Big Brother 15 Daily Recaps

Day 90

Andy wins HoH, evicts Spencer, and wins Big Brother 15 by a vote of 7-2 over GinaMarie. Elissa wins America's Favorite Houseguest.

Day 89

Andy checks in with GinaMarie, is short with Spencer in talks

Day 88

GinaMarie and Andy talk Final 2; Spencer makes his case to GinaMarie

Day 86

Andy wins Part 2 of the final HoH comp; Andy and GM swear on a deal

Day 84

The Exterminators out themselves, GM wins Part 1 of the Final HoH

Day 83

Judd is evicted, Andy wins HoH; Andy wins the Power of Veto

Day 81

Judd is nominated and makes a speech at the veto ceremony

Day 80

Houseguest plot to get McCrae to use the veto on GinaMarie

Day 79

McCrae wins the Power of Veto; The houseguests debate who needs to go

Day 78

Spencer and Andy plan ahead, McCrae and GinaMarie are nominated

Day 77

Amanda and Elissa are evicted; Spencer wins HoH, McCrae is the target

Day 76

An explosive GinaMarie vs Amanda fight; The HGs plan for the double

Day 75

Elissa and Amanda solidify their agreement; Andy plans to turn

Day 74

Spencer is nominated; Elissa tells Amanda she is keeping her 100%

Day 73

Judd plots to get McCrae to save Amanda; Amanda realizes her game is over

Day 72

Andy and Spencer plot against Elissa; McCrae wins the PoV

Day 71

Spencer wins $10K in a luxury comp, GinaMarie nominates McCranda

Day 70

Aaryn is evicted, GM wins HoH; Exterminators target McCranda

Day 69

Aaryn accepts her fate, advises GinaMarie on who to work with

Day 68

Aaryn makes her final plea; McCranda agrees Andy is more trustworthy

Day 67

Elissa nominates Andy; Aaryn realizes that she is going home

Day 66

Elissa plans to nominate Andy; The Exterminators alliance forms

Day 65

Amanda wins the Power of Veto; Everyone scrambles to stay safe

Day 64 Part 2

Elissa and Aaryn strike a deal and look to backdoor Amanda

Day 64

Judd and Elissa discuss aligning; Elissa nominates McCrae and Aaryn

Day 63

Helen is evicted, Elissa wins HoH and Judd returns to the game

Day 62

Aaryn and Andy feel threatened; Helen accepts her fate

Day 61

Helen campaigns; McCranda grows frustrated with Aaryn

Day 60

Spencer is nominated; Helen tries to rally the "good people"

Day 59

Helen realizes she is in danger; Aaryn and Helen plot to backdoor Amanda

Day 58

Elissa wins the Power of Veto, finds out Helen is leaving

Day 57

Aaryn nominates Elissa and Helen for eviction, with Helen the target

Day 56

Jessie is evicted, Aaryn wins HoH; Helen is the target

Day 55

Elissa and Helen target Amanda; McCranda and Andy plot against Helen

Day 54

Jessie terrorizes the HGs; The McCranda Wedding takes place

Day 53

The PoV goes unused; Jessie plans to wreak havoc on the house

Day 51

Andy wins the Power of Veto; The plan remains to target Jessie

Day 50

Andy nominates Jessie and Spencer; Amanda vs Helen

Day 49

Candice and Judd are evicted; Andy wins HoH, plans to target Jessie

Day 48

Amanda and Helen push to backdoor Judd, while McCrae questions it

Day 47

Jessie targets Amanda; Amanda has her bachelorette party

Day 46

Spencer is the replacement; Amanda plots against Judd

Day 45

Jessie attempts to turn the house on Amanda; Judd chooses his side

Day 44

America nominates Amanda; Jessie wins the Power of Veto

Day 43

GinaMarie nominates Jessie and Candice; GM impersonation contest

Day 42

Howard is evicted, GinaMarie wins HoH; Plenty of late night drama

Day 41

Jessie has a breakdown; Howard plots to take Amanda out

Day 40

Candice calls a house meeting; Candice believes that she is leaving

Day 39

Candice goes up; Amanda's paranoia puts a target on Judd

Day 38

Helen plots to take out Amanda, but feels that it is too soon

Day 37

America nominates Amanda; Spencer wins the Power of Veto

Day 36

Have-nots are decided; Howard and Spencer are nominated

Day 35

Kaitlin is evicted, Aaryn wins HoH; Amanda gets her way with Aaryn

Day 34

Questions surround Judd; Word of Kaitlin being the target begins to spread

Day 33

Elissa's convo with Kaitlin causes chaos; Kaitlin clues in

Day 32

GM is the replacement nom; Aaryn offers Helen and Elissa a deal

Day 31

Fallout from last night's drama; The target shifts to Kaitlin

Day 30

America nominates Elissa as the MVP nominee; Elissa wins the PoV

Day 29

Have-nots get "mangoes and macaroni"; Judd noms Aaryn and Kaitlin

Day 28

Jeremy is evicted; Judd wins HoH, plans for nominations

Day 27

Helen and Elissa make their decision; A talk show takes place

Day 26

The Knockouts alliance forms; Jeremy makes his final pitch

Day 25

Jeremy is the replacement nominee; The Goof Troop alliance is named

Day 21 Part 2

The racism lives on, causing some to break; McCrae reveals the MC

Day 21 Part 1

Plenty of last minute scrambling puts Nick's game in danger

Day 18

Nick is the replacement nominee; The MC is concerned about Amanda

Day 17

Helen spreads a rumour that Nick is Dan's cousin; Spencer targets Amanda

Day 16

Jeremy gets nominated, wins PoV; Much debate on what to do with Elissa

Day 15

Aaryn noms Elissa and Helen; Elissa gets MVP, plans to nom Jeremy

Day 14

Plenty of talk about noms; 4th of July "Fireworks" between the girls

Day 13

David is evicted, Aaryn wins HoH; Helen and Candice are on to the MC

Day 11

GinaMarie says that she is leaving; Aaryn ends her showmance

Day 10

Things get heated after due to "winegate"; The target on Aaryn grows

Day 9

McCrae uses the veto, noms Elissa; The plan remains to evict David

Day 8

An alliance of eight forms to save Elissa; The plan to blindside David is on

Day 7

Elissa is the Week 1 BB MVP; McCrae wins the Power of Veto

Day 6

Candice and Jessie are nominated; Showmances begin to form