Jillian voting to evict AJ. Gary would have voted to evict Andrew. Talla also would have been more likely to vote to evict Andrew.

Andrew is the new HoH. This would mean that the twist was simply a quick eviction sometime within the 24 hours after the end of the "live" show on Thursday night, followed by an HoH competition. Nominations and the veto competition are scheduled to take place tomorrow. Gary mentioned that all they have to do is get Topaz and Emmett nominated, and then he can prevent Emmett from playing for PoV. This means that Gary still has his power to take someone out of the veto competition, but Alec told him that he is only allowed to take one of the three randomly selected players out of the competition.

Andrew had planned on targeting Gary if he were to win HoH. On Day 31, Andrew was in the hot tub with Alec and Emmett. He told the guys that Gary would be his target next week, just like Suzette was Alec's target in the current week. On Day 32, Andrew was in the outdoor area with Talla and AJ and told Talla not to worry about Gary being after her. Andrew told her that he will be putting up Gary and it won't be against her. AJ said that the other nominee wont matter because that person will be safe and Gary will go home. On Day 34, he told AJ and Talla that Gary is a massive threat and a major player in this game. Also on Day 34, Andrew told Jillian that he would be nominating Gary and Topaz if he were to win HoH. Jillian told him that would be a "deadly move" in a good way. Andrew later told Alec that Gary will be his target, given that he can't understand why Gary is after him.

Gary and Topaz are the logical choices for nominations. It is unclear whether or not the events of the past 24+ hours have done anything to change that, but all seems to be going according to plan. Assuming that there are no further feed leaks, we will have to wait until Sunday night to find out what went down at the nomination ceremony and veto competition.