Big Brother Canada Daily Recaps

Day 67

The live feeds come to an end, as Talla is on her way out

Day 66

Emmett wins the Power of Veto and discusses his plans to evict Talla

Day 65

Big Brother Canada Awards; Jemmett plans for the Final 3

Day 64

Andrew is evicted by a unanimous vote of 2-0; Jillian wins HoH

Day 63

Emmett and Jillian work on Talla; Jillian struggles with Andrew leaving

Day 61

Talla is the replacement; Andrew senses that he is in danger

Day 60

Dan's visit comes to an end; Jemmett is not on the same page

Day 59 Part 2

Gary wins the Power of Veto, accepting numerous punishments

Day 59 Part 1

Andrew and Gary are nominated; Dan enters the house

Day 58

Andrew is told he will go up; Jillian questions turning on Andrew

Day 57

Peter is evicted 2-0; Gary returns and aligns with Jemmett

Day 56

Peter makes his move; Jillian wavers on evicting Peter

Day 55

Emmett tells Jillian to work on Talla; Talla co-ordinates a cheer

Day 54

Andrew uses the Power of Veto on himself; Looking ahead to Final 3

Day 53

Andrew's twin visits the house; Skype calls from loved ones

Day 52

Andrew wins the PoV and $10,000; Peter's game is in danger

Day 51

Andrew is concerned with Emmett; Jemmett discusses Andrew

Day 50

Alec and Topaz leave in the double eviction; Jillian wins another HoH

Day 49

"Alec's Last Supper" plan; Peter plans for life after Alec

Day 48

Alec campaigns, but it is to no avail; Jillian gives Peter her word

Day 47

Topaz is the replacement nominee; Jemmett leans toward evicting Alec

Day 46 Part 2

Peter's task causes paranoia; Jemmett searches for a power

Day 46 Part 1

Topaz looks for reassurance; Alec plots to stay in the game

Day 45

The Sheyld is nominated; Peter wins PoV and Jillian scrambles

Day 44

Alec "threatens" Jillian; Peter tries to do damage control

Day 43

Gary is evicted by a vote of 5-0; Jillian cuts a deal, wins HoH

Day 42

The Sheyld look to target Andrew; Andrew targets Alec

Day 41

Houseguests plan ahead; Gary feels safe; A group diary room session

Day 40

Jemmett, Talla & Andrew look solid; Talla parties too hard

Day 39

Andrew wins the PoV; A play to backdoor Emmett is discussed

Day 37

A brief feed leak tells it all, as AJ is no longer in the house

Day 36

Suzette is evicted by a vote of 6-1; Topaz becomes the new HoH

Day 35

Jillian and Emmett discuss a Final 4; Gary becomes a target

Day 34

The houseguests look ahead; Gary wins a special power

Day 33

Emmett does not use the PoV; Jillian to be the "new Tom"

Day 32

AJ completes a task; The Gary, Topaz and Alec alliance cracks

Day 31

AJ and Suzette are nominated; Emmett wins the Power of Veto

Day 30

Alec wins HoH and $10,000; An AJ vs Suzette rematch looms

Day 29

The showmance of Tom and Liza is evicted during the double eviction

Day 28

Tom and AJ remain in the dark; Emmett makes a final push to save Tom

Day 27

Quattro decides that Tom must go; Peter informs Liza that she's safe

Day 26

Tom exposes Alec, leading to Topaz blowing up on Tom and Liza

Day 25

The votes are not in Tom's favour; Tom makes a final plea to Alec

Day 24

Tom and Liza nominated for eviction, Alec wins the Power of Veto

Day 23

Emmett is stripped of his HoH title; Gary becomes the new HoH

Day 22

A PowerShift saves Suzette and leads to Aneal's eviction

Day 21

Andrew falls for Liza's lies; Liza is no longer under the radar

Day 20

Liza continues to play hard; Tom pushes for Andrew to go

Day 19

Tom uses the Power of Veto, worries his Quattro alliance

Day 18

AJ agrees to be a pawn; Andrew completes a secret task

Day 17

Suzette becomes the target; Tom wins the Power of Veto

Day 16 Part 2

Big Brother keeps the houseguests awake with a night full of tasks

Day 16 Part 1

Suzette's meltdown is costly; Topaz helps ensure Gary's safety

Day 15

Danielle is blindsided by the 8-3 vote to evict her; Tom wins HoH

Day 14

Gary's fashion show takes place; Topaz and Gary grow closer

Day 13

Tom pushes for Gary to go next; A "Girl Power" alliance is discussed

Day 12

An Apres Ski Party and a plan to blindside Danielle highlight Day 12

Day 11

Danielle agrees to be a pawn; Tom looks to save Aneal

Day 10

Gary and Aneal are nominated; Gary wins the PoV

Day 9

Jillian sets her sights on Danielle; Emmett targets Aneal


Day 8

Kat is evicted by a vote of 11-1; Jillian wins the HoH endurance competition

Day 7

Alliances and showmances form; Kat's game is in jeopardy