Big Brother Canada 2 Daily Recaps

Day 67

Jon, Neda and Sabrina talk Final 2; The live feeds come to an end

Day 66

Jon wins the Final 4 PoV and informs Heather that he will be evicting her

Day 65

Sabrina's nominations are decided; The BBCAN Awards Show takes place

Day 64

Adel is evicted by a unanimous vote of 2-0; Sabrina wins HoH

Day 63

Heather and Neda agree to evict Adel; Final 2 and 3 talks take place

Day 62

Jon campaigns for Adel to stay; Neda and Heather talk Final 2

Day 61

Heather uses the PoV on herself; Adel is nominated in her place

Day 60

Heather wins the PoV; The houseguests get visits from their loved ones

Day 59

Jon nominates Heather and Sabrina; The veto comp takes place

Day 58

The houseguests get a task; Neda and Jon tell Sabrina that she is safe

Day 57

Rachelle is evicted 3-0; Jon wins HoH and looks to target Heather

Day 56

Jon, Neda and Sabrina have second thoughts on their Final 3

Day 55

A quiet day with an explosive evening, as Adel and Sabrina go at it

Day 54

Adel reveals his strategy; The veto ceremony takes place

Day 53

Allison is evicted; Adel wins HoH and nominates the Gremlins

Day 51

The houseguests speculate about an instant eviction as Neda remains missing

Day 50

Arlie is evicted; Neda wins HoH and enters the war room

Day 49

The Gremlins reach a decision; The houseguests plan for the week ahead

Day 48

Sabrina considers keeping Adel; Allison, Jon, Neda & Heather make a Final 4

Day 47

Two Powers of Veto are used; Arlie campaigns to the Gremlins

Day 46 Part 2

Arlie becomes the new target after a night full of plotting

Day 46

The houseguests discuss their plans to bring in the Gremlins

Day 45

Jon noms Sabrina and Rachelle, wins PoV, and looks to save them

Day 44

Jon and Neda look to target Sabrina; The have-not comp takes places

Day 43

Sarah and Kenny leave in the double eviction; Jon wins HoH

Day 42

Kenny comes out to the entire house; Sarah attempts to flip Neda

Day 41

Jon and Neda call out Sabrina; Arlie tries to pull in Allison

Day 40

Sarah is nominated in Kenny's place; Arlie openly chooses his side

Day 39

Sarah senses that she is in danger; Allison is on the hunt for a super power

Day 38

Heather nominates Kenny and Allison; Kenny wins the Power of Veto

Day 37

Heather plans to nom Kenny & Allison; Sabrina plots with Rachelle

Day 36

Andrew is evicted by a vote of 7-2; Heather wins HoH

Day 35 Part 1

Day 35 Part 2

Plenty of scrambling and campaigning takes place

Day 34

The meter reaches 6 mil; Sabrina warns Arlie about Kenny & Sarah

Day 33

Jon decides not use the veto; Kenny reveals to Sarah that he is gay

Day 32

Canada nominates Sabrina and Andrew; Jon wins the Power of Veto

Day 30

The houseguests speculate about Canada's upcoming nominations

Day 29

The houseguests discuss who to target, as they look ahead

Day 28

Sarah gets fed up with Andrew's comments; Ika takes on Sabrina

Day 27

Arlie and Sarah discuss long term plans; Ika wins $5,000, gets "Topaz'd"

Day 26

Allison uses the Power of Veto; Ika is the replacement nominee

Day 25

Arlie gets a mission from Marsha; Ika realizes that she is in danger

Day 24

Heather and Allison are nominated; Allison wins the Power of Veto

Day 23

Rachelle looks to target Ika and Heather; A secret mission takes place

Day 22

Paul is evicted 6-4; Rachelle wins HoH, plans for nominations

Day 21

Sarah struggles to reach a decision; Ika is nervous about Sarah flipping

Day 20

The vote remains up in the air; Arlie prepares for the First 5's demise

Day 19

Adel is named the "Most Buzzworthy" houseguest, earning him a power

Day 18

The houseguests take part in a task; Heather pushes for Kenny to go

Day 17

Ika nominates Paul and Heather; Ika wins the Power of Veto

Day 16

Adel cuts a deal with Ika; Heather reluctantly accepts her role as a pawn

Day 15

Kyle is evicted 9-1; Ika is the new HoH and Allison is the Final Houseguest

Day 14

Plenty of girl drama; The First 5 discusses bringing in two more

Day 13

Sabrina informs Andrew that Jon is after him; Jon temporary leaves

Day 12

Kenny uses the veto; Jon makes his dislike for Andrew apparent

Day 11

Plenty of fallout from the nomination ceremony; Kenny wins the PoV

Day 10

Neda and Paul are nominated; The HGs get teambuilding tasks

Day 9

Andrew looks to target Paul; Paul hopes to shift the target to his ally, Kyle

Day 8

Anick is evicted by a vote of 11-0; Andrew is the new Head of Household

Day 7

Andrew wins PoV; Anick and Ika are on the block, with Anick in danger