Big Brother Canada 4 Daily Recaps

Day 71

Cass and Tim are nominated; Nick wins the PoV

Day 70

Joel is evicted; Nick wins the HoH competition

Day 69

A plan to keep Cassandra is agreed upon

Day 68

The idea of keeping Cassandra is entertained

Day 67

Cassandra campaigns; Joel discusses leaving

Day 66

Tim uses the PoV on himself; Joel is nominated

Day 65

Tim wins the Power of Veto, ending the Threeak Show

Day 64

Kelsey nominates Cassandra and Tim

Day 63

Jared and Nikki are evicted; Kelsey wins HoH

Day 62

Jared and Kelsey call out Cassandra

Day 61

Tim promises Cassandra he will choose her over Joel

Day 60

Cassandra nominates Jared as the replacement nominee

Day 59

Plans for the replacement nominee are discussed

Day 58

Phil wins the PoV; Jared becomes the target

Day 57

Cassandra nominates Nikki and the brothers

Day 56

Maddy is evicted; Cassandra is the new HoH

Day 55

Maddy campaigns, holds a house meeting

Day 54

The houseguests discuss plans for next week

Day 53

Tim is the replacement nomineee

Day 52

Ramsey leaves the game due to personal reasons

Day 51

Ramsey wins the PoV; Tim becomes the target

Day 50

The brothers nominate Maddy and Ramsey

Day 49

Raul is evicted; the brothers become the new HoHs

Day 48

Raul returns and the talks about the vote continue

Day 47

Raul is punished for eating while on slop

Day 46

Jared uses the PoV on himself; Raul is nominated

Day 45

Maddy discusses her options for the replacement

Day 44

Jared wins the PoV; Raul may be nominated

Day 43

Maddy nominates Jared and Kelsey for eviction

Day 42

Mitch is evicted; Maddy wins HoH

Day 41

Mitch campaigns, tells Raul he is a YouTuber

Day 40

Maddy pushes for Mitch to stay

Day 39

Mitch makes a campaign pitch to the group

Day 38

Jared wins PoV, plans to keep nominations the same

Day 35

Dallas is evicted by a vote of 5-3; Feeds go down

Day 34

The discussions about keeping Dallas continue

Day 33

A late night plan to keep Dallas develops

Day 32

Maddy is nominated in Ramsey's place

Day 31

Maddy learns that she will be nominated

Day 30

Ramsey wins the Power of Veto

Day 29

Tim nominates Dallas and Ramsey for eviction

Day 28

Kelsey and Loveita are evicted; Tim wins HoH

Day 27

Jared, Kelsey and Raul question Mitch's loyalty

Day 26

The votes appear to be in Raul's favour

Day 25

Dallas decides not to use the Power of Veto

Day 24

Mitch proposes a plan to use the PoV

Day 23

Dallas wins the Power of Veto for the second time

Day 22

Kelsey and Raul are nominated for eviction

Day 21

Christine is evicted; Joel wins HoH

Day 20

Nikki and Tim have a falling out, but later make up

Day 19

Plans for the vote begin to become clear

Day 18

Dallas decides not to use the Power of Veto

Day 17

Dallas pushes for Jared to be nominated

Day 16

Dallas wins the Power of Veto, makes a deal with Phil

Tim Dormer Big Brother Canada 4

Day 15

Loveita nominates Cassandra and Christine

Day 14

Sharry is evicted 11-1; Loveita wins HoH

Day 13

Tim creates a "Double or Nothing" plan

Loveita and Sharry Big Brother Canada 4 Loveita and Sharry Big Brother Canada 4

Day 12

The campaigning picks up and votes are decided on

Day 11

Christine decides not to use the Power of Veto

Day 10

A plan to target Dallas is discussed

Day 9

Christine wins the PoV; alliances are exposed

Day 8

Jared nominates Loveita and Sharry for eviction

Day 7

Paige is evicted; A new HoH is crowned