Big Brother 17 Daily Recaps

Day 97

Vanessa and Steve tell Liz about their Final 2

Day 96

Vanessa gives her word on Mel that she is taking Liz

Day 93

Steve wins Part 2 of the final HoH competition

Day 92

Liz and Steve prepare for Part 2 of the Final HoH

Day 91

John is evicted; Vanessa wins Part 1 of Final HoH

Day 90

Steve wins HoH and Vanessa wins PoV

Day 88

John uses the PoV on himself; Austin is nominated

Day 87

Johnny Mac wins the Power of Veto

Day 86

John and Steve are nominated; Liz receives her prize

Day 85

Julia is evicted; Vanessa wins her 4th HoH

Day 84

The houseguests look ahead to next week

Day 83

The twins decide that they want Liz to stay

Day 82

Austin uses the PoV on himself; Julia goes up

Day 81

Austin and Liz make up; votes are discussed

Day 80

Austin wins the PoV, has a falling out with Liz

Day 79

Steve nominates Austin and Liz for eviction

Day 78

James and Meg are evicted; Steve wins HoH

Day 77

John and Steve discuss potentially flipping the vote

Day 76

A fan yells a message; Meg campaigns

Day 75

Julia is nominated; James comes up with a plan

Day 74

Meg makes an offer to Vanessa, hoping to stay

Day 73

James wins PoV; the replacement nom is discussed

Day 72

Vanessa nominates James and Meg

Day 71

John is evicted and returns; Vanessa wins HoH

Day 70

The houseguests decide which way they will vote

Day 69

John continues to campaign to Vanessa

Day 68

Vanessa decides not to use the Power of Veto

Day 67

John and Vanessa clear the air and discuss aligning

Day 66

Vanessa wins the Power of Veto

Day 65

Austin nominates John and Steve for eviction

Day 64

Becky is evicted; Austin wins HoH

Day 63

Austin and the twins discuss their next move

Day 62

John talks to Steve about his plan moving forward

Day 61

Liz decides not to use the Power of Veto

Day 60

Vanessa becomes worried about how she is treated

Day 59

Liz wins the Power of Veto; the target is set

Day 58

Liz nominates Becky and John for eviction

Day 57

Shelli and Jackie are evicted; Liz wins HoH

Day 56

Vanessa campaigns; votes are discussed

Day 55

Becky pushes for her group to save Shelli

Day 54

Jackie, James and Meg discuss possibly saving Vanessa

Day 53

Becky discusses her plans for the veto ceremony

Day 52

Steve wins the Power of Veto; Vanessa scrambles

Day 51

Becky nominates Shelli and Steve for eviction

Day 50

Clay is evicted 9-0; Becky wins HoH

Day 49

Austin and the twins decide which way to vote

Day 48

Vanessa puts a group of eight together for the double

Day 47

James decides not to use the Power of Veto

Day 46

Clay and Shelli attempt to get Austin nominated

Day 45

James wins the PoV; punishments are handed out

Day 44

James nominates Clay and Shelli for eviction

Day 43

Jason is evicted; Julia enters and James wins HoH

Day 42

The houseguests plan for the vote and the week ahead

Day 41

Jackie, Jason, Meg and James look to flip the vote

Day 40

Clay uses the PoV on himself; Jason is nominated

Day 39

Vanessa finally settles on her target for the week

Day 38

Clay wins the Power of Veto; the target changes

Day 37

The plan to throw the Battle of the Block fails

Day 36

Audrey is evicted; Jackie and Vanessa win HoH

Day 35

Austin plans a Judas vote; Audrey speaks to Shelli

Day 34

While Audrey remains in bed, the game talk is minimal

Day 33

Audrey skips the veto ceremony, gets nominated

Day 32

Audrey exposes her alliance after realizing the plan

Day 31

Vanessa wins PoV; the backdoor plan is discussed

Day 30

Jackie and James win the Battle of the Block

Day 29

Jeff is evicted; Liz and Shelli win HoH

Day 28

Vanessa begins to questions those close to her

Day 27

Jeff confronts Liz about being a twin

Day 26

Jeff is nominated and begins campaigning

Day 25

Vanessa tells Jeff that he is her target

Day 24

John wins the Power of Veto; Jeff is confronted

Day 23

Nominations are made and the BoB is played

Day 22

Julia introduces herself to Clay and Shelli

Day 21

Julia reveals herself to Vanessa in a late night talk

Day 20

Da'Vonne confronts Julia about being a twin

Day 19

Meg is nominated; Da'Vonne catches on to the twin twist

Day 18

Shelli reveals her plan for the replacement nominee

Day 17

The plan for the replacement nominee changes

Day 16

Jason and Steve win the BoB, then John wins PoV

Day 15

Becky and Shelli win HoH, make their nominations

Day 14

Audrey and Jace attempt to flip the vote

Day 13

Audrey gets called out, tries to flip the house

Day 12

The house unites against Audrey

Day 11

Jace is nominated; Audrey's game is discussed

Day 10

The houseguests begin to figure out Audrey's game

Day 9

Steve wins the Power of Veto; everyone scrambles

Day 8

James remains HoH; A backdoor plan is in place