Big Brother Canada 3 Daily Recaps


Day 66

Arisa announces that a special eviction is taking place

Day 65

Ashleigh wins the Power of Veto

Day 64

Sarah nominates Ashleigh and Godfrey for eviction

Day 63

Zach and Pilar are evicted; Sarah wins HoH

Day 62

Zach campaigns to Ashleigh and Brittnee

Day 61

Zach helps Ashleigh plan ahead for next week

Day 60

Ashleigh uses the PoV on herself; Pilar is nominated

Day 59

Ashleigh wins the Power of Veto

Day 58

Sarah nominates Ashleigh and Zach for eviction

Day 57

Sarah discusses her plan for nominations

Day 56

Bruno is evicted; Sarah wins HoH

Day 55

Brittnee and Sarah agree that Bruno must go

Day 54

Brittnee and Sarah plan to try to unite the girls

Day 53

Sarah uses PoV on herself; Brittnee is nominated

Day 52

Brittnee and Sarah are voted the have-nots by Canada

Day 51

Godfrey and Sarah are nominated; Sarah wins PoV

Day 50

Ashleigh wins HoH and discusses her plan for noms

Day 49

Bobby, Kevin and Willow leave in the triple eviction

Day 48

The houseguests plan ahead, expecting a double

Day 47

The guys and girls become paranoid about each other

Day 46

Kevin decides not to use the Power of Veto

Day 45

Kevin discusses plans to leave nominations the same

Day 44

Kevin wins his second PoV of the season

Day 43

Kevin nominates Bobby and Brittnee for eviction

Day 42

Sindy is evicted; Kevin wins HoH

Day 41

Sindy makes her final plea in hope of getting the votes

Day 40

The houseguests discuss their plans for next week

Day 39

Godfrey uses the PoV; Brittnee is nominated in his place

Day 38

Diaper Alliance considers taking out Bobby or Bruno

Day 37

Godfrey wins the Power of Veto

Day 36

Sindy reveals the Chop Shop, gets nominated with Godfrey

Day 35

Jordan is evicted by a 5-4 vote; Pilar wins HoH

Day 34

The plan to blindside Jordan is on

Day 33

Bobby and Sindy enter the vault

Day 32

The game talk continues ahead of the veto ceremony

Day 31

Jordan tells Kevin about his Newport alliance

Day 30

Sindy returns; Zach wins the Power of Veto

Day 29

Zach nominates Godfrey and Jordan for eviction

Day 28

Johnny is evicted; Zach wins HoH

Day 27

Next week's target shifts from Bobby to Bruno

Day 26

The BBTV task takes over the day

Day 25

The Double PoV goes unused; Johnny sells out Sarah

Day 24

Bruno considers targeting Zach; Sarah plots

Bruno Ielo Big Brother Canada

Day 23

Bruno wins PoV; The Diaper Alliance officially forms

Day 22

Bruno nominates Johnny and Sarah for eviction

Day 21

Graig is evicted; Bruno wins HoH and $5,000

Day 20

Graig accepts his fate; Kevin, Jordan and Zach plan ahead

Day 19

Zach wins $1,000 and an advantage in the HoH comp

Day 18

Naeha is evicted; Brittnee wins HoH and targets Graig

Day 15

The houseguests find out about the instant eviction

Day 14

Sindy is evicted; The house flips after late night talks

Day 13

Big Brother punishes the houseguests, causing drama

Sindy With An S - Big Brother Canada 3

Day 12

The houseguests discuss the vote and future targets

Day 11

Sindy is named the replacement nominee

Day 10

Sindy begins campaigning before being nominated

Day 9

Bobby nominates Brittnee and Kevin; Kevin wins PoV

Day 8

Naeha and Sarah talk game; noms are discussed

Day 7

Risha is evicted; Bobby wins HoH