Big Brother 18 Daily Recaps

Day 99

Nicole is crowned the winner of Big Brother 18

Day 98

Nicole discusses her plan for the Final 2

Day 97

The Final 3 learn of Big Brother Over The Top

Day 96

Paul & Nicole works on their Final 2 speeches

Day 95

Final 2 plans are discussed throughout the day

Day 94

Nicole wins Part 2 of the final HoH competition

Day 93

A slow day in between Part 1 and Part 2

Day 92

Corey is evicted; Paul wins Part 1 of HoH

Day 91

Paul wins the PoV, targets Corey

Day 89

Nicole decides not to use the Power of Veto

Day 88

Nicole wins the PoV; Victor remains the target

Day 87

Corey nominates Paul and Victor for eviction

Day 86

Natalie is evicted; Corey wins HoH

Day 85

The fallout from last night's fight carries over into today

Day 84

A bullhorn message leads to a fight between Jatalie

Day 83

Corey decides not to use the Power of Veto

Day 82

Natalie asks to be voted out over James

Day 81

Corey wins PoV; Natalie becomes the target

Day 80

Victor nominates James and Natalie for eviction

Day 79

Michelle is evicted; Victor wins HoH

Day 78

Corey uses his $5,000 BB Bribe

Day 77

Plans for next week are discussed

Day 76

Nicole decides not to use the Power of Veto

Day 75

A drone flies over the backyard

Day 74

Nicole wins the PoV, plans to leave noms the same

Day 73

Nicole nominates Michelle and Paul for eviction

Day 72

Victor is evicted but returns; Nicole wins HoH

Day 71

Paul and Victor attempt to flip the vote

Day 70

A quiet day in the Big Brother house

Day 69

Michelle nominates Corey in Paul's place

Day 68

James tells Nicole that Michelle wants her out

Day 67

Paul wins the PoV; Victor becomes the target

Day 66

Michelle is Co-HoH; Paul and Victor are nominated

Day 65

Paulie is evicted; Natalie wins HoH

Day 64

James informs Corey that Paulie is campaigning

Day 63

Michelle discusses her strategy; Paulie campaigns

Day 62

Victor decides not to use the Power of Veto

Day 61

Victor shuts down Paulie's last ditch effort

Day 60

Victor wins the PoV; Paulie makes a final plea

Day 59

Victor nominates Corey and Paulie

Day 58

Zakiyah and Bridgette are evicted; Vic wins HoH

Day 57

A plan to flip the vote is agreed upon

Day 56

Bridgette and Natalie attempt to flip the vote

Day 55

Paulie decides not to use the Power of Veto

Day 54

James talks to Natalie about saving Michelle

Day 53

Paulie wins the PoV, pushes for Michelle to go

Day 52

James receives a care package; Michelle and Z go up

Day 51

Da'Vonne is evicted; Victor wins HoH

Day 50

Plans for next week's target are discussed

Day 49

Drama between Paulie and Zakiyah unfolds

Day 48

Da'Vonne is the replacement nominee

Day 47

Da'Vonne finds out that she may be nominated

Day 46

Paulie wins the PoV, wants to target Da'Vonne

Day 45

Paul nominates Bridgette and Paulie

Day 44

Frank is evicted; Paul wins HoH

Day 43

Plans to target Da'Vonne and Nicole are discussed

Day 42

Paul tells Bridgette that Frank is campaigning

Day 41

Paul discovers the secret room known as Paris

Day 40

The houseguests inform Frank that he is leaving

Day 39

Michelle wins the Power of Veto

Day 38

James wins HoH, nominates Frank and Bridgette

Day 37

Tiffany is evicted; Feeds go down

Day 36

The plan remains to evict Tiffany

Day 35

Da'Vonne talks about targeting the showmances

Day 34

Da'Vonne is nominated in Corey's place

Day 33

Frank pushes for Da'Vonne to be targeted

Day 32

Corey wins the PoV; Tiffany targets Da'Vonne

Day 31

Tiffany is nominated, wins Roadkill

Day 30

Paulie wins HoH; Frank and Tiffany discuss aligning

Day 29

A plan to save Tiffany is agreed upon

Day 28

Nicole backs out of the plan to save Tiffany

Day 27

Bridgette decides not to use the Power of Veto

Day 26

Frank remains a target, looks to target Da'Vonne

Day 25

Bridgette wins the Power of Veto

Day 24

Frank wins Road Kill; nominations take place

Day 23

Victor is evicted; Bridgette wins HoH

Day 22

A target remains on Frank's back

Day 21

A plan to target Frank next week develops

Day 20

Victor gets nominated in Paul's place

Day 19

The girls discuss targeting Frank

Day 18

Paulie wins the PoV; A girls alliance is discussed

Day 17

Bronte, Paul and Tiffany go up; Victor wins Road Kill

Day 16

Jozea is evicted; Paulie wins HoH

Day 15

Frank tips off the other side about the plan

Day 14

Tiffany is questioned; Late night drama takes place

Day 13

Jozea and Paul go over the votes, feel confident

Day 12

Paul uses the PoV; Bridgette is nominated

Day 11

The houseguests discuss their next targets

Day 10

Paul wins the Power of Veto; options are discussed

Day 9

The feeds begin and a third nominee is revealed