Big Brother 16 Daily Recaps

Day 97

Derrick wins BB16 after Cody evicts Victoria

Day 96

Dr. Will leads the jury roundtable discussion

Day 94

Victoria wonders why the guys will not take her

Day 93

Victoria continues to "feel helpless" after losing

Day 92

Derrick crushes Victoria in Part 2 of the Final HoH

Day 91

The houseguests enjoy their Final 3 brunch

Day 90

BMC leaves; Cody outs The Hitmen, wins Part 1

Day 89

Frankie is evicted; The Hitmen continue their roll

Day 88

The live feeds go down; Frankie is on his way out

Day 87

Cody decides not to use the Power of Veto

Day 86

Frankie looks to expose Derrick's gameplay

Day 85

A $50,000 final offer for Team America

Day 84

The jury members return for a luxury comp

Day 83

The BB Rewind takes place; Caleb wins HoH

Day 82

Victoria and Derrick execute their plan

Day 81

A message appears on the living room screen

Day 80

Frankie chooses not to use the Power of Veto

Day 79

Frankie wins the Power of Veto

Day 78

Frankie nominates Cody and Victoria for eviction

Day 77

Nicole and Christine go; The button is pushed

Day 76

The Hitmen disagree on who to target next

Day 75

Derrick looks to make Christine the next target

Day 74

Victoria is nominated, sealing Nicole's fate

Day 73

Late night talks about backdooring Frankie

Day 72

Christine wins the Power of Veto

Day 71

Caleb nominates Christine and Nicole for eviction

Day 70 Part 2

Donny is evicted; Caleb wins HoH

Day 70

Frankie and Caleb look to save Donny

Day 69

Frankie informs Donny that it is not looking good

Day 68

Cody and Derrick plan ahead for next week

Day 67

Cody chooses not to use the Power of Veto

Day 66

Rather than save Donny, TA puts on a play

Day 65 Part 2

Cody wins the Power of Veto

Day 65

Nicole finds Victoria passed out on the floor

Day 64

Cody nominates Donny and Nicole

Day 63

Zach is evicted; Nicole returns, Cody wins HoH

Day 62

Donny warns Christine; Christine runs to Cody

Day 61

Donny exposes Derrick's game to Cody, to no avail

Day 60 Part 2

A fan yells a message to some houseguests

Day 60

Frankie names Zach as the replacement nominee

Day 59

Team America uses their mission against Zach

Day 58

Frankie wins the PoV, has a backdoor plan

Day 57

Donny wins the Battle of Block on his own

Day 56

Nicole is evicted; Frankie and Derrick win HoH

Day 55

Nicole is on her way out; Zombies appear

Day 54 Part 2

Zach makes a late push to try to keep Nicole safe

Day 54

Donny and Nicole discuss their position in the game

Day 53

Christine nominates her former ally Nicole

Day 52

Three leave; Zankie puts the target on Nicole

Day 51 Part 2

Zach wins PoV, exposes Derrick to Victoria

Day 51

The fallout from Frankie's revelation

Day 50 Part 2

Frankie reveals that he is Ariana's brother

Day 50 Part 1

Frankie wins the Battle of the Block by himself

Day 49

Two are evicted and two new HoHs are crowned

Day 48 Part 2

A last minute plan to save Zach develops

Day 48 Part 1

The houseguests plan for a double eviction

Day 47

Frankie plots to limit the fallout of a Zach blowup

Day 46

Derrick turns Frankie on Zach

Day 45

Cody and Derrick say that Zach has to go

Day 44

Christine wins the Power of Veto

Day 43

Caleb and Victoria win the BoB, get punished

Day 42

Amber is evicted; Donny and Nicole win HoH

Day 41 Part 2

Team America looks to remove Donny

Day 41

Cody and Hayden discuss targeting Frankie

Day 40 Part 2

Hearing Amber is after him, Caleb turns on her

Day 40

Caleb senses that Amber is being set up

Day 39

Amber is nominated; Caleb fights for her

Day 38

Zach works to turn Caleb against Amber

Day 37

Hayden wins the PoV; A new plan develops

Day 36

Zach's nomination speech spices things up

Day 35

Brittany is evicted; Zankie takes over as HoH

Day 34 Part 2

Frankie receives a letter from his family

Day 34 Part 1

Frankie is told that his grandfather passed away

Day 33 Part 2

A near house meeting, a date and kissing

Day 33

Brittany campaigns; Caleb remains a target

Day 32 Part 2

The Bomb Squad targets Caleb

Day 32

Cody agrees to nom Caleb, but noms Donny

Day 31

Brittany works to complete her punishment

Day 30

Victoria wins the PoV; Brittany remains targeted

Day 29 Part 2

The plan is to target Brittany and then Amber

Day 29

Noms and the Battle of the Block take place

Day 28

Devin is evicted; Cody and Frankie win HoH

Day 27

Caleb begins to turn on Amber

Day 26

Devin campaigns, Amber is frustrated with Caleb

Day 25

Devin is nominated; TA is successful

Day 24

Rumors of Zach being Amanda's cousin

Day 23

Donny wins the PoV; TA begins a mission

Day 22 Part 2

Donny and Amber win the Battle of the Block

Day 22

Caleb, Jocasta, Amber and Donny are nominated

Day 21

Paola is evicted, Nicole and Derrick win HoH

Day 20

The houseguests deal with the fallout from last night

Day 19 Part 2

Derrick works Caleb to keep Zach safe

Day 19

The houseguests discuss the vote

Day 18 Part 3

Zach campaigns; Frankie and Zach make up

Day 18 Part 2

Devin saves Brittany, nominates Zach

Day 18

Devin reveals his plans for the veto

Day 17 Part 2

Team America is revealed; Zach is targeted

Day 17

Zach plans to blow up, becomes a target

Day 16 Part 2

Devin wins PoV, makes a deal with Brittany

Day 16

Devin calls a Bomb Squad meeting

Day 15 Part 3

Caleb and Devin get in to an argument

Day 15 Part 2

The houseguests plot against Devin

Day 15

Hayden and Nicole win the Battle of the Block

Day 14 Part 2

Brittany, Paola, Hayden and Nicole are nominated

Day 14

Joey is evicted; Devin and Amber win HoH

Day 13 Part 2

Devin calls a house meeting

Day 13

Quiet day on the eve of the first eviction

Day 12

Frankie and Christine continue to plot

Day 11 Part 2

Caleb is moving on from Amber

Day 11

Joey campaigns, reveals Team America

Day 10 Part 2

Caleb tells Amber about his feelings for her

Day 10

Donny uses the veto; Joey is the replacement nom

Day 9 Part 2

Joey makes a house announcement

Day 9

Zach and Frankie discuss the Bomb Squad's future

Day 8 Part 2

Caleb continues to crush on Amber

Day 8 Part 1

Bomb Squad targets Donny; Donny wins PoV

Day 7

Caleb is HoH; Donny and Paola are nominated